Putting those from cultures that approve of paedophilia next to a school is a disaster waiting to happen.

The logo of Joy Lane Primary School in Whitstable, Kent which has suddenly found itself right next door to a council run camp for various invaders.

It’s a well-known fact, but one that will not be emphasised by the BBC, that a considerable number of the invaders either currently camped at Calais or who have been picked up on the UK side of the Channel Tunnel crossing, are Muslims. It’s also a fact that is becoming known to more and more people that said Muslims have attitudes to things like women’s rights and paedophilia that are incompatible with the rest of civilisation.

It is easy therefore to see exactly why parents at a Kent school are angry that a former old people’s home next to their children’s school is to be converted into a refugee centre for those invaders who have successfully managed to hoodwink the authorities into thinking that they are minors. I think that anyone would be angry if there were those who hail from cultures that see nothing wrong with having sex with nine year old girls being placed in close proximity to their children.

This is what the Brietbart website said about the madness of putting those from rape and nonce friendly cultures in amongst our own vulnerable children.

Parents have taken to the streets to protest against a migrant holding centre for young men being set up in a derelict care home, just metres from a nursery and a junior school. The parents are angry that they were not consulted, and that high fences will be erected, saying that they want to send their young children to a school, not a prison.

Kent County Council (KCC) has been hit hard by the migrant crisis at Calais as it is legally responsible for minors making the crossing into Dover until they are 25 years old. One of the foster agencies used by KCC reported a 500 percent increase in the number of children it was being asked to place by the council, in comparison to the same time last year.

Running short on spaces, it has opted to refurbish the former Ladesfield care home in Whitstable to provide 35 beds for boys aged 16 to 18. The care home, which was closed in 2011 thanks to lack of funds, is next to Joy Lane Primary School and Whitstable Day Nursery, as well as the town’s Age UK Centre, the Kent Messenger has reported.

Hmmm! Boys aged 16-18. That’s prime rapist age in many of Britain’s Muslim ghettos. I really applaud the parents of Joy Lane Primary School for standing up like this. It’s the sort of thing we need to see a lot more of. For too long the authorities have dumped those from incompatible cultures among us and then acted surprised at, or worse cover up the massive rise in sex crimes that then occurs. It’s about time such disregard for the rest of us is protested.

Brietbart added:

On Saturday, dozens of local residents, including parents of children at the school, congregated outside the town’s library in protest at the plans.

Victoria Madden, mother to two children at the school, said:

The protest is about the fact we were not told and had no chance to voice our opinions on the housing of 16, 17 and 18-year-old ‘young men’ – as they put it in our meeting – probably no more than 20 feet from the school.

They’re talking about putting up six foot fences, 24 hour security – I didn’t send my kids to school for it to be a prison. I sent my kids to school so they had the free run of the playground without wondering what’s behind the six foot fence.”

Nobody’s spoken to us to allay our fears. We’ve just been told it’s happening, get used to it,” she said. “They’re not even assessed until they get to Ladesfield. It’s holding facility. There’s no risk assessments.

I’m not in any way against taking them in, but location is the main thing. You’ve got a nursery, Age Concern, and Joy Lane primary, all within 20 feet.”

It’s scandalous that the residents of the area were not told or consulted or even better, given a veto on taking in these invaders. As regards to the fences I think that this is some indication of what sort of paedo-friendly invaders are going to be living there. We’ve seen the sort of problems that putting Islamics next to schools has caused in Germany where local German schoolgirls have been ordered to dress down in order to not inflame the sexual passions of the Muslims in a nearby refugee centre. The authorities will not acknowledge that by placing this ‘refugee’ centre so close to a school is a disaster waiting to happen. Although it’s good that the invaders will be fenced off from the school, such fencing will not protect the children at the school or their parents from attack or harassment by these invaders in the street or other areas around the school.

Dumping these invaders on unsuspecting communities seems to be the current modus operandi of government. The authorities know that we all know that the invaders are no use to us and are only here for what they can claim, acquire or steal, which is why they dump them on towns and villages with the shortest possible notice.

