From Elsewhere: The psuedo-family of Islam and a great rant about Islamic Jew hatred.

How can people possibly take part in ‘considered engagement’ with human sewage like this?

A double helping of ‘From elsewhere’ today, first some text and then some video. The first is a piece from Israel National News about the factors that are driving the mad and the sad in the Free World to embrace the profound unfreedom of Islam.

Dr Mordechai Kedar, writing an opinion piece in Israel National News speculated that the type of atomised and cold society that has been created for our young people goes some way to acting as a push factor that propells people towards what I would refer to as the pseudo-familial environment of Islam. Dr Kedar said:

“Many of the converts are convinced that Islam is a religion of peace, love, affection and friendship, based on the generous hospitality and warm welcome they receive from the Moslem friends in their new social milieu. In many instances, a young person born into an individualistic, cold and alienating society finds that Muslim society provides  – at college, university or  community center – a warm embrace, a good word, encouragement and help, things that are lacking in the society from which he stems. The phenomenon is most striking in the case of those who grew up in dysfunctional families or divorced homes, whose parents are alcoholics, drug addicts, violent and abusive, or parents who take advantage of their offspring and did not give their children a suitable emotional framework and model for building a normative, productive life. “

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It is a sad fact that since the 1960’s although we have in the Free World created a world with less of the unpleasant judgementalism that oppressed women, gays, minorities etc we have also built a society with less boundaries and less moral certainties. This, along with an education system that has failed to properly equip children for adulthood means we do have too many young people who are searching for an ersatz family like Islam or who have been deprived of a meaningful spiritual or religious life. When our young people realise that you cannot just download an app to gain self and spiritual awareness, that is when they are most at risk from Islamic evangelists and their patent dishonesty of claiming that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’.

We must create a much better emotional and spiritual world for our children or they will be tempted , possibly to their own destruction, by the pied pipers of oppressive and dangerous religious and political cultism


The second ‘from elsewhere’ for today comes from Pat Condell the great British polemicist and comedian who has gained a much deserved reputation for ‘telling it like it is’. Not being an athiest I find that I cannot wholly sign up to Mr Condell’s views, but when it comes to Islam, he really does get it right.

Here is Mr Condell on the Jew hatred that the Left and much of the liberal media do not wish to either acknowledge or even report on, and that is the Jew hatred that is quite obviously inspired by the ideology of Islam.

Pat Condell in this video, published on Holocaust Memorial Day a few weeks back, hits the nail firmly and squarely on the head, not just on the subject of the general oppression and backwardness that Islam brings to the cultures and nations that it rules, but on the longest and most baseless hatred that is much closer to the core of Islamic theology than the Islamic apologists would like you all to think it is. I especially like his attack on those Left wing Jews who are throwing common sense out of the window and attempting to undertake ‘considered engagement’ with those same Islamic groups that have a genocidal attitude to Jews.

Click here to watch this video from Pat Condell

He’s right, we do have to stand up to the cowards who look at the rise in Jew hatred in Europe today and failing to point out the obvious fact that importing Islam into Europe has caused the greatest rise in anti-Semitism since 1945.

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  1. You do have to wonder at the timing. Just as the ’60’s values of permissiveness and hedonism wear bearing fruit in the ’80’s as the mass breakup of the nuclear family and parental authority, over reliance on the state, and general ‘actions without consequences’; along comes a cultural wave almost entirely antithetical to those values. We, the English, have huge problems in our society: by what mechanism do we churn out by the tens of thousands the sort of girls who end up as fodder for the Muslim predators? We all have our opinions, I’m sure. But I’m also bl**dy certain that Islam is not the answer: and I’ve heard that tripe spouted by those in authority far too often for my liking.

  2. The state knows best… nurseries for children from the age of a few months from 8am-6pm, breakfast clubs and afternoon clubs at schools, holiday clubs… the communists were nothing in comparison with what is going on in the UK.

  3. English...not many of us left. | February 15, 2015 at 12:32 pm |

    Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.
    Seems we are well along that path.

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