From Elsewhere: Now the Austrians are showing that they’ve had a surfeit of Islam.

Pig meat on the door of an Austrian Mosque

Across Europe ordinary people of a multitude of different religious and political beliefs are starting to stand up and say no to Islam. They are saying ‘no’ to Islamic shariah law creeping into their societies and nations. They are shouting ‘no’ to the problems of crime, sexual exploitation, sedition and terror that Islam has brought to Europe.

Tens of thousands of Germans are marching against the damage that Islam is doing to Germany The Germans have responded to the Islamic threat by mobilising the ordinary people who are the backbone of any functioning society and they are doing this in the teeth of opposition from the politically correct Islam appeasing political establishment. Germans have even been subjected to the irony of a German Jewish leader, Josef Schuster speaking out against those non Muslim Germans who are marching against the Islamists who are a clear and present danger to German Jews. If there was any truer definition of someone committing ‘Jewicide by political correctness’ then the words of Herr Schuster should be it. The problems with Islam, Herr Schuster go far beyond a ‘tiny minority of extremists’ that we keep getting told are the problem. Herr Schuster is putting his own co-religionists in danger with such dangerous and naïve ‘Kumbyyah’ type statements. All I can say is thank God this appeasing simulacrum of a man wasn’t in any position of Jewish communal authority in the 1930’s and 40’s. Whoever said the Germans have no sense of humour should look at Herr Schuster and say ‘yes the Germans do do irony’.

Now it is Austria’s turn to show frustration no only with the dangerous ideology of Islam, but also those non-Muslims who appease and facilitate it.

In Austria they are fighting back not with mass demonstrations but with flying pig-meat. The right for Austrians to peacefully object to the Islamic ideology of death has been steadily eroded by the Leftist multiculturalists, and because the man on the Vienna omnibus is being ignored, he is putting pigs heads on mosques as a protest against the unwanted incursion of Islam into Austrian society.

‘The Local’ news publication, as quoted by the Bare Naked Islam website said:

“ The imam of the Kocatepe mosque spoke to the Andadolu press agency about the incident, condemning the vandalism as an “unacceptable” act.

The head of the Turkish-Islamist Union in Vienna (ATIB), Fatih Karadaş, condemned the attack saying that “this is not an attack against Muslims but the whole of humanity. We, as Muslims, will preserve our calm and collective attitude.”

This is not the first incident of its type, as Austria’s Muslim community has been attacked several times this year in similar hate crimes.  An Imam Hatip school in Vienna that concentrates on religious education was also vandalized. A pig’s head was left in front of the school’s door during Ramadan in early October. And in August, a pig’s head was impaled on a fence at a construction site for a new islamic school.

The planned school has been unpopular in Austria, with Foreign and Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz saying the idea “is completely the wrong approach”.

Have those decrying the pig meat attacks given any consideration as to why Islam is unpopular? Have they lived in areas where Islam dominates and suffered the oppression and crime that Islam brings? Probably not would be my guess, but those who are carrying out pig meat attacks are most likely those who have seen Islam up close and personal and don’t want it anywhere near where they or their families live. Familiarity with Islam is something that breeds contempt for it and that is the fault not with those who hold Islam in contempt, but with Islam itself and with its followers.

Pig meat attacks are a sign that many more people in Austria have exhausted the political and legal process when attempting to stop Islamic expansionism. They are also an expression of frustration with the base and cowardly appeasement of Islam so often practised by those who rule over us. It’s not the pig meat attacks that are the problem, it’s the ideology of Islam that is the problem.