The BBC, crossing a line that should not have been crossed with their ‘Calais Migrants’ Songs of Praise episode.

Pro-Immigration propaganda, brought to you by the BBC.

Although I can appreciate that many Christians want to do good works for those in need and others wish to be a voice for the voiceless, that doesn’t mean that the only Christian voice we hear on the British television should be a ‘leftist’ one. To do this is an insult to all those Christians who don’t see the imposition of world socialism as a precursor of the ‘second coming’.

The BBC’s proposals to produce an episode of their religious programme ‘Songs of Praise’ from the invaders squatter camp in Calais is a gross misuse of public money. Millions of Britons, many of whom are suffering greatly from having excessive and unwanted immigration turn their areas into third world hell-holes, must be seething at seeing how the money that is extorted from them to pay for the BBC going to pay for such an invader-friendly programme. This episode of the programme really is nothing more than leftist pro-immigration propaganda and should be treated with the disdain it deserves, it’s even going to be fronted up by a churchman who supported the Communist ‘Occupy’ movement when their filthy protest turned up outside St Paul’s Cathederal in London.

We are used to the BBC treating Leftist mouthpieces as honest impartial speakers or giving covert support to the Labour party but this really is crossing the line that divides public service broadcasting from outright propaganda.

Here’s what the Daily Mail said about the latest BBC leftist outrage.

The BBC’s flagship religious show Songs of Praise is being filmed at a touching chapel within a migrants’ camp in Calais, it has emerged.

Producers have already spent two days shooting an episode at a makeshift Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the ‘Jungle’ camp, which will be broadcast on a date to be finalised.

And the full crew for Songs of Praise is due to arrive at the centre of the 5,000-strong camp this weekend – but host Aled Jones said he would not be present.

This comes amid a worsening crisis which has seen nine people lose their lives after thousands of migrants stormed the Channel Tunnel in a desperate attempt to build a new life in Britain. 

Desperate for access to a British dole office or the British NHS or housing that was originally built for Britons more like. I’m surprised that the BBC even managed to find Christians in these camps, as the majority of them, at least from the reports that I’ve seen, seem to be Muslims. We’ve also heard of how Christians are routinely murdered by Muslims en route to Calais so how the BBC managed to find Christians there is beyond me. It would be interesting to see if the BBC covers such things or will they just come out with the usual ‘kumbayah’ cretinism?

The Daily Mail added:

Left-winger Rev Giles Fraser, who quit as canon of St Paul’s Cathedral in support of the ultra Left-wing Occupy London protests, is also involved in the episode.

He said: ‘They are not illegal immigrants yet. I have no problem with the BBC filming Songs of Praise here.’

He added that the camp’s church was ‘the real thing’.

Why am I not surprised to read that this left wing worm the Rev Fraser is involved in this debacle? Is it because he has a history of becoming involved in moronic leftist protests?

It’s quite obvious that the BBC is doing this to make Leftist political capital out of the crisis It’s plain from the choice of venue, the choice of the church in the invader camp and by the choices it has made in which clerics are involved.

This is not being a voice for the voiceless, it’s not charity, it’s not helping those in need, it’s politics, pure and simple.

The BBC has yet again shown itself not to be an impartial public service broadcaster but something else, something dangerous. I wonder if the BBC would do a Songs of Praise from some of those areas of Britain that have been turned into third world shitholes by immigration or feature the life-stories of those Christians who no longer feel safe on their streets because of the arrival and establishment of Islam in their cities and towns.

If you ever wanted a cast iron excuse or reason for ripping up your TV Licence and never giving the BBC a penny ever again, then this would be it. Becoming a sort of ‘Leftist Pravda’ is a sad end to what was a once great broadcasting organisation.


Original story from the Daily Mail about the Songs of Praise episode from the Calais invader camp.

6 Comments on "The BBC, crossing a line that should not have been crossed with their ‘Calais Migrants’ Songs of Praise episode."

  1. The bbc have dug hard enough and found a few christians amongst the majority of muslim men of fighting age.
    I’d hazard a guess that theyve dug a bit harder and even found the odd woman and child to plonk in front of the cameras.

    Stand by for some tears and tales of woe ( serious bits of comic relief style) throw in a few flies for good measure.

    All very predictable, not that I’ll find out cus I’ve learned to avoid watching too much pro immigration propaganda , particularly about this last bunch of shit thats turned up at calais.
    Largely because of the sheer amount of lies and assumptions being made by the bbc

  2. Furor Teutonicus | August 8, 2015 at 8:17 am |

    XX He said: ‘They are not illegal immigrants yet.XX Yes they ARE!

    They are iilegaly in France! They were illegal in every country they passed thorough to get there. The only place they were not strictly illegal was the first safe country they entered after crossing the Med, or striaght of Gibralter.

    This kind of encouragements only goes to prove, that, as the French say, Britain is at fault here.

    The French look at all that is on offer if this scum reach Britain. Then see this kind of encouragement from the British Governments propoganda wing, what do you EXPECT the French to think?

  3. thylacosmilus | August 9, 2015 at 6:33 am |

    Can’t help but feel this is because they KNOW the jig is up with regards to the licence fee, and they are now concentrating on sticking their thumbs in the eyes of the public as often as they can before the gravy train hits the buffers…

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 9, 2015 at 8:08 am |

      That could well be the case. If the socialist BBC employees know that the gravy train is about to stop then they will wreck whatever they can however they can, while they can. The BBC should have been a repositiory and promoter of all that is the best about British and Western culture,instead it became a pale imitation of Pravda, but a Pravda with added Islamopandering..

  4. English, still here... just. | August 12, 2015 at 2:26 pm |

    My doctor gave me some of those, for what good they did me,
    I might just as well have shoved them up my arse.
    O.K, I’ll get me coat!

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