Fun Stuff: The third Fahrenheit211 Cryptanalysis competition.

It’s time for another bit of fun with a further cryptanalysis competition. The prize is one of this blog’s handsome mugs, like the one below.

no shariah mug full designNo Shariah mug pic 12

All you have to do is to decrypt the ciphertext below and send in your decrypted text via email to the blog, where a winner will be picked at random from all the correct entries. I’ve made this one reasonably easy in order to demonstrate the technique, (the first one I put up was a modified dual source book-code which was so fiendishly difficult that nobody broke the code), but not as easy as the Caesar-shift cipher that I used in the second competition. However if you are using the same technique as used in this competition for anything important, then you may wish to modify it, to make it a bit more secure than this  demonstration version is.

1342/2/5   700/2/6   1341/2/9   598/2/8   562/2/3

644/2/9   32/1/8   1341/2/9   598/2/8   562/2/3

43/2/6    1342/2/5   700/2/6   1341/2/9   598/2/8   562/2/3

644/2/9 1518/2/4

1342/2/5   723/2/12   1341/2/9   598/2/8   562/2/3

837/1/3   1342/2/5   700/2/6   1341/2/9   598/2/8   562/2/3

644/2/9   1518/2/4   43/2/6   1518/2/4   43/2/6   1518/2/4

1/1/1   1199/2/15   598/2/8   1167/1/7   562/2/3

1/1/1   1061/27   598/2/8   1167/1/7   562/2/3

1516/2/2   312/1/8   1494/1/8   101/1/12   161/2/15   1/1/1   892/1/1

474/1/1   1342/2/5   893/1/6   837/1/3   797/2/11   1515/1/9

611/1/1   1342/2/5   718/1/14   539/2/5   537/1/1

1494/1/8   101/1/12   1518/2/4   43/2/6   1518/2/4   43/2/6   1518/2/4


Here’s the Rules

Closing date for the competition will be April 14th 2015

All entries (in plain text) have to be sent in via email to

The Editor’s decision is final.

To class as a winner and go through to the draw all entries must be at least 90% (based on the number of words in the original piece) correct after decryption

The draw will be made by a person not connected with the running or organisation of the Fahrenheit211 blog

The draw will be witnessed

Employees and relatives of employees of the Government Communications Headquarters in Cheltenham are barred from entry on the grounds that their computers and decryption knowledge would give them an unfair advantage over the normal person,

Nobody associated with the running of the Fahrenheit211 blog is allowed to enter

The draw will be made one week after the closing date of the competition

The draw will be made as follows: All winning entries will be numbered and the numbers will then be placed in a box to be drawn by someone not connected with the Fahrenheit211 blog.

The prize is as advertised and no alternative prize can be offered or given

There will be one prize and one prize only.