Vote and don’t let the apathy party win

It’s election time and it is time for us all to vote (unless your name is Mohammed and you live in East London or Birmingham, of course in which case you’ve already voted six times already by post) and choose which party or combination of parties will run the UK.

There are many people who quite rightly complain about the actions of the British government but many of these individuals when questioned about whether or not they voted for the government say ‘no I didn’t vote’.  If you don’t vote then you have no right to complain when the national or local government craps on you from a great height by, for example, imposing a mosque on your area or indoctrinating your children with Leftism or creating taxes that make it impossible to afford the things that you work for.

It has always been important to vote, but this time it’s crucial, especially if you area  patriot or are on the centre-right of politics.  If people of such opinions stay at home and don’t vote then the Leftists, whose supporters are both vocal and active, will gain the upper hand.

Voting is not worthless or a waste of time, it is vital and in this election there is so much at stake.

Whoever wins this election it should not be the Apathy Party.