From Elsewhere: British citizenship, now a debased coin from an even more debased mint.

Are you a murderer, rapist, fraudster, welfare parasite or other such undesirable?

Could you be a Muslim in possession of a long straggly beard? Does you wife also have a long beard and is kept she in a mobile canvas prison? Do you hanker after chopping the heads off of random strangers whilst shouting ‘allah hu akbar’ or see nothing wrong with local government corruption?

If so Britain, or rather the government, appear to want you.

The news that people have been permitted to submit forged documents, lie and dissemble and have criminal records that should preclude such people from coming to the United Kingdom, being allowed to stay here should make people angry.

British citizesnhip should not be considered as a right to be dished out by civil servants to whatever dangerous or unproductive third worlder that they fancy. It should be something cherished and only given out to those who can prove that they will be an asset and not a drain on the nation, and also that they do not follow ideologies that are incompatible with the culture and society that we, the British, have created on these islands.

According to this article on the Brietbart website, it seems that checking to see whether or not those the civil servants are letting in will be an asset or a drain to or on Britain, seems to be virtually non-existent. It is beyond madness when those who have murdered in their own countries are let into the UK and referred to only as having ‘poor immigration histories’.

Brietbart said:

“Murderers were granted British passports by the Home Office because the they did not supply the paperwork proving their convictions, according to a new report. John Vine, the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, found that failures to check the backgrounds of immigrants led to a number of violent criminals being allowed to become British nationals.

The Home Office was accused of taking people who had “very poor immigration histories”, including illegal immigrants and even a man who admitted to stabbing someone to death. The murderer was granted a passport because his caseworker was never told of the admission and did not take it into account as he had not proved it.

Whilst problems with the British immigration service have been known for sometime, these problems are considered more serious as these were applicants for citizenship. The children of full British citizens get the automatic right to citizenship themselves, and holders of British passports can also run for office. But Vine still claimed some of the decisions from the Home Office were “unacceptable”.

One applicant managed to pass despite having presented a fake document. Checks did not uncover the fake, and even when it did come to light, the Home Office decided not to revoke his his citizenship. The report described this as “a very poor decision”.

The report exposed that it was “extremely rare for an applicant to be interviewed” and “no checks of any sort” are carried out on referees from outside the UK. This contributed to a culture in which it was rare for anyone to be refused, and in 2013 just three percent of applicants were rejected.

Mr Vine was also concerned about the lack of prosecutions for using counterfeit documents. He said that aside from a few cases involving organised crime, prosecutions were very rare.”

Read the rest of this informative but worrying article here:

Although it is right to be mindful that in the past immigrants have brought new businesses, knowledge and cultural and artistic gifts, there is no way on Earth that murderers, dole spongers, job thieves, rapists and perveyors of sedition can be described as an asset to the UK. Big businesses like Tesco and whole new industries have been set up by those who either voluntarily immigrated to the UK or who were given asylum here, but those who are today being allowed in by useless civil servants are not in those valuable and wanted categories, they are far too often nothing more than parasites and welfare seekers. Immigration cannot be completely eradicated and it would be foolish to try, but it should not be beyond the wit of those governing us or administrating our services to weed out the scum. That those in authority do not seem to be interdict scum tells us a lot about both the efficacy and agenda of those who govern us.

That we cannot even keep out murderers and others who are not conducive to the public good is absolutely disgusting and is yet another reason why we urgently need to change our government and kick out the public servants who are plainly not serving the public.