The number of victims of Islamic Rape Gangs, could it be 100,000 or more?

The Four Freedoms website is not one that I would consider is known for hyperbole or scaremongering, nor is it one that can be conveniently classified by the Leftists as ‘far right’ (whatever that means these days) because it also states that it wishes to see individual Muslims free to break away from the abhorrent ideology of Islam.  It recognises that Muslim individuals are not born evil because of ‘bad blood’, but are too often victims who have been warped by the ideology that they are brought up in. That to me looks anything but the attitude of the traditional ‘far right’.

It is a site that has done sterling work in exposing Islamist threats to Western nations, and also the way that Islamist groups and Islamic apologists have used our own freedoms and our own democratic and legal systems against the rest of us or advance their ideology.  It has a good record in uncovering the activities of those who dishonestly push a fake ‘Islamic victimhood narrative’ including those like mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists like Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama, Faith Matters and Religious Reader infamy.

So when the contributors and commentators of Four Freedoms say that there may be one hundred thousand victims of Islamic Rape Gangs in Britain then it is reasonably fair to say that it is both a source and a figure that should make us sit up and take notice.

In commenting, on February 6th 2015 in a thread about Britain’s Islamic Rape Gang scandal, on the subject of a claim by the Daily Mirror that there could be 1 million victims of Islamic Rape Gangs the forum member Joe said:

“After MPs admitted they ignored the grooming gangs, journalists admitted they ignored them, the police admitted they ignored them, and the council staff, muslims and UAF claimed the very idea was “a racist myth”, the MP for Rotherham now says she thinks there may be 1 million victims of grooming gangs.
“There are hundreds of thousands and I think there could be up to a million victims of exploitation nationwide, including right now. Girls in the process of being groomed,” she said.…
In a discussion last year with one of our circle, he said he thought it was probably around 1 million victims.  This was such a mind-boggling number, I told him it could not be possible that a scandal that large could have been hidden so well for so long.  I thought even 100,000 victims sounded nightmarish.

One million victims of Islamic Rape Gangs does indeed sound outlandish and is so mind boggling that readers may be tempted to say that to claim this is going over the top, but it is quite plausible that the numbers of children and young women are either approaching 100k or will exceed 100k.

The figure of 100k is credible and here’s why.  If there are an estimated 2,000 victims in Rotherham, 400 victims in Oxford, if the Manchester, Halifax, Tyneside enquiries turn out to be as horrific as they promise to be and you add in the fact that these are not the only places that have been afflicted  by Islamic Rape Gangs, then the figure of 100k starts to look very believable indeed.  Also when you take into consideration that in many of the places where Islamic Rape Gang activity has either been proved or where there is suspicion of it happening, the police and local government ignored or minimised the scale of the problem then there could easily be 100k victims.

Just think about that 100k figure for a moment and consider what it means.  It means girls and young women permanently damaged physically and psychologically because of the way these Muslim savages have treated them, victims suffering from addiction after being force fed drugs and alcohol, families shattered by the strain of trying to protect their children and dealing with police and social services who seem more interested in protecting the abusers rather than the victims.

We can safely assume that any town that has a Muslim population will have a problem with Islamic sex criminality.  It doesn’t have to be a large population, even smaller towns and cities that may only have a few streets occupied by Muslims will most likely have Islamic rapists and other sex criminals.  In fact Four Freedoms has quoted from Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation  who has calculated that Muslims are 242 times more likely than non-Muslims to be involved in some form of sex criminality, especially the grooming of young girls.   That’s an appalling figure and represents a terrible risk to children and young women.  Basically wherever there are Muslims, there will be Muslim rapists and paedophiles, possibly harbouring a twisted desire to prey on YOUR children.

No other community whether of the majority or of a minority whether resident or indigenous to the UK, has caused anything like the problems with sex criminality such as that caused by the Islamic community, and in some cases as with the Sikhs and Hindus, have often been victims of Islamic Rape Gangs.  We don’t see gangs of Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists or even Methodists prowling the streets or hanging round outside children’s homes and schools looking for victims.  This is an Islamic problem, caused by the ideology of Islam itself, and the quicker that we the people, not just those agencies that have ignored and in some cases encouraged Muslim sex criminals, do something about it, the better.

I’m a firm believer in the power of the ballot box, as any regular reader of this blog will know, and have never encouraged or condoned violence.  However, I can certainly understand why those communities of Britons, in places like Essex, according to the rumours that  I’ve heard, who have been driven out of their original areas in East London, by Muslims and their crime, resort to vigilantism and other ways of fighting back against Muslims, when Muslims try move into the areas that the Britons have fled to.  After all would you want those who have been proved to be significantly more likely to be involved in on-street grooming, of have made you and your families lives a misery, living in your town, or being your neighbours?

Islam has brought untold misery and degradation to so many individuals and so many families and so many communities in Britain that it has proved itself, beyond reasonable doubt, to be nothing like the ‘religion of peace’ that its adherents and excusers say it is.  We should as a society and a nation make no more excuses for it, or tolerate its intolerance, its racism, its xenophobia or its propensity to produce men who see nothing wrong with raping children.

The scale of the problem of Islamic sex criminality is truly horrifying and will I’m afraid become even more so.


Comment from Joe as quoted above from Four Freedoms about the extent of the problems Britain faces from Islamic Rape Gangs

Gavin Boby’s calculation as quoted on the Four Freedoms website stating that Muslims are 242 times more likely to be involved in sex criminality than non-Muslims.

Main Four Freedoms website

Manchester Evening News article alleging that victims of Islamic Rape Gangs were ignored by police and social services.

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  1. English...not many of us left. | March 8, 2015 at 7:35 pm |

    Nothing that Joe Public hasn’t known about for years.
    But it begs the question as to what is being, or, going
    to be done about it?
    Sod all I would imagine, just kick the can down the road and
    hope the sheep go back to watching “footy”, East Enders and all the other opiates and lies to keep the masses in check.
    Cynical? Possibly. True? Absolutely.
    I’m old enough to remember back to the 60’s and on, and for the
    first time in my life I feel frightened, not so much for myself
    as my time is coming to a close, but for my kids and their kids
    A stranger in a strange land I used to call home and feel
    (relatively) safe in. So, we are in the last chance saloon,
    or will be on May 7th. Fancy more of the same? Really? Do you?
    Vote wisely, or you my never vote again……
    and remember this, Islam is NOT a religion,
    it is a crime against humanity.

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