Surprise, surprise ‘Jihadi Bride’ whiner is just another lying, treasonous Muslim scumbag.

Hussain, yet another lying, disloyal, treasonous Islamic scummer


Those of us who were disgusted and angry at the sight of the father of one of the three Teenage Taliban Tarts who went off to Syria to assist the Jihad fighters there, blaming anyone and everything apart form his own foul ideology, appear to have been vindicated. Abase Hussain, who whined his head off to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee about how the Metropolitan Police could have done more to prevent his daughter going off to Syria, has been revealed to be a supporter of Islamic extremism. Is anyone really surprised at this revelation? After all it seems like every day comes along another example of some Muslim lying his or her heads off in order to either advance or protect Islam and there is definitely some truth in the cynical saying that ‘you can tell when a Muslim is lying because his or her lips are moving.

Not only has this Islamic scummer caused great anger by his public whinge to Parliament, but he has now been proved beyond doubt, to be a liar when he said that he knows nothing about Jihadism and he’s also been unmasked as a supporter of the idea of imposing Shariah Law on the United Kingdom. The Daily Mail has managed to get video and pictorial evidence that Hussain attended a demo organised by the traitor Anjem Choudhary, which was also attended by one of the murderers of the British soldier Lee Rigby.

The Daily Mail said:

“Sensational footage has emerged showing the father of one of the three schoolgirl ‘jihadi brides’ at the head of an Islamist rally led by hate preacher Anjem Choudary and attended by Michael Adebowale, the killer of soldier Lee Rigby.

The video shows Abase Hussen marching at the front of the demonstrators, behind a banner reading: ‘The followers of Mohammed will conquer America’.

He was filmed chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ amid dozens of protesters and standing just yards away as the American flag is burned.”

Oh dear what a surprise, one of our Islamic ‘enrichers’ openly calling for the violent overthrow of the country that has given him and his family shelter, and more likely unfettered access to our welfare system.

The Mail continued:

“Earlier this month, Mr Hussen blamed police for placing a ‘heavy burden’ on his daughter by handing her the letter about their inquiry – and the police apologised. 

Yesterday, a Government report on foreign fighters was released containing testimony from Mr Hussen.

But at no time has he mentioned his own passion for militant Islam or attendance at one of the most notorious rallies of the last few years. 

Hannah Stuart, domestic extremism expert at the Henry Jackson Society, said: 

‘We saw Mr Hussen on TV looking very innocent, holding a teddy bear. But he was linked with individuals who espouse an extremist ideology.

‘The impression given was that Islamic extremism was an alien world to his daughter. This footage suggests it wasn’t.’

Mr Hussen’s daughter, Amira Abase, 15, fled the UK with two of her closest friends to join Islamic State last month sparking a national outcry.

Mr Hussen, who is originally from Ethiopia, led public appeals for her return as their families blamed the authorities for failing to stop them.

He addressed MPs at the Home Affairs Select Committee and was filmed appealing for help while clutching his daughter’s teddy bear. 

This man has shown without any shadow of a doubt that he has no allegiance or loyalty to the United Kingdom because he cannot even tell the truth to members of our democratically elected Parliament. He is yet another example of a Muslim who stuffs his pockets with British welfare and who uses British public services but who despises the very people who work hard to support him.

Hussain is a liar, a fraud and a traitor, and to be quite frank this country would be much better off without him, his family and the rest of the Jihad loving crowd who Hussain seems so very eager to support. Hussain did all in his power to make him, his family and the ideology of Islam itself even going to the extent attempting to tug at the heartstrings of those reading the story of his ‘missing’ daughter by appearing in the press holding his daughters teddy bear. In the light of the revelation that Hussain is a liar maybe we should be making sure that the teddy bear isn’t wearing a hidden suicide bomb belt.

The details of this case should be required reading for all those foolish churchmen, rabbonim and others who mistakenly believe that 1) Islam can be treated like other faiths and 2) that when a Muslim opens their mouths it is truth and not worthless bullshit that is emerging from the Muslim’s mouth.

Muslims lie so often, and so easily, that they cannot, and must not, be trusted. You would not trust that an angry rattlesnake would not bite you and likewise we should not trust any statement made by a Muslim. It’s time for these liars, traitors, mass rapists and welfare thieves to be dealt with, in Hussain’s case nothing less than the removal of citizenship from him and his family and their transfer to whatever Islamic shithole country will take them, will suffice.


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  1. dont expect the police’s grovelling apology to be revoked.
    sophie khan , the muslim lawyer who states the police are the most racist anti muslim people she knows has a voluntary job on a board overseeing police undercover behaviour.
    you couldn’t make it up.
    I’m not holding my breath waiting these families of these girls being investigated either.

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