From Elsewhere: An excellent filleting of ‘Dodgy’ Mo Ansar.

Mo Ansar the faux-moderate so beloved at one point by the BBC.


This is an interesting and well researched piece from Milos Yiannopolous on the subject of that former staple of BBC religion programmes, Mohammed Ansar. Although others have stuck the boot into Ansar before, and have exposed him as a fake before, Mr Yiannoplous’s piece from May 2014 is probably the most comprehensive trashing of Ansar in a single article that I’ve found. It should be kept as background material for use by any of those who run into Mo ‘No’ Ansar on social media or elsewhere. As far as many people will be concerned, the more digs at Mo Ansar the better.

There seems to be little doubt that Ansar is a dodgy self publicist with some even dodgier friends and has expressed some challenging views. The extent of Ansar’s seeming dodginess is shown by the following article:

Mohammed Ansar, a regular fixture on the BBC’s news and current affairs programming, was engulfed in scandal this week with allegations that he has “sexed up” his CV in order to promote hard-line Islamist propaganda in the media, while presenting himself to producers, researchers and the public as the face of moderate Islam.

So omnipresent has he become that he seems at times to be Britain’s only Muslim commentator,” writes Nick Cohen in the Spectator this week.

Ansar has appeared on Newsnight, the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, and last week he tweeted pictures of an afternoon spent with Left-wing comedian Russell Brand at East London Mosque “talking Islam, sufism and philosophy.” He has also appeared on Channel Five, Sky News and many other networks.

I have been looking into Ansar for the past three weeks, and my investigation has revealed that Ansar has fabricated an extraordinary number of jobs, lied about professional qualifications and invented work experience, causing distress and harm to many, misleading the public and most likely breaking the law. He has bullied ordinary members of the public, filed nonsense police reports and failed to declare taxable income. 

Ansar has been billed on television and radio, at his own urging, as an “educationalist,” despite no evidence of higher education qualifications, and describes himself as a “visiting lecturer,” though he refuses to disclose at which university he teaches.

There is no evidence he has any professional teaching or lecturing experience, besides a single talk given at Horndean Technology College in January 2013 to students considering a religious studies GCSE, a few invitations from Islamic societies and one talk at a church.

He has repeatedly and falsely claimed on Twitter to be a lawyer, which is an offence in England and Wales, before admitting earlier this week to Financial Times legal journalist David Allen Green that he was not in fact a qualified legal professional and he “regretted” any “impressions” to the contrary. But Ansar’s publicly made claims speak for themselves:”

Read the rest of this excellent article which exposes Ansar’s bullying, dishonest claims and iffy friends.

The problem with dodgy Islamic faux-moderation is that it does not begin nor end with Mo Ansar. It seems that in every geographical or social area there is some Muslim cack merchant pretending to a non Muslim audience that he doesn’t believe in shariah or imprisoning women in mobile canvas prisons or having their co-religionists explode in railway stations, when really, deep down, they do. Although Mo Ansar is one of the most high profile Muslims speaking faeces unto nation that doesn’t mean that he is the only one operating. There are countless Islamic bullshit salesmen out there assuring non-Muslims that the Islamic rape gangs, Islamic terrorists and Islamic promoters of sedition are really nothing to do with Islam, honestly guv’nor.

Although it is good that pieces like that of Mr Yiannopolous’s exist, and good that Mo Ansar has been exposed for what he is, we should not forget the thousands of other ‘Mo Ansar’s’ that are out there who are operating below the radar and mostly out of the view of the media. These Islamic activists should also be rooted out and exposed, for they have the capacity to do great damage to this nation and all the people who dwell within it.

This sort of story makes me weep for the BBC. If their hundreds of researchers and all the massive resources that the BBC has could not fathom out that Mo Ansar was a person of such a transparently questionable reputation, then how many other Islamic personages are the BBC selling to us as ‘moderates’, when the true views of such people may be anything but that which we would sensibly recognise as moderate?

Praise is definitely in order for Mr Yiannopolous for this article, it’s an absolute corker of a piece. I know it’s seven months old but there can never be enough attention paid to exposing Mo Ansar and those like him.

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