Islamic savage carried out sex attack on lone woman in Worcester.

Altaf Hussain, another Islamic sex beast this time from Worcester.

The city of Worcester in England’s Midlands used to be known primarily for being on an ancient trading point and the site of the last battle of the English Civil War in the 17th century. It has endured flood, war, dodgy monarchs and the ups and downs of economic fortune. Now it seems it is Worcester’s turn to have to deal with Islamic sex criminals.

The Worcester News has reported that one of the local Bearded Savage Muslims, called Altaf Hussain has been convicted of sexually attacking a woman whilst he was out on his fast food delivery rounds. Another town, another day, another sex-case Muslim. People really do need to wake up to the danger that Islam poses to all of us, especially women and girls.

The Worcester News said (with as usual the original report in italics and this blog’s comments in plain text)

A takeaway restaurant worker has been banned from delivering to an area of Worcester after sexually assaulting a young woman.

This sex-abusing Islamic bastard should have been banned from the UK not just one area of one city.

Father-of-four Altaf Hussain, 47, of The Hill Avenue, Battenhall, gave the woman a lift home after work late at night because it was raining, Worcester Crown Courtheard.

He parked near her home on the night of the offence, December 31, 2013, and gave her some cannabis to smoke before grabbing her breasts over her clothing, Mohammed Hafeez prosecuting, told the court.

Giving drugs to a woman and then sexually assaulting her, sounds like the usual modus operandi for these Islamic sex-beasts.

The woman, who was far younger than him, had previously told him she had a partner.

Saying ‘no’ to these Islamic savages is completely meaningless and pointless, as too many of them see non-Muslims as ‘Untermenschen‘.

Hussain pleaded not guilty and was cleared by a jury of another sexual assault on the same woman but they failed to reach a verdict on the second charge. After a retrial, he was found guilty.

Well it may have taken some time, but at least he’s been convicted of something.

Because of the retrial, he had now spent 18 months on bail, Ian Suggett, defending, told the court.

So many of these Islamic sex case savages get bail when they are arrested, but a non-Muslim who protests against the foul ideology of Islam by putting bacon on the door of a mosque, gets a year in prison. This is not what I would call justice. What’s a worse offence, sexually assaulting a woman or insulting members of the religion of rape and murder?

He said Hussain still did not admit that he had done anything wrong and if he was sent to jail, he would not be able to provide for his young family.

See, it’s beyond this savages mental capacity to admit that grabbing at an unwilling woman is assault. All he is concerned about is himself and his worthless family.

At a sentencing hearing, Judge Abbas Mithani QC, who presided over the retrial, said the woman had not complained at the shop because it was her first job and Hussain was a valued employee of long-standing. He had taken this as a sign to carry on.

The fact that this woman was frightened of Hussain and what he could do to make her life miserable makes this case worse and should have been considered as an aggravating factor in sentencing.

He first engaged in sexual banter with her then touched and groped her,” the judge said. “She told him she was repulsed because she had no interest in men.”

That should have been the point when this savage backed off, any normal man would have done so, but then Islam so often produces men who are distinctly not normal.

He assaulted her while she was vulnerable. It was late at night and she was in his car which he had parked at an isolated place he had carefully chosen.

The element of planning such as choosing a time when the victim was vulnerable and choosing a place for the assault means that is quite evident in this case should have meant that this offender got a lot stiffer sentence than he got.

He gave Hussain a jail sentence of six months and imposed a restraining order for three years banning him from going near the woman or her home address.

Not long enough, not by a long chalk. Two or three years would have been more appropriate at the very least.

He said it would be a “no go area” for him and any future takeaway deliveries there would have to be allocated to another driver.

So bloody what? I really don’t care about the fate of some filthy halal takeaway.

Hussain was also ordered to register as a sex offender for ten years.

This is just ‘sound and fury signifying nothing’. Being on the sex offenders register is no deterrent to these savages. They believe they have a god-given right to attack and rape non-Muslim women purely because they are non-Muslim women.

This case shows that wherever there are Muslims there are Muslim sex beasts. Muslims only make up 1,200 of Worcester’s 100,000 population but already they are producing people arrogant enough to believe they have the right to commit offences like this. There have already been rumours of Islamic Rape Gang activity (denied by the Islamopanderers of West Mercia Police of course) in the nearby town of Redditch, and it would not surprise me one little bit if there were Islamic Rape Gangs operating in Worcester.

