The British Muslim numbers game


The Sun newspaper’s front page yesterday, 23rd November, stating that a telephone poll of just over a thousand British Muslims had found that 1 in 5 them had sympathy to ISIS caused a storm. It is a storm that is coming from the Left and from the members of Britain’s Islamic grievance-mongering community.

The Guardian is wagging its finger and saying that the word ‘sympathy’ is slippery and open to misinterpretation, and yes indeed it can be one of those words that writhe like snakes into different, sometimes very different, interpretations. However, the Guardian is stretching believability considerably when they state that when asked the question about sympathy for those fighting in Syria could have referred to three Britons who went to Syria to fight against ISIS. I find that difficult to believe when most of the publicity surrounding the war in Syria is concentrating on ISIS and other jihadist groups.

The mendacious Islamic grievance mongering section of society has also been having a go at this survey with the Tell Mama group’ Twitter feed full of their fanboys and girls complaining about this story. Also, ominously, there were intimations by one person on that timeline that some form of mass complaint to the British press censor, IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation may be in progress. They said that they hoped there were many complaints being made to IPSO over the story in the Sun. It will be interesting to see whether or not if this is the case and also if IPSO stand on the side of free speech and freedom of opinion, or cave in to the grievance-mongerers? Sadly I’m not confident that IPSO will do the right thing, they may well do, as so many other public sector organisations have done, just tick the right diversity box and throw a newspapers right to a voice into the dustbin of history.

It is interesting to see just who is angry about this Sun article and it boils down to the middle-class lefties, and those who may wish to control the language used when discussing Islam plus those who wish to protect Islam from criticism, even when that criticism is deserved. These two groups are probably the very last ones that anybody who is concerned for security and freedom should be listening to. The ‘Guardianistas’ have taken over the asylum and much of the madness we are seeing in Europe with regards the failure of multiculturalism, terrorism and conflict, can be laid at their door. The Guardian is a failing newspaper promoting failed policies, should we really be taking note of them? I think not.

Neither should we be listening to the Islamic grievance-mongers who often after Islamic outrages have taken place in locations like Paris, or Mali or Kenya or wherever else ,stick their heads above the parapets with their woeful tales about how victimised Muslims are. This self-centred and sick, ‘all about me, me, me’ behaviour from these grievance-mongers should also be disregarded. Those who seek to legitimise or promote or censor comment of the ideology that the Islamic terrorists follow are as much a part of the problem as the Left or the terrorists are. We should not be taking advice from those who find it impossible to accept that their own spiritual path is without doubt part of the problem. No matter how much the grievance-mongers say that the problems caused by Islam are ‘someone else’s fault’ or the fault of ‘racism’ or ‘Islamophobia’, that doesn’t change the fact that Islam is violent, even though many individual Muslims are not.

Slippery newspapers like the Guardian and slippery organisations should not be calling the shots, mostly because they have shown that they cannot be trusted anymore. Telling the truth about the ideology of Islam is something that both the Left and the grievance-mongers. A large number of people knowing the truth about the ideology of Islam would shatter the dogma of multiculturalism to smithereens and would also cause a push back against those promoting Islam or trying to procure special status for it in our society. I’m not at all surprised to see the Lefty Establishment and those trying to divert attention away from the real victims of Islam onto the dubious concept of Muslim ‘victimhood’.

Like all statistics there is contained within it both good news and bad news. The bad news is that a significant, although in this survey falling, minority of Muslims show sympathy to those fighting in Syria. The good news is that this survey shows that the majority of Britain’s Muslims are peaceful and want nothing to do with this Caliphate nonsense. However, that welcome news should not blind us to the fact that Islam as an ideology is violent and expansionist and no matter how peaceful the individual Muslim is, he or she cannot change that fact.

To illustrate the truth of the sort of extremism and extremist attitudes that come to the fore when Islam holds the levers of power here is a video (yes I’ve shown it before but it is timely to use it again) by Ben Shapiro of the United States on the number of people who would support things that we in the West would call ‘extreme’.

The figures are truly horrifying and the numbers came from a research outfit, Pew, that is considered to be ‘on the Left’. As this video shows, it’s not just the support and sympathy for jihad that we have to worry about with Islam, it’s the support for FGM, misogyny, Jew hatred and so much more.

Playing the Muslim numbers game with regards Britain is tricky, but the Pew figures show that it can’t any longer be denied that Britain has a both a Muslim problem, and far too many problematical Muslims and Islamic organisations.


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  1. The really scary figure is from 2007 in which 1 in 3 Muslims said that people who leave Islam should be killed. Imagine the fuss (quite rightly) if 1 in 3 men said drunk women who get raped deserve it.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 24, 2015 at 12:16 pm |

      Exactly. Although the headline figure that the majority of Muslims do not want to indulge in violence, when you start to drill down you find much more disturbing figures such as that which you mentioned. Just because many Muslims are peaceful,and that does need to be mentioned, that doesn’t mean that Islam itself is a religion of peace. There are many Muslims who are peaceful purely because they do not know what the core of Islam is or comprehend its violence.

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