Another Metropolitan Police fail – More Jihad flags being flown in East London.

Yeah, right! But only if you are Muslim it seems. Everyone else just has to put up with being a victim.


Jihad flag and other symbols of Islamic hatred being flown on the Will Crooks Estate (picture from The Guardian newspaper)

Jihad flag in Poplar (Picture from the Guardian newspaper)

The problems with Islamic aggression, crime, welfare parasitism and support for violent Jihad that have characterised East London in recent years do not appear to be subsiding. Life is getting more and more unpleasant and frightening for non-Muslims in places like Tower Hamlets. Newham and Waltham Forest.

People who have paid into the National Insurance system for many decades find that because Islam now controls the areas where they grew up, their access to vital services in the areas of housing, health and social care is reduced because the demands of Muslims have been made a political and administrative priority. The streets are unsafe in the borough of Barking and Dagenham because of Islamic rapists, one of whom raped women because he didn’t believe they should be on the street on their own.

In areas that bore the brunt of the German bombing in both World War One and World War Two and which have been one of the cradles for the Labour movement in Britain, Muslims display the signs and symbols of genocidal Jihadist organisations and threaten those who object. East London is now a place where decent people, the descendants of the non-Muslims who built East London, are scared of attack by Muslims, and the Metropolitan Police do damn near sod all about it.

It is to the Will Crooks Estate in Poplar and to the behaviour of the Metropolitan Police that attention must be turned today. The housing estate, named after the first Labour mayor of the Borough of Poplar, is the site of the latest outrageous episode of Muslims promoting genocidal Jihadist groups in Britain. The gates to the Estate have been adorned with ‘Palestinian’ flags and, according to a newspaper report, has as a centre-piece, a flag similar to that being flown by the murderous Jihadists of ISIS.

The Guardian newspaper said:

A black flag with white Arabic writing, similar to those flown by jihadist groups, was flying at the entrance of an east London housing state near Canary Wharf.

In a highly provocative gesture, the emblem was planted on top of the gates of the Will Crooks estate on Poplar High Street, and is surrounded by flags of Palestine and slogans.

The flag bears similar writing to the jihadi flags that have been flown by the extremist group in Iraq and other jihadi groups since the 1990s. When the estate was approached last night, a group of about 20 Asian youths swore at Guardian journalists and told them to leave the area immediately. One youth threatened to smash a camera.

When a passerby tried to take a picture of the flag on a phone, one of the gang asked him if he was Jewish. The passerby replied: “Would it make a difference?” The youth said: “Yes, it fucking would.” Asked if the flag was an Isis flag, one local man said: “It is just the flag of Allah.” But another man asked: “So what if it is?”

One local man said that the flag has been there for several days. “People were taking photos of it last night,” he said. A Metropolitan police spokesman said on Thursday that they had received no complaints about offensive flags in the Tower Hamlets area. The Dutch government has banned the public display of the Isis flag, but it is not illegal in the UK.”

There is much about this story that should give us all cause for concern. The first is that it is an indication there are sufficient number of people in Poplar who support Jihad so much so that they feel that they have an entitlement to fly this flag and who are not at all concerned that such a flag causes fear and anger. 

Secondly, although the possession and display of this flag is not a criminal offence, unlike in some other European nations, it is a provocation. It is both a provocation for the Jihadists to feel more comfortable with their baseless hatred of others, and it is a provocation to those who are opposed to Jihad and who may wish to take violent revenge on Muslims for this action. Flying a Jihad flag is at the very least behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace. The police would quite rightly have ‘words’ with the residents of an area that suddenly decided to fly Nazi Swastika flags from the entrance to their estate, so why is not similar action taken against those who fly Jihad flags?

The third thing that should concern anybody who wants to see a society where freedom of thought and of peaceful religious and political belief are paramount values, is the naked anti-Semitism being shown by these Islamic savages. To have these arrogant savages demand to know whether a passer-by was a Jew or not, in an area where once Jew and Gentile fought together to drive out the Mosleyite fascists, makes my blood boil.

