Bearded Savages of the Day number 91 – What’s that about Islam being ‘a religion of peace’?

Please note Bearded Savage of the Day mugs are available from the Fahrenheit211 shop
Please note Bearded Savage of the Day mugs are available from the Fahrenheit211 shop

Please note Bearded Savage of the Day mugs are available from the Fahrenheit211 shop

If anyone wanted to see an example of what Islam truly is then they should bypass the smiling spokespersons of Islam and the dishonest taqiyya (lying for Islam) merchants and instead examine how Islam encourages its adherents to behave.  Unfortunately the example of Islamic conduct that I’m giving you today shows exactly what Islam is all about, and ‘peacefulness and tolerance’ do not come into it, especially when it concerns the sort of freedom of religion that many people in the West take for granted.

According to a Christian news outlet by the name of Morning Star News (H/T  RoP) Ugandan Muslims are now not only acting as individuals when murdering those who convert from Islam to Christianity, but are now acting in organised gangs, setting traps for those who escape from Islam.

Morning Star News said:

“Islamic extremists in eastern Uganda on Tuesday (Dec. 8) set a deadly trap for a Christian policeman who had left Islam, and the next day other hard-line Muslims kidnapped three children from another convert in a nearby village, sources said.
More than 20 Muslim extremists in the Komodo area of Kadama Sub-county, Kibuku District, killed officer Ismail Kuloba at about 4 p.m. after he responded to an urgent call to intervene in a supposed land dispute between warring parties, an area Christian told Morning Star News. Kuloba was 43.
Stationed in Kagunu, Kuloba and three other policemen went to the site of the alleged dispute in nearby Komodo, but when they arrived they found no parties in conflict over land, only a group of Islamists who surrounded them, said the source, whose name is withheld for security reasons. Some in the group knew Kuloba personally, and some were angry at him for leading other Muslims to Christ in the area, he said.
“They saw that Ismail had become an apostate,” he said. “Ismail had been doing patrols in this particular village, as well as attending Dodoi Pentecostal Church, which is about five kilometers [three miles] from Kagunu police post. Sometimes he made arrests in this particular village where the attack occurred.”
One of the assailants, Mudangha Kasimu, threw a stone that hit Kuloba in the forehead, he said.
“Ismail fell down, and the same man picked up his gun and fired two gunshots at his head, and he died there while the other Muslims were shouting, ‘Allah Akbar [God is greater],’” he said. A local Muslim who lives close by said, ‘You converted our people to Christianity, and now your time has come for you to receive the punishment of Allah.’”
Kasimu and another Muslim extremist took the guns the policemen were carrying and retreated to Kabweri, about three kilometers from Komodo. The source said the Muslims involved in the attack are from Kabweri and Dodoi, and others are residents of Komodo, which has a population that is about 70 percent Muslim. It was not clear if the other policemen tried to stop the assault on Kuloba.
“We need prayers, as the Muslims are out to destroy people who converted to Christ in this area, especially those of us who have sacrificed to share the love of Christ to our fellow Muslims,” the source said. “We shall continue becoming the voice of the persecuted church, and the work of God will eventually emerge victorious against the evil forces of darkness.”
When Christians from outside the area heard about the killing, some set Kasimu’s house on fire in retaliation, the source said.
“Tension is high in the area, because it appears the Muslims plan to retaliate,” he said.
Area Christians are in shock at the killing of Ismail, he added. An hour after the deadly assault, police arrived to take Kuloba’s body.

As you can see this is not just a case of one person angry at another because they have changed their religion, it is an organised, communal hunt for those who have converted to Christianity and those who have aided and abetted them.  This is terrorism against Uganda’s Christian community aimed at  both frightening Christians into not sharing their faith and scaring off those members of the nominally Muslim community who have seen Islam for the death cult that it really is and wish to leave.

Those foolish, self-deluding Christians who make the mistake of thinking that Islam is a religion of peace, often have the good fortune to live in the free world and not in Islamic countries and majority Muslim areas where to be a Christian is to live your life in continual fear.   I wonder, for example if the more deranged of the clerical enthusiasts for multiculturalism would be so gung ho and eager to defend Muslims from criticism if they knew that to share their faith with a Muslim and have a Muslim accept this new faith would be death sentence for both evangeliser and new Christian.  That is the lot of Christians and those who wish to be Christians who live in the Muslim world and maybe it is time for more Christians in the UK, whether ordained or not, to speak up and speak often of the abuses inflicted on Christians and others by Muslims and the violent creed of Islam.


Morning Star News

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