If the current wave of Arab attacks on Israel was instead happening in the UK on the same scale.

An image of mainland Britain (in yellow) and Israel (in blue) these images are to scale. As regards population, Britain’s population is 8x that of Israel.

If you live in Britain or in any other Western democratic tolerant nation then despite the growing and ever-present threat from Islamic savagery, it’s unlikely that you will have had to deal with what Israel has had to deal with in a mere one month period.

In the month of October 2015, according the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there have been the following attacks by Arab savages in Israel, on Israeli citizens and visitors to Israel.

54 Stabbings

5 Shootings

5 Incidents of cars being used as ramming weapons.

These attacks have, according to the Israeli Ambulance Service, Magen David Adom, resulted in 11 people being killed with 126 injured, with 13 of those injured being considered to have been seriously wounded.

At this point it helps to remember that Israel is roughly 8 times smaller in population than the United Kingdom so that these 64 attacks have had a serious impact on Israelis.

If these attacks were happening in the UK at the same proportion as the UK population (8x that of Israel) then we would be looking at the death toll of the 7/7 attacks, plus a few additional deaths, PER MONTH. When you look at it like that you start to get a handle on just what the poor Israelis are having to put up with from Arab savages. If the attacks by Arab savages on and in Israel were multiplied in order to be proportionate with the UK population then they would be as follows

88 deaths

1008 injured

from 512 attacks.

Try to imagine yourself living in London and having to worry about some random savage jumping out on you and stabbing you as you go to the supermarket or to work or take your children to school. It’s a horrifying thought isn’t it? Luckily, at least for the moment, Londoners are not having to worry like this, but Israelis are.

The Left may try to tell you that the up-tick in attacks on Israel and on Israelis are the result of ‘the occupation’ or ‘Palestinian poverty’ or whatever other dishonest excuse the Left is giving for their Arab ‘pets’, but the Left’s narrative is NOT the truth. The truth is that the so-called ‘Palestinians’ would kill Jews even if they had every piece of land necessary to have a viable state. This is because ‘Palestinian’ hatred of Israelis has bugger all to do with politics or war or land ownership and everything to do with ingrained Islamic Jew hatred. The quicker that the world realises that it is pointless treating the ‘Palestinians’ as if they have some sort of valid grievance, the better. It would be preferable to be honest about the situation and start to accept that these Arabs hate and want to kill Jews merely because that’s what they do today, have done yesterday and will do, unless stopped, tomorrow.

If you want to put yourselves in the footsteps of the Israelis, then consider what it would be like if there were 88 deaths in just one month, from Islamic savagery here in the UK and then you may get a small inkling of the sort of threat that Israel and Israelis are under.


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Britain population


Israel population