Ramadan 2015 – the death toll rises.


At the time of going to pixel, it is the third day of the Islamic festival of Ramadan, where Muslims fast during the daylight hours and already the Ramadan death toll has reached 205. The physical stress of a a month of fasting, accompanied by the desire to behave as a more pure Muslim is often accompanied by a rise in both Muslim-on-Muslim violence and Muslim on non-Muslim violence. Not for nothing has Ramadan been nicknamed ‘the festival of skipping lunch and killing people’.

Ramadan is a festival that is characterised by having a death toll, as well as violence and crime associated with it. Whether it’s bombs in Iraq or Syria or Yemen or antisocial behaviour in Bristol, England; Ramadan is when the phrase ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ is shown most obviously to be a lie.

Fasting is commonplace in many religions but it’s only Islam that has a noticeable non-accidental death toll associated with its major fasting festival. Modern Christians don’t go on mass killing sprees at Lent and Jews don’t do the same on Yom Kippur or on the Fast of the Firstborn.

Islam is violent per se, but during Ramadan Islam becomes even more violent.

To get an idea of just how violent Islam becomes during Ramadan, I recommend most strongly that readers of this blog pop over to the Religion of Peace website where they have a running scoreboard detailing this year’s ongoing Ramadan death toll. The 2013 death toll for Ramadan was 1651 and I have no doubt that Ramadan 2015 will either match or exceed the 2013 figure. I would be very surprised if the Ramadan death toll was lower than that of 2013.

Islam is violently ill-disposed to those who either profess beliefs other than Islam or those who are seen as ‘not proper Muslims’ or members of the wrong Muslim sect. Catholic Christians don’t murder Protestants during their festivals and Orthodox Jews do not murder Reform Jews during Jewish festivals and that difference between Islam and other monotheistic faiths must be noted and acted upon. In other monotheistic faiths in the modern world, causing harm to others or killing others is an aberration, a straying away from the faith, but in Islam murder and mayhem is central to its beliefs. Muslims are inducted into Islam and kept within it by violence or the threat of violence. It is a violent ideology and the quicker we stop treating it like a decent religion the better.

Islam is a religion of bloodthirsty savages and should never again be able to hide behind the lie that it is a religion of peace.


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The Religion of Peace website


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