Has the public sector become thoroughly evil?


For years we in Britain have been bombarded with propaganda about how wonderful it is to have a world class public sector. We’ve been told that the NHS is the ‘envy of the world’ about how our welfare system keeps the most vulnerable from starving and how our police forces are more honest than those of the French, the Greeks and the Italians. But what if these boasts are all rubbish, what if our public sector, from top to bottom, is filled with people who are at best self-serving and at worst are merely desk bound criminals?

It may well once have been the case that our public sector was excellent that the NHS saved the lives of those who may otherwise have died and that our police force was both immune to corruption and thoroughly honest but that is not the case today. We’ve seen how the NHS let mothers and babies die in Cumbria because of a bureaucratic and ideological turf war between midwives and doctors and how Stafford Hospital let over a thousand patients die from neglect. Our welfare system is a disaster which sucks up the resources of the country like a hungry parasite and often doesn’t help those who deserve help but lavishes money, housing and resources on those who do not. This welfare state also contains perverse disincentives that encourage claimants not to work, women to make bad choices in who they have children with and men to act with outrageous irresponsibility with regards child care and child support. Our teachers are free to teach ideology rather than facts and our social services have become a frightening and overarching law unto themselves. If you are looking for organisations that have a more than liberal dose of failure, incompetence, waste and malevolence then look closely at the actions and attitudes of the British public sector.

Now we have the situation where police in the Greater Manchester area who ignored Islamic Rape Gangs and were criticised by internal and external reports, have got of scot free and will not face any sanction or criticism or be removed from the force.

The Breitbart website is carrying the disgusting story of how Greater Manchester Police are playing the ‘move along now nothing to see here’ game after being caught out doing bugger all for those who were victims of Islamic rapists.

Breitbart said:

“The body which works to uphold professional standards in the Greater Manchester Police has admitted the forces failures to recognise the scale and nature of abuse of young girls by predominantly Pakistani gangs.

Despite the admission of failure to investigate the gang, which procured girls from two takeaway shops in Rochdale and consisted of one Afghan and eight Pakistani men, the force has said no police officers will be investigated for misconduct.

In the report, the conduct of thirteen officers was called into question, but all were exonerated except for one, a retired inspector who will face no action as he has already left the force.”


Read the rest of this worrying article on the Breitbart website here:



No sackings, no arrests for malfeasance in public office, no meaningful disciplinary action taken against officers, no pension losses, only an empty statement that ‘lessons have been learned’ and a mealy mouthed ‘apology’ to the victims of Islamic Rape Gangs. When you see behaviour like this from GMP and the Police Complaints Commission is it any wonder that a growing number of ordinary decent members of the public, not just criminals, are referring to the police as ‘filth’. Filth is about the only printable word that could be used to describe how the police have behaved over the Islamic Rape Gang scandal that is afflicting not just Manchester but any British town or city that has had an Islamic presence imposed upon it.

Our whole public sector has been infected by political correctness to varying degrees by foolish socialists and their fellow travellers who mistakenly believed that all cultures are created equal and which have studiously ignored that fact that some cultures, Islam especially, are a bit more inclined to rape, violence and corruption than others. It doesn’t matter whether we are dealing with the lowliest library assistant or cleaner or a chief constable or director of social services everybody who works in the public sector who accepts political correctness without complaint is in some way, to a greater or lesser degree, guilty of assisting the political culture that has brought us to this sorry state.

In the public sector here is no accountability for wrongdoing, no way for the public to control the behaviour of staff or management and no way to influence the culture of public sector organisations. If the ordinary citizen had a choice about whether political correctness should be a major factor in how their services are run I would guess that they would say ‘keep it out’ but we don’t have a choice or a say in how public services are run, they are truly entities that are outside the control of the law and control by the people. I can well understand where those who say that the public sector is irredeemably evil are coming from because cases like this show the malaise of evil that the public sector is suffering from.

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  1. The sun also sets…to paraphrase Hemingway.

  2. to add to this sad list – secret family courts and forced adoptions

  3. There can only be a limited time for things like this to carry on before there is a reaction.

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 14, 2015 at 8:17 pm |

      I think that a reaction is definitely building and the leftist mainstream media is trying to keep a lid on it. We are also seeing a growing number of people, who would in other times, be law abiding and trusting of the authorities such as the police, the health services, local government and the education system, being much more wary of them than they once may have been.

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