As well as the danger that placing these young men so close to a school poses, there is also the scandal of how Kent County Council could close an old people’s home because of lack of funds, but can still find the money to refurbish the home in order to house, feed and educated these invaders? Surely as one of those interviewed by Brietbart said, we should be putting our own old people before the immigrants?

Brietbart continued:

Another Joy Lane parent, Emma Sands, was angry at the council’s decision to refurbish the centre for the migrants when it had been unwilling to do so for the elderly people who had previously lived there. Ms Sands said that had kept her nine-year-old daughter Tia off school on the last day of term in protest at KCC’s plans.

I sympathise, if they are coming from war torn countries,” she said. “But we are a very small country, we’re taking on far too many, and we can’t even look after our own elderly or homeless – that’s really what we feel those buildings should be used for.

Our elderly were thrown out of Ladesfield because it was uninhabitable yet now the council are going to plough money into it for immigrants while we’re not looking after our own first.”

Both Ms Sands and another parent who did not want to be named said that they were now looking into alternative schools for their children. “One of our concerns is that the authorities won’t be able to keep proper control over these young men some of whom may require counselling after seeing conflict in their home countries,” the other parent said.

Ms Sands recognises that although without doubt some of these imports are genuine refugees, that doesn’t mean that they are Britain’s responsibility. It should certainly not be our responsibility to feed, house and entertain these invaders better than we do our own people. We are ‘full’ and we should not feel guilty for saying that are full. She’s right, if the council couldn’t afford to look after the county’s old age pensioners then why are they paying to look after these invaders? She’s also done the right thing in removing her child from the school, I wouldn’t leave my child at a school so close to those whose cultures are a bit ‘rapey’ and violent to say the least. It is to be hoped that these children find decent schools as far away as practicable from the new invader camp.

We can safely ignore or look on with disgust the statement from an apparatchik of Kent County Council who said:

““Kent County Council has a duty of care towards all unaccompanied asylum seeking children who arrive in Kent. These young people have often experienced traumatic journeys and have fled from extremely distressing situations and require our care and support.

Ladesfield was chosen due to its suitability and availability. It is intended that the property at Ladesfield will be used for a short period of time.

Young people are supported in a reception centre for a maximum period of six to eight weeks each. During this time, their social care, education and health needs are assessed and care plans put in place.”

It certainly looks like these invaders who are posing as minors are going to have an awful lot of taxpayers money spent on them at a time when spending on much more worthy items of public expenditure is being cut. It’s disgusting that these invaders are prioritised in this way when nearly every ordinary person in the country is facing the prospect of public services that are melting often under the strain of dealing with an almost historically unparalleled levels of unwanted and inappropriate immigration.

Nothing could be more appropriate in illustrating the contempt that the political classes hold ordinary Britons in than this incident. They care so little for us and our children that they place potential rapists next door to a school and worse, in a building that was erected to care for those Britons who had contributed to the nation, and who deserved support in their frail years.

I wonder what crass excuse Kent County Council will come out with should one of the residents of this invader camp attack a child at the school? It will probably be on the lines of ‘regrettable incident’, the ‘migrant didn’t understand British culture’ or ‘we didn’t know that the resident called ‘Mohammed’ was a rapist’. It’s not the high ups of Kent County Council who will have to live with the problems this invader camp will bring, it will be the school and any nearby residents who will have to put up with declining quality of life issues and a rise in violence and crime.


Original Brietbart article on the protest over placing a refugee centre next to a primary school.


German school advises parents to dress their daughters modestly to avoid inflaming the passions of ‘rapey’ Muslims.


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  1. Vincent Bate | August 20, 2015 at 8:46 am |

    Yet again the native population goes without consultation at the whim of the appeasers and in the interests of the invaders. I believe we are closer to major nationwide civil strife than we have been since the English civil war. It appears to me with the absence of any other evidence, that those who purport to be our leaders are actually deliberately engineering such trouble, although to which end I couldn’t say.

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