Dear Americans, can we in Britain borrow something from you?

In Britain we are seeing our freedom to speak and freedom of thought eroded daily. Whether that be by an Islam appeasing police force arresting people for burning their own copy of a Koran or the authorities investigating whether calling someone fat or a ‘jock’ or saying ‘the NHS is rubbish’ constitutes a criminal offence, those rights to speak ones mind that were fought for by generations of Britons are nearly completely gone.

Bearing that in mind, I’d like to ask a favour of our American cousins, and that favour is: ‘Can we borrow parts of your First Amendment to the Constitution’. It will only be for a little while, we don’t want to keep it, it is just until we can prise the coterie of Leftist wankers who currently control us, away from the levers of power and get our old historical rights to speak freely back.

We promise that we will not damage it or crumple it, or treat it as Britain treated the White House during that unfortunate and now much regretted incident of 1814. This is because those like us Britons who have lost much of our freedom of speech, have learned to appreciate and revere such rights and now jealously yearn for their return. We don’t want to have the whole constitution off you as we have our own unwritten one, which has served us quite well for hundreds of years, but this First Amendment thing seems like just what Britain needs.

There is a generation growing up in the UK that has been subjected to so much Leftist propaganda that they’ve forgotten, or do not know, what it is like to have freedom to speak ones mind. To get back what has been lost would take something as revolutionary as a British First Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech. The bit in the Amendment about ‘not establishing a state religion’ we could pass on, as having an Established Church of England is a lot better than giving what ever religion shouts the loudest a seat at the table of government. It’s much better in my mind to have a religious culture of mushy moderation, which the C of E has turned into, at the heart of government than something more extremist or threatening.

The people of Britain desperately need to have returned to them the right to speak as they find, and voice their opinion, even if the voiced opinions give offence to someone. At the moment Britons are forbidden to lawfully assemble to protest against Islamic extremists, are prohibited from openly criticising the dangerous ideology of Islam and even being peacefully opposed to something as divisive as gay marriage can endanger a persons job, social position or family.

The freedoms that British people voted for, fought for and too often died for are disappearing faster than we care to imagine, and one day there will be nobody left who can tell the children what freedom of thought and speech was really like.

Americans should value the rights that they have under the First Amendment and learn how bad things have become in countries like Britain which don’t have rights similar to that given by the First Amendment.

I’d like to ask our American cousins a couple of questions. How would you like to feel like a British person? Now put aside the old jokes about driving on the wrong side of the road and having congenitally bad teeth, and think about the sort of intellectual and cultural environment that Britons live in. Imagine for a moment that you have to think carefully about what you say, what you write, about what opinions you hold, and this excessive care about speech and opinion comes from fear of the Government and the Police. We are in the situation in Britain today, where holding an opinion that the Left does not like has consequences.

If you speak up against excessive immigration or the government’s policy of enforced multiculturalism, or belong to the wrong political party you will soon find that fear becomes your overriding emotion. You will fear that you will lose your job if you speak up against Islamic extremism, you will fear that home or person will be attacked and the police will not help you if your opinion on immigration for example is considered to be ‘forbidden’. You will fear having your children seized by Social Workers if you don’t impart to your children the governmentally prescribed social attitudes. If you speak about the failures of multiculturalism then you will fear being excluded from those social and religious organisations that have caved into the diktat of ‘diversity’. If you are a social conservative, or believe there are problems with the welfare system, then the Leftist Establishment will publicly pillory you on social media and attempt, sometimes successfully, to bully people into excluding you from polite society or getting you dismissed from your job.

Imagine what is like to be British, and be thankful that you are an American Citizen and have the protection of your Constitution, and more specifically the First Amendment. Pity the poor, virtually voiceless and fearful British Subject.

So, if you don’t mind too much would it be OK if Britons borrow your First Amendment, because there has never been a time in modern Britain’s history when such a right to speak freely and to speak without fear, has been needed.

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  1. Vincent Bate | January 3, 2015 at 2:27 am |

    I can understand what you’ve said here Fahrenheit, personally I have taken another route. I say just exactly what I think, and when the left-wingers around me throw a hissy fit, I treat them with the contempt they deserve. It drives them bananas!

  2. Let’s see if we can have bits of the 2nd first. The rest will fall in place naturally.

  3. Our whole system of Government and so called rights need to be changed from top to bottom.Government now more than ever have too much influence on our lifes and rule only for greed.

  4. They all sing bah bah pink sheep and investigate twitter messages while letting off child rapists and groomers…

  5. This crap started with the rebranding of Labour into ‘New labour’. After 18 years it finally dawned on the looney lefties that to get into power they would have to masquerade as a right wing party…Blair managed to hoodwink the nation and slowly slowly the lefties have screwed the country.

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