Labour leadership election – It’s not the Tory entryists that Labour, and the rest of us, need to be worried about.

The Labour leadership candidates

There is much fuss being made in the media and by the Labour Party itself over the looming disaster that is the Labour leadership election. A vague idea from Acting Leader Harman about broadening the base of Labour by selling cheap memberships is starting to back fire because of entryism by Tories and others, and it is these ‘others’ who I’m really concerned about.

It’s unlikely in my opinion that the number of committed Tory supporters who have joined Labour for a laugh in order to land Labour with a dangerous nutter for a leader, is a huge one. I can’t see thousands (because that is what it would take) of Tories spending their own hard earned cash on taking the rise out of Labour like this. There appears to be too many entryists for it just to be Tories having a laugh. Of course the new membership scheme will attract those from the wilder shores of politics, this sort of open membership with immediate voting rights was bound to be a left wing nutter magnet. Because of this entryism problem Labour does seem to be zeroing in on those from other parties and political extremists from the Greens and the SWP e.t.c. However what they may not be doing is having a closer look at what may be a greater problem of Islamic entryism and this Islamic entryism may be behind the spurt of support that is going to Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour has a long term and well known problem with Islamic entryism and has been the beneficiary of the ‘whipped mosque vote’ in many areas. In some areas they have played the Biraderi communal politics game and held onto or retained power and in others such as Redbridge in East London, the Labour party seems to have promised Muslims this that and the other in order to harvest Islamic votes.

Although the problem of Tory jokers along with the Greens and the SWP gaining influence in the Labour party is something the organisation should worry about, it’s the growing Islamic influence that is the greatest threat not just to the Labour Party but to the whole nation. Corbyn is an absolute gift for Muslims in Britain, he’s the kaffir that those Muslims who hate Britain, the USA, Israel, France, gender equality, free speech etc, can really feel that they can get behind. If there was one man who has the capability to finally demolish the pretence that the Labour Party is anything but a de facto ‘Islam Party’ then that man would be Jeremy Corbyn.

I think that the Labour Party is looking in the wrong direction when it comes to electoral entryism, and I would not be at all surprised to find out at some point in the future that Labour’s current entryism problem is worse than just a few Tory jokers. Labour’s entryism problems are likely not to be down to Tory supporters called ‘Sebastian’ and ‘Hector’, or Greens called ‘Moonbeam’ and ‘Skyclad’ but instead are coming from Muslims called ‘Mohammed’ and ‘Ahmed’. Worrying about Tories in the Labour tent are nothing more than a sideshow the main issue is how Islamic interests have corrupted the party far more thoroughly than anything achieved by entryists of the past such as The Militant Tendency.

Labour is faced with what may turn out to be a small number of joker entryists and a far far greater number of Islamic entryists. I don’t know about you, but I know which group represents the greatest problem for both the Labour Party itself and the whole country.

Labour has not properly protected itself from entryism since the days that Kinnock and others got rid of Militant, and this oversight is becoming more and more obvious when we look at the growing number of local Labour party branches and Labour controlled areas which pander to Islam and Muslims.

A democratic country needs an effective and efficient and indeed loyal (both loyal to the Crown and to the People) opposition, and a Corbyn-led Labour party, if it was ever given power, would be socially and culturally destructive, would engage in even greater Islamopandering and would be even more economically illiterate than the disastrous Labour government of 1997/2010.

Corbyn would be a good joke leader for a joke party, but the Labour party is not a joke party, it is one that seriously aspires to be in government. That very real likelihood that Corbyn could be our Prime Minister should not make us smile, it should absolutely terrify all of us.

If I was faced with a ballot paper with a choice between Labour and the Monster Raving Loony Party, I’d choose the Monsters as they would do far less damage to the nation than the lunatic asylum that the Labour Party has become.


Labour worried about entryism prior to leadership election

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