We’ve got to stop using the word ‘British to describe jihadi savages

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, sod off and take the rest of your families with you.

I’m a regular reader of the Brietbart website, it is a welcome and much needed counterbalance to the out and out leftists of the BBC and the journalistic cowards of Sky. However, even Breitbart can make errors and in a recent story they’ve made the error of describing the Teenage Taliban Tarts from Tower Hamlets as ‘British’. These girls are not British, never have been and never will be and they’ve proved that by choosing to align themselves with the savages of ISIS. Unlike others who have come to Britain and chosen to live with us, live by our rules, and accept that tolerance is not a one way street, these Teenage Taliban Tarts have chosen to reject British civilisation for the un-civilisation of Islamic State. That behaviour really doesn’t sound very British to me, does it to you?

I’d prefer it if the only time we heard of this trio again was when we were informed that they’d received a high velocity 7.62mm terminal lead injection at the hands of the Kurds or other anti-ISIS forces. It’s no more than they deserve. My opinion of them and the hysterical fuss that the media is making about them is similar to that of the Brietbart commentator Boss Hogg who said:

Please Breitbart stop it with this bullshit. If I want round the clock coverage of this non-story I’ll go to the BBC website”

There are enough media outlets doing the ‘oh those poor little Muslim girls’ rubbish, we do not need another one. Many people would be far happier if when taking agency stories like this Breitbart did a little sub-editing and put quotation marks round the description ‘British’.

They were brought up in a violent Muslim ghetto, attended schools full of Muslims and were brought up by their families to revere a violent 7th century paedophile called Mohammed, why are we even remotely surprised that they’ve gone off to live with the savages of ISIS? The only shame about this whole story is that their scummy families have not gone off to join them and taken a few others of similar views with them along for a one way trip.

As I’ve said so often before Britain has gained much from people who have come here over the centuries and embraced our way of life, but I’m at a loss to think what positive things we’ve gained either from this three, their families or their co-religionists?

If the mainstream has any bandwidth or broadcasting time available and going spare then I’d rather see it devoted to the problem of Islamic Rape Gangs rather than these worthless savage ISIS fans whom I’m in no doubt that we are all better off without.

4 Comments on "We’ve got to stop using the word ‘British to describe jihadi savages"

  1. Robert the Biker | March 9, 2015 at 2:21 pm |

    How about ‘Murder Monkeys’
    Gets my vote!

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 9, 2015 at 2:36 pm |

      Nowt wrong with that description, mind you I still think that my description of them as ‘Teenage Taliban Tarts’ is pretty accurate but it may be construed as insulting and offensive to honest to goodness tarts.

  2. planet left wing media. no right minded individual gives a damn about these vermin loving tarts.
    they are not victims.
    The people being persecuted by the organisation they are aligned with are.

  3. Fahrenheit211 | March 9, 2015 at 10:47 pm |

    These girls are really no different from those who were were fans of Hitler during world war II and who were interned under Section 18b of the Defence Regulations. At least by sodding off to Syria they are more likely to explode there rather than here.

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