Leave the ‘Jihadi brides’ to rot.

Try as hard as I might, I really cannot give a toss about what happens to the jihadi brides who want to come back to Britain.

It appears that the ‘British’ (in reality Somalians with a British passport) Muslim girls who went to Syria have had enough and want to come home. They married some Islamofascist fighters out there and now that these fighters have been killed (rejoice, rejoice) these jihadi brides want to come back to Britain. Many, myself included, would say that the best way to deal with these traitors, for that is what they are, is to leave them in Syria or Iraq or whatever other Islamic shithole they are currently in because this country neither wants nor needs them. They’ve made their choice and they should t live or die by it.

Brietbart said (with this blog’s comments in plain text)

British twins who fled to Syria to join Islamic State are now believed to be on the run from the terror group and may be trying to return home.

The Sun reports that Somali-born Zahra and Salma Halane, both 17, told their father “everything has changed” after their jihadist husbands were killed in December.

Many of us would question the use of the term ‘British’ to describe these worthless jihad fans. It should be a matter for celebration by all right minded people or those who believe in freedom that these two Bearded Savage fighters are dead. These young women probably want to return to Britain because there is a possibility that they are pregnant with some proto-jihadis and want to make full use of the NHS (which most likely neither these jihadi brides or their family have paid into) in order to give birth to them.

The twins disappeared from their family home in Chorlton, Manchester last July. They had achieved high grades at school and were hoping to become doctors before fleeing. Police believe they were radicalised by their brother Ahmed.

Radicalised by their brother? Does that not raise valid suspicions that the whole family which the girls belong to are jihadists or jihadist aligned scum? It certainly looks that way.

A source close to the family told the newspaper: “The girls say they are not happy there anymore. Their dad said he is expecting good news very soon.

Strange definition of ‘good news’. Good news for the rest of us would be a newsflash saying that they’d been killed in a drone strike. All of us in Britain would be better off not having to pay for or tolerate these treasonous hijab’ed meatsacks.

He understands police will want to speak to them, but they have not been fighting.”

Does anyone reckon this family source is telling the truth, or is it just the usual Taqiyya?

One member of Manchester’s Somali community also told the Daily Mail: “The family are extremely positive the twins are trying to get home… we are praying they come back safely.”

Why is there a ‘Manchester Somali community’? Are they the remnants of a people who once did useful work there? Do they contribute to the life or economy of Manchester or are they just yet more imported Somali dole-eaters? BTW some of us are praying that the don’t come back.

Meanwhile, Director of International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute, Raffaello Pantucci, said that if the girls are caught, they may face execution: “If you look on past form, [ISIS] have jailed people… or they’ve simply executed them.

Do I grieve or worry about that? Not an earthly chance that I will grieve or worry about them. Some of my more ‘leftist’ friends have said that they were brought back to the UK then they will be useful in helping to deradicalise other Muslims but my opinion is that it would be a better and more salutary lesson to Britain’s Muslims to just leave them there to rot in the filth of their own treason.

Taking the moral high ground over these Jihadi brides and letting them back into Britain may make a few left-liberals feel nice and fluffy, but in my opinion the real moral high ground is to be found in protecting the UK from jihadist savages like these.

They’ve quite publicly executed people who they say were trying to defect or became spies in some way and they’ve punished them with death.

He has a point there, but I still don’t give a toss about them.

I can’t think of cases where they have executed jihadi brides but it’s possible they could execute them too.

Oh dear, it seems that my ‘give-a-fuck-o-meter’ is reading a steady minus twenty below zero on this case.

What we don’t know is what they’re being accused of or why they ran away at the moment, whether it’s apostasy, abandonment, or adultery from their husbands, it’s difficult to know exactly what is happening.”

Well as soon as you find out what is happening why not pass their location co-ordinates onto the ISIS savages and let them deal with them. Their own decision (and lets not forget that they are over the age for criminal responsibility) has condemned them, and these Jihadi Brides are no longer Britain’s responsibility.

Initially, it was believed that the girls on the run are Shamima Begum, Amira Abase and Kadiza, Sultana, who fled their homes in London earlier this year, but a lawyer for their families said they remain in Raqqa, the de facto capital of Islamic State.

‘Drone strike urgently required on Raqqa please, drone strike urgently required on Raqqa, thank you’

A Foreign Office spokesman said the government was investigating reports the twins may have fled: “We are aware of reports and are looking into them.”

Unfortunately with the FCO (aka ‘The Camel Corps’) is relentlessly pro-Arab and pro-Muslim and they cannot be relied upon to protect the interests of real Britons. You can almost guarantee that the FCO will pull out all the stops to ensure that these jihadi brides are brought back here so that they can be a continuing burden on Britain.

These jihadi brides have contributed bugger all to Britain and will continue to contrritribute bugger all should they be returned to the UK. Let them rot, let them die because try as I might I can’t give a toss about them or their family or their culture. We used to hang traitors like these and let’s remember they are no different morally or ethically from those Britons who fought for the Nazis duirng World War II. However, as we don’t have hanging any more a second best option would be to leave them where they are and leave them with the consequences of their own lethal decision.


Breitbart article on the jihadi brides who are whining to come back to Britain.


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  1. English...not many of us left. | May 15, 2015 at 3:53 pm |

    Pregnant? You can bet your house on it.
    Well reamed out, all ends up.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 15, 2015 at 3:55 pm |

      Yep they probably carrying a few ‘mohammeds’ that will in future rape and pillage their way across Britain.

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