The Rotherham Muslim taxi-drivers: It’s time to put up, shut up and accept the CCTV.


Professional drivers both those with LGV and PSV licences and those who drive other types of vehicles have for years had legislation aimed at them. Legislation governing the fitting of Tachographs, limiting drivers hours, construction and use regulations etc all impinge on the lives of professional drivers and those who employ them. There was never any question of companies or individual drivers resisting these new regulations, even when they were patently wrong or incurred massive expense for very little gain. There were no ‘negotiations’ between drivers and law-makers, the drivers and operators had to just accept the new regulations or go out of business.

However that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Muslim taxi drivers of Rotherham. Despite the introduction of CCTV being one of the recommendations of the reports into the massive amount of Islamic Sex Crime in Rotherham, still the Muslim taxi drivers of Rotherham are resisting. Sadly it seems that the council may cave in to a greater or lesser extent to the whining Saracens as the implementation of compulsory CCTV in taxis and private hire vehicles is being ‘delayed’ according to the newpaper for the region, The Yorkshire Times.

The Yorkshire Times said:

The introduction of tougher licensing measures for Rotherham taxi drivers – including CCTV in all cabs – in the wake of the child sexual exploitation scandal has been delayed.

Commissioner Mary Ney has said while the policy changes have now been agreed, the implementation plan is still to be confirmed.

It had originally been announced the policy changes would come into place from the start of this week, with drivers being required to fit CCTV into their vehicles within three months.

But following an angry reaction from many drivers, including around 100 taking part in a protest outside the Town Hall and dozens participating in ‘go-slow’ drives around town, a further meeting was held on Monday with officials from the Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association.

The new licensing policy also includes measures such as requiring drivers to pass a ‘fit and proper’ persons test and a requirement to have a BTEC qualification.

Vehicles will have to be less than five years old when applying for a new licence and less than 10 years old for renewed licenses.

In addition, every driver will also be given training on how to spot the signs of child sexual exploitation and how to get help if they are concerned.

Drivers have said they are concerned about the potential costs of the changes and feel they are being made ‘scapegoats’ for the grooming scandal.

Commissioner Ney said: “Public confidence and safety is at the heart of our new policy.

We need to enforce robust and high standards to make sure people feel safe using local taxis, and to ultimately re-build trust and confidence in this important service.

Although the policy is approved and is now in place, I have not as yet agreed the implementation plan. This will cover a number of issues including the arrangements and timing of the introduction of taxi cameras and issues of vehicle age.

It is my intention that we have further meetings with Rotherham’s representatives of the taxi trade to discuss the detail of the policy and arrangements for implementation.”

Progress on the introduction of the policy is to be discussed at a full council meeting this afternoon.

The shake-up is being made in direct response to concerns being raised about the role of taxi drivers in the town’s grooming scandal.

The Jay report revealed the ‘prominent role’ of Rotherham taxi drivers in the abuse of children, while the follow-up Casey inquiry said Rotherham Council needed to ‘get their house in order and regulate taxis effectively’ due to the ‘well-publicised link between taxis and child sexual exploitation in Rotherham that has cast a long shadow over the vast majority of law-abiding drivers’.

No other group in the UK, whether they be related to a specific trade or racial or religious group would be able to bully the authorities into delaying the deployment of a vital weapon against child sexual exploitation. Yes, some groups have exemptions from the Road Traffic Acts such as Showmen being allowed to pull a trailer with a trailer, and Sikhs are allowed to substitute turbans for motorbike crash helmets, but these exemptions are both reasonable and do not impinge on society as a whole and, most importantly, do not help to facilitate crimes. Caving in to the Muslim taxi and private hire drivers in Rotherham does impinge on society as a whole and does continue to facilitate crimes against children which are being carried out by gangs of Muslims. The taxi and private hire industry in Rotherham was criticised by the Jay Report and it has been implicated in the movement of sex slaves for various Islamic Rape Gangs.

These whining Saracens should be told loudly and firmly that if they do not consent to CCTV then they will not be issued a private hire or taxi licence. This is not a time for appeasement, this is a time for ignoring Muslim whining and forcing them to comply with best practice and install CCTV.


Original Yorkshire Times article on Rotherham taxi-drivers unhappy with new CCTV rules.

6 Comments on "The Rotherham Muslim taxi-drivers: It’s time to put up, shut up and accept the CCTV."

  1. English...not many of us left. | July 13, 2015 at 2:53 pm |

    Joe Public should boycott these paedo vans, and their
    operating licences should be revoked.
    Don’t expect either, but it does beg the question…
    what do they have to hide? As if we didn’t know!

  2. English...not many of us left. | July 13, 2015 at 3:02 pm |

    211… possible? It’s a knocking bet.

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 13, 2015 at 3:13 pm |

      Yes, much more than a possibility more like a certainty. These Saracens are hiding something, of that there can be little doubt.

  3. Ian Haines | July 13, 2015 at 7:44 pm |

    CCTV or the sack! It’s not rocket science!

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 13, 2015 at 7:46 pm |

      Agreed. You’d think that these drivers, if they have been so maligned by a tiny minority of nonces, like they claim, would welcome CCTV both to protect their passengers, protect themselves and improve the image of their tarnished local industry. The fact that they don’t, screams very loudly that they are still dodgy. Makes me think that the extent of Muslim taxis assisting Muslim nonces may be much more wider than even the recent inquiries have found.

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