These mosque-e-teers never give up do they? Muslim group and non-Muslim quslings having another crack at imposing a mosque on Hereford.

Holme Lacy Road in Hereford where a Muslim group wishes to build a mosque that is seemingly unwanted by many in Hereford.


A few years back a group of Muslims in Hereford were astounded to find that more than a few of the people of the city objected to the idea of a mosque being imposed on them. I can’t think why people objected can you? Maybe it is the violence, intolerance, misogyny, religious and cultural supremacism and civilisational deficit that puts people off of Islam? Maybe the people of Hereford who object to a mosque imposition know more about Islam than the foolish diversity officers and councillors who are actively supporting this plan.

Here is the Hereford Times article* on the mosque-e-teers and it seems that the plan has garnered so much negative reaction that the HT had to remove the story from their Facebook page. There appears to be a significant number of people who are not being swayed by the dishonest mantra, ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. Below you will find the original Hereford Times article in italics and this blog’s comments in plain text.

The Hereford Times said:

HEREFORD’S Muslim community is still set on its first centre in the city despite receiving a torrent of abuse after its initial plan was turned down.

The Hereford Times took the unusual step of deleting a story from its Facebook page this week after an article reporting Herefordshire Council‘s rejection decision attracted dozens of hate-fuelled anti-Muslim comments.

I wonder if the editor of the Hereford Times has considered just why Islam is hated so much, it couldn’t be the rape gangs, the welfare parasitism, local authority corruption and the violence that Islam has brought to so many British towns and cities could it? I don’t think that there would be as many objections to something like a synagogue or a methodist chapel as there are for this proposed mosque, probably because Christians and Jews are considerably less likely to suffer from ‘sudden jihad syndrome’ and behead a neighbour or commit mass murder on a tube train. You will notice while reading this article that this Islamic group is using the ‘community centre’ schtick when what they really mean is a mosque. This is standard operating procedure for mosque-e-teers, as the words ‘community centre’ sound a lot less threatening and a lot more, well communal, than the word ‘mosque’. The ‘community centre’ deceit really does need to be nailed once and for all.

The Hereford Times continued:

Community prayer leader Zack Pandor said there was still interest in converting an old shop off Holme Lacy Road, Hinton, that is owned by Hereford Islamic Society.

The society, said Mr Pandor, wanted to start a “reasonable conversation” with the wider community not represented by those “hiding behind websites”.

The phrase ‘hiding behind websites’ strikes me as the words of someone who is more than a little rattled by the scale of the objections to his mosque plan, and he is trying to brush it off and making them seem as if they are not bothering him when they are. I’m all for reasonable conversations and will throw down the gauntlet to Mr Pandor by stating that I’m sure that there is someone associated with or supportive of this blog who would travel to Hereford UK, and debate Islam and the problems surrounding it with him, at a time and venue in the county of the challengers choice. I will warn Mr Pandor that there are people on this blog who have immense experience of seeing through the guff that is often fed to non-Muslim communities about Islam from Islamic groups. I’m certain that they would be up for a full on Bible/New Testament/Koran debate, but is Mr Pandor?

The Hereford Times added:

Interest in Islam had seen the society receive a number of local converts, he added. “

I must ask at this point if the very good local cider had previously addled the minds of these converts to Islam because to choose Islam, knowing what it is all about is consciously choosing a path that does not respect life, and is often opposed to the Judeao-Christian-secular values on which Britain is built. Also as Islam has a habit of hoovering up the mad and the sad and not informing them about what Islam is about, bigging up the existence of converts is not wise . Unlike the other monotheistic or quasi-monotheistic religions, Islam inducts converts with just one decaration of faith, and often gives very little instruction about what the convert is taking on. Because of this ‘get ’em in then tell them all about Islam’ attitude then boasting about converts to Islam is probably not Mr Pandor’s smartest move.

Now we come to a contribution from an old ‘friend’ of this blog, Hereford’s ‘diversity officer’ Mr Neville Meredith.

The Hereford Times said:

Neville Meredith, Herefordshire Council’s community cohesion and integration officer, said the society’s experiences would be welcomed at a multi-faith conference in the city next month. “

It appears that the people of Hereford are welcoming the local Islamic society a lot less than the denizens of the interfaith ‘bagels and bahjis’ circuit.

Oh look here is another misguided Hereford politico getting a mention, Cllr Chris Chappell who is also backing the Islamic group.

Area councillor Chris Chappell said he accepted the public’s objections to the centre on highway grounds but added: “Some of what was said in objections to the council was inappropriate.

The criticism of the mosque imposition and Islam itself from objectors may have been in fruity language but it doesn’t mean that the objectors were wrong. Cllr Chappell added:

“Herefordshire needs to be in the 21st century.”

In that case why does it need a place of worship for a 7th century death cult? That strikes me as going backwards not forwards.

The Hereford Times continued:

The council turned down the shop conversion, backing objectors who cited the potential for traffic and parking problems.

The authority has now offered the society a list of sites that might be suitable and the assistance of Mr Meredith.

Mr Pandor said the society had not given up on the shop conversion and would now look at how “understandable” neighbourhood concerns could be addressed.

Well done to the council on this one. Anybody who has any experience of mosques will know that they do cause immense parking problems and the assurances given by mosque-e-teers that most people will go there by public transport have turned out so often to be bogus.

The Hereford Times quoted Mr Pandor as saying:

The society also stressed this week that such a centre is not a mosque. “

Bullshit!! Solid gold, 24 carat, diamond-encrusted, bullshit. Those of us who have observed the antics of mosque-e-teers know that this sort of statement is often completely untrue. It will be a mosque, no two ways about it.

