From Elsewhere: The Hamasnik Lord Haw-Haws

The original Lord Haw Haw, treasonous propagandist for Nazism

Anyone who observes the British broadcasting and media scene know that they often have a terrible squeamishness about telling the truth about Islamic terror, Islamic crime and Islamic culture. We’ve seen it in how the BBC for example has handled the stories of Islamic Grooming Gangs, how they’ve gone out of their way to minimise the number of Muslims involved. The media seem to be dreadfully frightened of what might happen if they stop repeating the phrase ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.

As we will be able to see from the article below by Ambrosine Shitrit, a blogger on the Times of Israel website, the media doesn’t just have one Islam appeasing Lord Haw Haw it has many. You will see from her article that not being able to name the problem of Islamic terror and aggression is not confined to those who work for the BBC and the Guardian.

There appears to be a general distaste for the idea of describing Hamas as genocidal terrorists who have quite a lot in common with the Nazis, which would be close to the truth. They are described instead by the mealy-mouthed obscurantist word ‘Militants’. These Hamasnik Lord Haw-Haw’s are lying to their readers and viewers and there is nothing to be gained and everything to lose by lying about the publicly stated and murderous intention of Islamic groups like Hamas.

Ambrosine Shitrit said:

Hamas calling, Hamas calling”

It’s over 60 years since the Second World War and the media are
no better today than they were then .

With only a radio to hand and intermittent print newspaper the Nazi regime managed to get their point of view over by using traitors of Britain.

People that were on the side of the enemy.
Those that supported Adolf Hitler and his wishes to wipe out the Jews and to take over Europe, that again in full force.

For my younger readers
Lord Haw-Haw was the nickname of several announcers on the English-language propaganda radio programme Germany Calling, broadcast by Nazi German radio to audiences in Great Britain on the medium wave station Reichssender Hamburg and by shortwave to the United States.

The programme started on 18 September 1939 and continued until 30 April 1945, when Hamburg was overrun by the British Army.
This nickname, Lord Haw-Haw, generally refers to William Joyce, who was German radio’s most prominent English-language speaker and to whom it gradually came to be exclusively applied.

However, it was also applied to other broadcasters, mostly in the early stages of the war.

Well we have a William Joyce. And it’s seeping out from every orifice of the media and social media in support of the terrorists Hamas.

Everytime I hear a news bulletin on global radio news, or other media outlets it is always calling Hamas “militants”. Militants? There are designated terrorist organisation have broke numerous war crimes, and during this war.

The new “Lordhawhaw” of the media will be looked back on, as collaborators of terror and appeasers of terror.

Popular newspapers, award-winning journalists, Sony awards for winning produced shows for radio and news ,refusing to condone Hamas terror in trying to exterminate the Jews?

Mass of a new Nazis how plain is that to understand.

Every single part of the media falsely reporting the severity of
Attacks on a civilian population in Israel will be accountable !

In years to come we will look back as we did hearing stories about the Second World War and note how there were people from the United Kingdom who were traitors. To set up demonstrations that Britain should not defend itself from Germany. When they aligned with the Nazis.
And today in 2014 we are seeing exactly the same.

My advice to any journalist or any news media who is reading this blog, is turn away from your bias and hatred of Israel, and report the truth.

We will remember your names and we will remember what you wrote, and we will use it to teach our children and grandchildren generations to come how their hatred for Israel and It’s people kept them appeasing terrorism.

Read the original source at:

Israel is on the front line between civilisation and Islamic terror and deserves better and more honest media coverage than it is getting from the leftist biased media.

It is shameful that the profession of journalist has become so debased, that too many correspondents who should know better, have been reduced to being mindless conduits for Arab propaganda. Israel has a right to defend itself against jihadist aggression and there is the dire need for Western journalists to not only leave the herd and tell the truth about that reality, but to recognise that on too many occasions journalists have been played for fools by the different Palestinian myth making machines.

Journalists have become lazy and expect stories to be handed to them on a plate, unfortunately the Arab hand that is handing them these stories is being selective or outright dishonest in what they serve up.

For the sake of our future children and grandchildren, we must back the civilised nation of Israel against the savages of Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Fatah and the rest of the alphabet soup of Muslim hate groups that keep hatred, emnity and conflict alive. I’d love to see a peaceful coexistence between Muslim Arab and Jew, but I’m realistic enough to know that in so many other parts of the world Islam really doesn’t do coexistence. This is why the truth must be told, even if the followers of Islam hate it or are offended by it.


For those who are interested here is an excerpt from a wartime Lord Haw Haw broadcast.

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  1. john warren | July 11, 2014 at 8:10 pm |

    Well said and having followed the antics of these self-proclaimed but perversely named ‘progressives’ for many years now, I’m very much obliged to agree with you.

    Maybe though, when next writing on the subject, you should remind them what happened to Lord Haw Haw. Executions will also follow quickly after this war is won. For won it must be and if I know anything about the robust fighting nature of the working class in England when they do finally catch on, won it certainly will be.

    Keep that list of names and add to it a list of suggested punishments. They need to know that this betrayal business is a very serious matter. Also keep in mind that eggs have to be broken before the omelette can be eaten. Fighting too is such another hot and messy business.

    Thanks for the hard work you obviously put in. Also thanks for the Friday film show. I’ve watched quite a few that I’d never heard of before.

    • Our political elite will one day rely on the working class they despise so much…

  2. Paris Claims | July 12, 2014 at 6:30 am |

    Not that I’m a fan of Haw Haw, but it can be argued that he did not commit treason. (maybe his defence lawyer didn’t argue the case well enough). He was Irish-American, I understand.

    • That is an accurate description of Joyce who was iirc born in New York, they got him on the grounds that as a student he had applied to join the OTC and had pledged allegiance and the Yanks were happy to see him hang.

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