Enjoy your imported rapists, criminals, ponces and jihadists, Southport

Although the, much discussed online, rumour that the Pontins Holiday Camp in Ainsdale, Southport, Merseyside, was being made ready for housing alleged ‘Syrians’, has been proved false, that doesn’t mean that this area is going to escape having alleged ‘Syrian’ refugees//Invaders (delete according to preference) dumped on their community.

A report in the local news website for Southport, OTS New , said that although the rumours of ‘refugees’ being housed in the Pontins camp were untrue, the areas of Southport and Formby were to expect a ‘substantial’ number of ‘refugees’, and mentioned that do-gooders are offering places to stay for the alleged ‘Syrians’. I wonder how long it will be before the do-gooders tire of their culturally inappropriate ‘guests’ and whine about it? Not long I’d bet. Here’s the ‘no refugees at Pontins’ article from OTS News with as usual the original report in italics and this blog’s comments in plain text.

OTS News said:

Pontins at Ainsdale is NOT being prepared for any influx of refugees but Southport and Formby families have offered their homes  to help for a substantial number of those fleeing the terror of ISIS.

I predict that the ‘substantial’ number of alleged refugees will once they arrive end up committing a substantial number of rapes, at least if the pattern of behaviour by ‘Syrian refugees’ in Germany is anything to go by. The idea of dumping a ‘substantial’ number of Muslims on an area should fill anyone knowledgeable about Islam with dread. How long will it be before girls in the Southport area, as they have in parts of Germany, are ordered to cover up to avoid inflaming the lust of these invading Islamic savages? Again, I’d say not long.

Firm assurances have been provided to Lib Dem Deputy Leader Councillor Tony Dawson that there are no ‘behind the scenes’ moves whatsoever between the Council and Pontins management in connection with refugee resettlement. Central government would need to work closely with local councils over any substantial refugee resettlement programme.

I don’t blame Cllr Dawson for being suspicious. After all Labour Councils up and down the land have a nasty habit of having a ‘sod the locals, they can rot, let’s bring in more Muslims’ attitude. He’s right be suspicious of a Labour led council, I know I would be.

In contrast, dozens of families in the Southport and Formby area have come forward with personal offers to put up refugees in their own local homes once systems have been put in place to bring them to the UK. 

There is a phrase to describe the sort of do-gooders who make offers like this and it is ‘naïve mugs’. I don’t believe it will be long before they tire of their ‘guests’ and whine that the State and the taxpayer should step in and help out.

At present, David Cameron’s national plans would involve only 6 or 7 refugees per year coming to a town the size of Southport

Do you believe Cameron that only 6 or 7 invaders will come to towns the size of Southport, I don’t. I think if you stuck a zero or three onto the ‘6 or 7’ then you would have something approaching a realistic figure.

but the offers of local individuals to help have considerably exceeded this suggested provision.

Sometimes even I am shocked by the number of naïve fools who exist in this country. Do they really expect to get a nice, polite, civilised Syrian doctor as a guest? The reality is they are more likely to get Abdul bin Rapey or Mohammed the Murderer as a lodger.

Local Councillors of all Parties feel that the country and the communities within the Borough of Sefton could do more than this. 

Of course more could be done about the ‘Syrian’ ‘refugee’ issue. For a start we as a nation could and should have said to them ‘sod off we have enough Muslims and Muslim problems’ and put our own security first. If what has happened to other areas that have been ‘enriched’ by Muslims happens in Southport then I predict that life is going to get a lot worse for the long term residents of Southport. We could even see another ‘Rotherham’ happening in Southport because many of the so-called refugees come from cultures where women in general are considered as barely human and where non-Muslim women are often treated as nothing more than prey.

At last week’s council meeting, they unanimously passed a motion proposed by Southport’s Councillor Tony Dawson and seconded by Formby Councillor Nina Killen which called upon the government to do more to co-ordinate the individual, voluntary and charitable efforts which British people want to make to assist genuine refugees.

The only thing that needs co-ordinating with regards the ‘Syrian refugees’ is to work out how loud the phrase ‘F**k Off’ needs to be shouted at them. I’d prefer to see local councils and national government co-ordinating a defence against these alleged refugees and not working out how to dump them on local communities.

Moving the motion in the Council chamber, Cllr Dawson emphasised that the help which people wanted to give was for genuine refugees, not economic migrants. “So processes have to be in place to stop opportunistic people ‘piggy-backing’ on the misery of others” he says,

I think that Cllr Dawson is shutting the door after the horse has bolted. The majority of the violent savages laying siege to Europe’s southern borders and traversing their way across Europe are not refugees and many of them are not even Syrian. The violent thugs and pisstakers have already done their stuff and these ‘processes’ will do nothing to stop the alleged ‘refugees’ from bringing their violence and their thuggery with them. There is also the question of do we really want or need Syria’s cowardly men-folk who leave their wives and children in a war-zone whilst they travel in search for the best welfare deal in Europe? I’d have more respect for them if they stayed and fought ISIS.

also, financial support for the refugees being assisted in Britain should not be taken either from funds earmarked for local councils or from the International Aid budget.”

The International Aid budget should be used for either helping those who cannot help themselves following a natural disaster or to aid development in deprived countries. It should not be used to dump yet more Muslims on a country that is increasingly getting fed up with Muslims and the trouble that they bring.

Not everyone wants to or can help in this humanitarian effort,” says Cllr Dawson, “But the government should recognise and support those who do want to personally assist in this charitable manner.”

I’m not completely uncharitable. There are some individuals whom we should be giving assistance to in the form of shelter. But they are not Muslims. Muslims are the oppressor class in the Middle East region and it would be morally preferable to assist Christians and Yazidis by giving them sanctuary. The very last people Britain or indeed any other civilised country should be doing is letting in yet more Muslim males who will without doubt cause extreme trouble and fail to integrate.

Referring to the Pontins rumour, Cllr Dawson says:

I know that Pontins are wanting to get people staying there who won’t rubbish them on the Tripadvisor website. But it appears their efforts continue to be based upon the home market rather than abroad.”

Good comment, but I believe that the false rumours that Pontins were going to be housing hundreds of whining, self-entitled, violent and sexually incontinent Muslims claiming to be refugees, will do more to put off the normal family customer of Pontins, than a few bad comments on Trip Advisor would do.

Unfortunately, the do-gooders and especially the middle-class Left do-gooders of Southport will have helped to bring about a situation where a huge number of people, from troublesome and troubled cultures will be brought to the area. Equally unfortunately it will not be the do-gooders who have to pick up the pieces when these ‘refugees’ commit appalling crimes nor will they find themselves at the back of the queue when it comes to housing and access to healthcare, because the authorities are prioritising the ‘needs’ of the ‘refugees’. As usual the working classes will have to pick up the tab for the do-gooders generous, humanitarian gesture. It’s the working classes of the area who will have to lock up their daughters or comfort them when they are raped by these Muslims. It will also be the working classes who will find their areas going downhill fast because of this unwanted influx of inappropriate people.

Good luck with your ‘Syrians’ Southport, because you are going to need all the luck in the world in the future.


Original story about the planned ‘refugee’ influx to Southport and Formby.