Yvette Cooper shows why Labour should not be trusted on immigration.

To envisage Labour’s plans for immigration just imagine this person stamping on your face forever while shouting ‘shut up and enjoy the diversity’ at you over and over again


The last Labour government presided over what can be described honestly as an immigration disaster. They opened the borders to such an extent that the number of those entering the UK dwarfed all previous waves of immigration.

Labour let in more people than were allowed in during the period when Afro-Carribeans were recruited to help out with postwar labour shortages. Under the Labour administrations of 1997-2010, more people entered the UK than during the entirety of the ‘Great Migration’ of Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe that occurred in the 60 odd years between the mid 19th century and the early 20th century.

The number of French Huguenots who fled to Britain after dire oppressions there, or those fleeing the French Revolution, is tiny when compared to the number of immigrants whom Labour encouraged to come here. Britain also took in thousands of German refugees and economic migrants up until the early 20th century but even this massive wave of Germans was nothing like the amount of people who Labour imported, often without any checks whatsoever on whether they could support themselves or whether or not they would be a problem for the UK.

Whenever you look at an immigration wave that has lapped upon Britain’s shores, whether that wave has come from France, Germany, Jamaica, Uganda, the Netherlands, Ireland etc, you will see that the size of each wave is much smaller than that which occurred under Labour. Britain is now in the invidious position of having to build a home every 8 minutes to cope with the population growth that has occurred mostly because of Labour’s immigration policies. Labour are truly a party that cannot be trusted on the subject of immigration, and they’ve proved this by their time in office.

It is quite obvious to anyone observing the British political scene, that Labour are not interested in sorting out or even apologising for the problems that they caused with their immigration policies and an example of this comes from the Labour candidate Yvette Cooper aka Mrs Ed Balls. In a recent media statement, she did not acknowledge that Labour’s immigration disaster is afflicting Britons in various ways but concentrated on immigrants who may be exploited by unscrupulous employers and promised a new ‘smart’ immigration policy. Many would say that the smart thing to do is not to have the ‘smart’ immigration policy that Labour promise, but to not trust a word Labour says on the subject of immigration.

Cooper’s concentration on the ‘exploited’ immigrants, but utter and complete silence on the adverse effects that inappropriate types and unsustainable levels of immigration have had on many places in the UK, tells us all we need to know about how Labour would manage the immigration issue should they be elected. They would continue to prop the doors open to all manner of undesirables and let jobs that should be going to British citizens be given to immigrants from the EU and elsewhere. Labour care nothing for the British people who have had to put up with the problems caused by Labour’s immigration policies for much too long. As this blog has said often, Britain has been genuinely assisted by some immigrant groups in the past, and we have had whole new industries and business sectors created by those of immigrant stock. However we have seen few if any genuine benefits from Labour’s policy of importing Roma criminals, Pakistani rapists, Nigerian fraudsters or Bengali religious fascists among others into the United Kingdom.

Yvette Cooper’s words show that Labour have morphed into a party that doesn’t give a toss about the British working people and is still wedded to the idea of propping the country’s doors open to whoever wants to come here, even those who only want to come here because they want to ponce off us, hate us or even want to destroy us.

The number of places that have been damaged, sometimes irrevocably, by Labour’s immigration and allied ‘community cohesion’ policies is legion. A brief look at places including Rotherham, Rochdale, Tower Hamlets, Peterborough, Chelmsford, Birmingham, Tyneside, Manchester, Newham, Waltham Forest and Barking just to name a few, should show voters once and for all just how far an area can fall when Labour control either the national or local government. These towns and cities, whether great conurbations or relatively sleepy county seats, have either in whole or in part been damaged or even eviscerated of its original inhabitants by Labour’s immigration policies.

Labour cannot be trusted on immigration just as it cannot be trusted on the areas of the economy, education, business, culture or defence. Labour are a wreckers party and anybody who has lived in or visited any of the places above will be aware just how badly Labour’s policies can wreck an area.

Labour have not apologised for their previous immigration policies, have not made any public penance for it and show no sign that they have changed on this issue in any way, shape or form.


Yvette Cooper on immigration