And where are the Metropolitan Police in all this? Where are these highly trained officers of the law who are tasked with protecting all of us? Are they on the streets picking up Jihadis? Are they taking down these highly offensive flags and symbols? Are they protecting non-Muslims from attack by Muslims? Are they dealing with the vicious Jew hatred coming out of the mouths of so many of these Savages? What about the monstrous election irregularities that have occurred in Tower Hamlets? The answer to all these questions is a resounding, NO.

‘We haven’t had any complaints’ said a Metropolitan Police spokesperson as if this excuses the inaction of a Borough police force that many people now perceive as being completely bent towards Islamic interests. The Met Police in Tower Hamlets and probably the Met as a whole, appear to have embarked on a policy of ‘if we ignore it then it might go away’ when it comes to Jihad activity and Islamic aggression.

Does anybody out there truly believe that because there have been no complaints about this incident and if there have been no complaints why have there been no complaints? Could it be that those who may have complained about this flag may be scared of reporting it to the police because they know that the police in their borough are politically bent? It is impossible to have faith or confidence in a police force who so desperately need to be seen to be politically correct that they may even be filing complaints about Islamic aggression in the round floor mounted filing system.

Inaction like this is stoking up trouble for the future. If police continue to cower in their police stations like whipped dogs, scared to act in the best interests of the nation as a whole, then no long term good will come of it. There will be many more calls like the one I saw on Twitter recently for the police to ‘stand aside and let the people deal with the problems’ these savages and the flags of the foul organisations that they fly with impunity, are causing for this country and its people.

If the police say they have had no complaints about this Jihad-Nazi flag incident then let’s all give them some complaints about this. Let them know that we who are opposed to Islamic aggression and Jihad will no longer be ignored, dismissed, belittled or demeaned by the aggressive behaviour of too many Muslims and the craven behaviour of the Met Police. We the people of Britain need action against Jihadist savagery and the other problems that the ideology of Islam has brought to Britain, and not the appeasement of it that we have become all too used to.

Complain about this and other similar incidents to the Met, they must not be allowed to get away anymore by hiding behind weasel words such as ‘we didn’t know’ or ‘there has been no complaints’.

Links and addenda

Original story from the Guardian newspaper

If you are in the Met Police area you can report this and similar Jihad flag incidents by telephoning the police non-emergency number 101.

If you want to complain to the Met Police via social media then here are the details.

Twitter: @metpoliceuk


If you want to write to the Borough Commander of Tower Hamlets about this or other Islamopandering issues on his patch then here are his details.

Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer

Bethnal Green Police Station

12 Victoria Park Square
Tower Hamlets
E2 9NZ

5 Comments on "Another Metropolitan Police fail – More Jihad flags being flown in East London."

  1. Any reaction against these people will be crushed by the state in the name of tolerance. What happened to Tommy Robinson and the people who put a rasher of bacon on a mosque is just the precursor.

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 8, 2014 at 9:41 am |

      The state can and does pick off individuals, but what they are most scared of is a mass movement especially a political movement. We should no longer be tolerating the intolerance of Islam.

  2. If the BNP, you or I were to do this “Plod” would turn up mob handed to “protect” the poor professionally “insulted” islamoloonies. It is long past time that the Law applied to all of us and not selectively because if it does not it ceases to be a Law and just a means of oppression and the terrible thing about oppression is that there is always a backlash and innocent people get hurt.

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 8, 2014 at 10:03 am |

      Well said. I dont’ think the comment that I saw that said ‘stand aside police and let the people sort things out’ will be the last of such statements that will be uttered. For the police to show such naked and unjustifiable bias towards Islam and Islamic groups damages confidence in the police and its public image. For the police to behave in such a manner hastens the arrival of a time when a desperate British public may be inclined to take the law into their own hands, which is something that I have warned about for a long time. This sort of situation is not something that anybody who believes in democracy and freedom would wish to see.

  3. I am this England?

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