From Elsewhere: The moment the Left finally ate itself?

The feminist writer and activist Germaine Greer

I’ve seen the Left do some really stupid things. I’ve seen  CND demonstrations where there was more entertainment to be had from watching the ‘Brew Crew’ pumped up on Spesh, shouting ‘Bombs Not Jobs’ than listening to the Lefty speakers. I’ve seen the appalling and self-defeating phenomenon of Lefties who claim to be for freedom and equality, building links with representatives of those very Islamic groups who would quite happily take freedom and equality away from you and me. I’ve been in a union meeting during the Wapping Dispute when I had to watch the Mother of Chapel (shop steward) piss a large chunk of our contributions away on supporting the print workers. All of these things seemed at the time or with hindsight to be damned stupid things to do. However, I’ve come across something that dwarfs pissing union members money up the wall or tolerating anarchist piss-heads or stupidly thinking that Islam is a religion of peace.

The incident that has convinced me that the British Left has finally started to both eat itself and descend into parody is this story about Cardiff University banning the feminist icon Germaine Greer from speaking on the grounds of ‘transphobia.’

Ms Greer, as do some other feminists and feminist activists disagree with the narrative peddled by various loud, aggressive and sometimes obnoxious Trans activists, that to criticise transsexuality or rather the activists version of it, is akin to racism or misogyny. Some feminists believe that there is more to being a woman than acquiring the right looking genitalia and that the biological reality of being a woman is shaped not only by birth gender but by societal factors. It’s an intriguing argument that has also been made by the conservative feminist Tammy Bruce that transitioning from male to female does not a woman make, and cites the fact that women do have different upbringings to men and this difference in upbringing negates the value of transitioning from one gender to another.

Here’s how Brietbart has reported this latest attack on freedom of speech in Britain’s universities.

Brietbart said:

Following the news that the former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson has had talks cancelled at both Durham and Edinburgh universities in the past week, it is now being reported that students at the University of Cardiff are attempting to block the appearance of left-wing luvvie Germaine Greer for being “transphobic”.

Ms. Greer, author of “The Female Eunuch”, has campaigned for feminist causes for many of her 76 years on this planet. But that’s not enough for the Women’s Officer at Cardiff University, who is whipping up outrage on campus over the her refusal to allow a transgender person to take up a position at a women’s college because he was born a man.

She was due to give a talk on November 18th, entitled: “Women & Power: The Lessons of the 20th century” according to Wales Online, but a petition calling for her to be banned has rocketed past 200 signatures at the campus.

One “gender fluid” objector said: “I’ve signed the petition because, while I acknowledge that Germaine Greer has been a great advocate for women’s rights in the past and that she has helped feminism progress, she has always expressed extremely transphobic attitudes.

For example, when she was a fellow at Cambridge, she opposed the admittance of a transgender colleague to her women’s college because they had originally been born a man, which is just unacceptable.”

Mrs. Greer has previously written of transgender men that they are men “who believe they are women and have them castrated”.

The petition’s text reads: “Greer has demonstrated time and time again her misogynistic views towards trans women, including continually misgendering trans women and denying the existence of transphobia altogether.”

Some may agree with Ms Greer but some may not. What cannot be denied is that the students and staff of the college deserve to be able to hear a speaker who, although they may not agree with, is guaranteed to at least be challenging. This is a disgusting act of bullying by LGBT activists at Cardiff and needs to be challenged. For far too long the UK has let a tiny number of Trans activists shout and scream and eventually get their own way and have used the word ‘transphobia’ as a way of shutting down debate, in a similar way to how the political Left use ‘racist’ as a smear in order to silence and sideline people.

This surely must be the moment when the Left-Feminism, the general British Left and the LGBT community has finally started to eat itself and disappear up its own backside? I feel sorry for the students of Cardiff who have been robbed of the opportunity to hear from one of the most high profile figures in 20th Century feminism, all because a few Lefties and transsexuals didn’t like the message that she was bringing.

This is an appalling decision by Cardiff and is just one more indication of what happens when you let Leftist lunatics run the asylum.

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  1. thylacosmilus | October 24, 2015 at 5:11 am |

    I’d love to think that this is the moment, but then…I’ve thought that about so many other moments… *sighs*

  2. Vincent Bate | October 24, 2015 at 10:02 pm |

    I wouldn’t say they’re quite finished yet, but they’re getting closer with no signs of pulling back from the precipice. Let’s just enjoy the spectacle!

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