We need to face the unpleasant facts that wherever Islam goes, so do Islamic sex criminals and it is time that police and people did something about it. It is not ‘racist’ to acknowledge that some cultures and some ideologies have a habit of producing uncivilised people like Altaf Hussain, anymore than it is ‘racist’ to say that the French have a good reputation for food or the Jewish community respects those of its members who become doctors. Islam has produced not a damn thing that is useful for humanity for centuries and inflicts rape, violence and terror wherever it sets up shop. Worcester is the latest place to find that its women are considered as ‘fair game’ by Islamic savages and I doubt that it will be the last.


Original story from the Worcester News

Three jailed over throwing bacon at a mosque.

Rumours of Islamic Rape Gang activity in Redditch

5 Comments on "Islamic savage carried out sex attack on lone woman in Worcester."

  1. English...not many of us left. | June 17, 2015 at 11:24 am |

    Time to surgically castrate these monkey men rejects.
    Then the word might get out.
    It needn’t be expensive or difficult, two house bricks
    would suffice. propelled together at a moderate velocity,
    with hajis nuts in between them… job done.
    No pain involved, so long as you keep your thumbs out of the way!
    Can’t see it happening though.
    But it should have a certain appeal…
    especially to the victims who have been raped and assaulted.

  2. Out here in the Middle East it would prison sentence and deportation, sounds reasonable to me

  3. “So many of these Islamic sex case savages get bail ”

    They have other nationality too. So they often skip the country and disappear off to Pakistan or some other muslim country. I’ve met a Malaysian criminal who fled UK before he went to trial. Few years later I ran into him on the street. He’d changed his name and was back in the UK again. Here illegally, and probably back up to his old crimes.

    When I phoned the Home Office about illegal immigrants they did nothing. Not interested.

    Other illegal immigrants I know in Britain have been here for 15 years. They have NO FEAR of being deported. If they are every picked up, the police just let them go again.

    And if I know these things and these people, you can be damn sure that the journalists could expose this. But the NUJ is one of the principal sponsors of the Trotskyist UAF.

  4. Anonymous | June 21, 2015 at 6:32 pm |

    As a local resident of Worcester and a Secular Muslim who is well integrated into British Society, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am disgusted by the abhorrent actions taken by Altaf Hussain, in regards to sexually assaulting a young women, who my sympathy goes out to and anyone who is close to her and related to her.

    However I cannot be tolerant with this bloggers views when it comes to Islam and Muslims. Yes I agree what Altaf Hussain did was beyond disgust and I wish that his punishment was more severe, but to use him as a tool to justify what he did was somehow derived from the Quran is ludicrous!!! Also where is this bloggers evidence in regards to the fact that what Altaf Hussain did was religiously motivated???

    I’ve read the Quran unlike this blogger who’s spreading misconceptions amongst the populace, and there is no justification for what Altaf Hussain did from an Islamic point of view. Also murder and rape are a sin in Islam and a criminal offence deemed for capital punishment in some Muslim countries. So to call Islam the religion of rape and murder is ridiculous!!!

    Also if this blogger is going to rely on Wikipedia to get his information when it comes to Islam and Muslims, he might as well go back to school and redo his education, poor retarded soul!!! Also I have a direct question for this blogger which is do you have any Muslim friends??? or have you ever been down to your local Mosque to learn about Islam and Muslims from an Imam’s point of view???

    On the other hand I was listening to the BBC News a few days ago and according to recent statistics there were 85 child sexual offences in the UK everyday, and 31 thousand in a year which is in regards to the period between 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014. So Mr Blogger my question to you is were all of these vile offences carried out by Muslims???!

    Also Muslim Women don’t need to rely on Islamophobe’s like you to speak out for them in regards to Women’s Rights, they are capable enough to do that for themselves. I am totally against far-right elements within the Muslim Community such as Altaf Hussain but I am equally against far-right elements within the Non-Muslim Community such as yourself Mr Blogger!!! As far as I’m concerned both you Mr Blogger and Altaf Hussain can go to hell as all I care!!!

    Oh yes… I just wanted to ask was Jimmy Savile a Muslim???

    Was Dylan Roof who is on murder charges over The Charleston shootings Muslim???

    Were the four teenagers who have been arrested in connection with the murder of 14-year-old Jordan Watson Muslim???

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