On the ‘Rigby’ MI5 / MI6 report.

Lee Rigby and those Muslims who murdered him so brutally in the name of Islam. (picture via Daily Mirror)


The report into the handling by the Security Service, MI5 of the murderers of Fusileer Lee Rigby has come out and according to summaries in the media they missed the fact that the two savages who committed this murder were plotting to kill and also failed to notice that one of them had been picked up for terror offences in Kenya.

The media is concentrating on the fact that an internet company didn’t co-operate with MI5 but there is a greater problem and one that is not being mentioned by the media quite as much. Although it is indeed possible that the disclosure of internet communications could have given the Security and Secret Intelligence services an inkling that all was not right with Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, the major problem is that there are now so many jihadists and protojihadists coming from Britain’s Islamic community, that it is difficult to firstly keep an eye on them all and secondly to decide which of them is high priority, and who is of lesser priority.

The Rigby murder showed us all that when it comes to radical Muslims and their fellow travellers, previous low level Islamist activity doesn’t mean that the radicals will stay low level. Sudden Jihad Syndrome is something that can occur in almost any Muslim who is attracted by radical readings of the Koran. ‘Low-level’ doesn’t mean ‘low risk’ as the Rigby case has most surely demonstrated.

Yes, I would agree that there is a small chance that the murder of Fusileer Rigby might have been prevented by the disclosure of signals intelligence to the UK security services, but it is only a small chance. Mistakes do seem to have been made in not seeing Adebolajo and Adebowale as potentially dangerous and it is to be hoped that when it comes to Islamic terror there is less of a ‘silo-like’ mentality from both the Security Service MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service MI6. What is not being mentioned in the media is the sheer scale of jihadist and Islamist support that comes from Muslims in Britain. If it had not been these two Bearded Savages who murdered a British solider it would have been some other jihadist savage. The problem is that as fast as the police and security services bust one jihad group another one pops up.

The underlying problem is not at heart, lack of signals intelligence nor organisational and management problems among those who are tasked with defending us, but the ideology of Islam itself. As a nation we are faced with a choice, do we become a paranoid ‘security society’ with all our communications stored in the sort of databanks of a scale almost undreamed of, by even the most far sighted Sci-Fi writers of the past, or do we bite the bullet and recognise that Britain has 5% of its population, the Islamic bit, who are potentially either passive fifth columnists or willing supporters or enablers of active jihadist killers? I’d prefer to see the community that is undoubtably causing the problem of jihad facing much more social and legal sanction and not have everyone suffer for the crimes and sedition of Britain’s Muslims. Why should innocent Mrs Smith for example, have her phone calls monitored and stored just because of the problems caused by Islamic jihad? If there is anyone or any group who should suffer discomfort for the actions of Muslim terrorists then it should be, if there is any justice, be Britain’s Muslim community.

It is difficult with so many of those who will either in small groups or as individual be lone wolf jihadists to keep an eye on them all. Larger more complex terrorist plots do throw up more signals and human intelligence and are easier to track than the individual Muslim who just jumps up, throws the ‘sudden jihad syndrome’ switch and beheads a random stranger. This is a much more dangerous situation than any that Britain has faced before. It is a much more serious issue than the Irish terrorism problem. The number of active terrorists and potential terrorists coming from the Irish community was less than the number of potential terrorists coming from the Islamic community. The number of active terrorists at the height of the Troubles in Ulster was according to one source I encountered about a thousand or so. Already in the UK we have had at least 500 ‘British’ Muslims become involved in fighting Jihad in Syria and Iraq and it is a number that is growing all the time. I would not be surprised to find out that there are at least 5000 active jihad supporters, enablers and fighters operating in and from the UK. It is a problem that can and should no longer be ignored or talked down.

Britain does indeed face a horrific terrorist problem and maybe it is time to see Muslims in Britain as a ‘hostile’ community and for the police and security services to treat them as such. However, with Dhimmi David Cameron dishonestly telling the House of Commons that the murder of Lee Rigby was a betrayal of Islam, I do not hold out much hope that things will change soon. If we the people, continue to elect politicians who lie about Islam as all of our Big Three political parties do, then it is unlikely that the security forces will get the backing that they need to rip through Britain’s Muslim community like a much needed dose of salts. There is a need for the state to start hitting back at a community that too often both tacitly and actively approves of jihad whilst dishonestly denying any connection to it. Any other course of action is doomed to failure.

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  1. English...not many of us left. | November 26, 2014 at 12:50 pm |

    The Rigby murder could have been prevented,IF, the politicians,
    especially Blair and the Labour apparatchiks, had not thrown open the doors to these haji inbreds and all the other ordure of the planet.
    They, all of them,the politicos, past and present, are therefore culpable in the death of Lee Rigby, and the deaths of ANY OTHER innocent citizens of this benighted country
    who may be murdered by these alien psychopaths.
    I fear there is more to come, I really do.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 27, 2014 at 11:34 am |

      Your pessimism is both depressing and realistic. Unlike almost any other group that has come to the UK and set up home here the Islamic community has been consistently hostile to Britain and its values. This hostility and in many cases sedition against Britain and its people appears unique to the Muslim community in Britain. Over the centuries, prior to Labour’s deliberate use of excessive levels and inappropriate types of immigration to damage the UK, Britain has had many different people come here. Sometimes there has been conflict and sometimes there has been prejudice but they have all conributed something positive to life of the nation. Islam has contributed nothing positive. It hasn’t brought new industries, or art, or music. Neither has it brought scholarship or humour or advances in science. It has only brought trouble, treason and crime.

      Blame should not only be laid at Labour’s feet. Although they pander dreadfully to these Bearded Savages, the Conservative govt of John Major needs to share responsibility. It was his govt that looked the other way whilst Islamic hate preachers set up shop in London and Birmingham, to such later devastating national and global effect.

  2. ” I would not be surprised to find out that there are at least 5000 active jihad supporters, enablers and fighters operating in and from the UK. It is a problem that can and should no longer be ignored or talked down.”
    Even if it were a 1000 jihadis there is no way that they could be monitored. (You need about 30 people per Jihadi)
    That is why countries like Poland with very few Muslims don’t have terrorist attacks their version of M15 have very few suspects to check up on.

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