Mr Pandor added this gem that completely gives the lie to the idea that this ‘community centre’ will not be a mosque by saying:

It would, Mr Pandor said, be a base for Friday prayers with an average attendance of 50 for about an hour a week and individual or collective prayers.

The centre would, he added, host educational activities at evenings and weekends, and advice sessions.

Sounds very much like a mosque to me. It certainly doesn’t sound like a community centre. I would also guess that the ’50 worshippers’ figure is probably bogus, and has just invented to make the application look more acceptable.

The society has used the city’s Kindle Centre, near Asda, for several years but now wants somewhere more accessible on a regular basis. Use of the Kindle Centre would be reserved for major religious festivals around June and October.

See previous articles on this site regarding the Kindle Centre and their too close association with this Islamic group.

The society’s centre plans went public two years ago with the conversion of the former Magenta Technology store submitted to planners in August. It was turned down primarily on highway grounds.

As I’ve said before there are always ‘highways’ issues with mosques.

The Hereford Times concluded:

Referring to the removal of the Facebook story, Hereford Times editor Clive Joyce said: “We welcome and actively encourage comments on all the issues we cover, but were shocked at the hateful nature of a high number of them.

We felt the only responsible course of action was to remove the article which had the effect of penalising those who had added constructive comments.

We won’t tolerate this kind of abuse of our public forums.”

Here let me cynically and satirically translate Mr Joyce’s comments for you, so you get the inner meanings:

Referring to the removal of the Facebook story HT editor Clive Joyce could have said: “We welcome politically correct comments on some of the issues we cover but were shocked to find out that many of our readers really do know that Islam is nothing like the ‘religion of peace’ that it is mistakenly sold as. We felt that the only politically correct course of action was to stop giving people to opportunity to call Islam a crock of shit.”

OK Mr Joyce didn’t really say these words but it would have been more honest if he had, for it is quite obvious that the Facebook article was removed purely because people don’t like death-cults started by 7th century, thieving, murdering paedophiles like the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed.

So the people of Hereford now know that the local council is going to deliberately assist blighting their city with a mosque. It is now up to the Herefordians who object to Islam to peacefully protest this mosque imposition, and equally importantly, to vote out any elected representative who supports it at the appropriate opportunity. Herefordshire needs jobs and better public transport among other things, but it needs a mosque like a healthy man needs a hole in the head.

The people of Hereford should take a look at what the ideology of Islam and its often dangerous followers have done in Rotherham, Rochdale, Tower Hamlets, Bradford, Birmingham and a whole host of other places, and decide whether or not they want the same problems in Hereford. Although individual Muslims may be fine upstanding people,and should as individuals be protecte, that doesn’t mean that people should tolerate an ideology that kills, maims, rapes and oppresses, not just in those god-foresaken sandy hell holes from which Islam emerged, and from which it spread like an aggressive carcinoma, but on the streets of British towns and cities as well.


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* Note: This blog would like to thank all those who brought this news item to this blog’s attention, with special thanks to ‘Marches Maquis’, and apologies for the delay in getting it up here but there are so many negative but truthful stories at the moment about Islam, that this blog has a backlog of Bearded Savages to document and criticise.

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4 Comments on "These mosque-e-teers never give up do they? Muslim group and non-Muslim quslings having another crack at imposing a mosque on Hereford."

  1. English...not many of us left. | December 12, 2014 at 3:59 pm |

    All bullshit, aka taqiyya.
    How can you tell a muslim is lying? Their lips move.

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 13, 2014 at 5:42 pm |

      Definitely the great smell of bullshit, especially the statement about the ‘community centre’. You may be interested but this blog has come across the ‘community centre’ ploy before. In Redbridge in East London there was once a former workingmans club, the locals wanted to bring it back to community use for all but the council apparently gifted the building to an Islamic group, who promised, most faithfully, that the building would be for a multifaith community centre. Needless to say they lied and the building is now a mosque. The group now running this centre imposed shariah conditions on the centre, driving away other groups. See this link for the whole sorry story.

      Those of us who have been lied to previously by Islamic groups, whether that be about mosques, theology or lying about the sort of hate preachers they put on in their venues, have sadly have had to learn to be suspicious.

      The problem is people like Neville Meredith and Cllr Chappell have not yet learned that the ideology of Islam is different from other beliefs, both in its attitude to truth-telling, which I’ve found is ‘flexible’ to say the least and its attitude to those who believe differently from them.

      The lesson that we must take from Britain’s Islamic ghettos, where in one case I encountered, one of the few remaining Orthodox Jews has to armour up to go to the shops to work or to synagogue, is that when Islam dominates, life for non-Muslims diminishes. That is something that we do not see to anything like the extent in any other geographical area which are dominated by a particular confessional, national or racial group. I don’t fear attack from Brazilians in Seven Sisters, nor do I fear being given a hammering by Jewish Haradim in Stamford Hill. I don’t fear random murder because of who I am or what I believe from Sikhs or Hindus in Southall, nor do I worry about marauding Methodists endangering my wife and family. However, when I go to a Muslim area there is often an atmosphere of hostility and barely suppressed violence that both afflicts the Muslims themselves and those members of other faith groups who remain. Maybe we should not listen to the words of Islamic apologists about Islam, but look instead to what Islam has created. Let’s look at actions rather than mere words.

  2. Let them build as many of these centres as they like even though most normal people object.This country is finally seeing the religion of peace for what it is and when the time comes to kick these inbreds out our job will be so much easier if we know where they are grouped together Friday afternoons!

  3. Dennis Leefarr | April 13, 2016 at 10:23 pm |

    A good artical which we should read

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