Terror prisoner releases, not a good idea.

Israelis protesting in July about prisoner releases. Picture shows the relatives of those killed or wounded in Islamic terror attacks.

Those who said that no good would come of the Israeli government releasing Islamic terrorists as a good will gesture look like they’ve been proved right.  Despite releasing some really appalling criminals to appease the ‘Palestinians’ over many years, the Islamic violence has never stopped.  Any reduction in violence has not been due to the ‘Palestinians’ on the ‘West Bank’ becoming more peaceful but instead because of security improvements.  The security fence, for example, has prevented many Islamic suicide bombings, which is why I have no truck with those who scream for it to be pulled down or call it an ‘apartheid wall’.   

Releasing terrorist criminals to be feted as heroes by the ‘Palestinians’ is starting to cause distress to the relatives of the victims of Islamic terror and they are starting to protest

Israel National News said:

Several dozen people on Monday protested outside Ministry of Defense headquarters in Tel Aviv, demanding that the government promise to stop freeing terrorists in swap deals or as part of “gestures” to the Palestinian Authority. The protest included many members of families who have lost loved ones in terror attacks. It was organized by the Almagor terror victims’ group and the Israel Sheli (My Israel) organization.

Protesters carried pictures of the victims of terrorist attacks committed Arab terrorists. Many of those victims were killed, directly and indirectly, by the terrorists the government promised to free in order to restart talks with the PA. Some 100 terrorists who have been in prison for years are set to be freed in several groups. Most have not yet been released, however, and the protesters are demanding that they remain in prison, after the murders of two IDF soldiers in the past several days.

We are protesting the absurd situation in which the government is set to release terrorists, ignoring the fact that two soldiers have been killed,” said Sara Ha’etzni Hacohen, head of Israel Sheli. “What kind of message does this give to the terrorists? That they can keep killing us and still go free? What about the newest terrorists who will be arrested – those who killedthe soldiers this weekend? Will they too go free in the future?”

Many will agree with the relatives of those murdered by Islamic terrorists. What is the point of a justice system if killers are apprehended, tried in a proper court, sentenced to prison, but then released to appease Islamic groups who promise peace, but never, ever deliver? It makes a mockery of justice to cave in to Islamic terror scum.

I know this article will annoy those who believe that the ‘Palestinians’ are hard done by, and indeed the average ‘Palestinian’ has had a hard time since 1948, however the blame for that does not lie with the Israelis, who want peace, but with the leadership of the ‘Palestinians’ who do not want peace, but instead only want to kill Jews. After all killing Jews is a Quranic commandment which takes precedence over peace for the ordinary guy in the street.

Releasing Islamic killers will not bring peace, it will only embolden the Islamic killing groups of which there are many.

I’m normally a bit of a fan of Benjamin Netanyahu, he is one of those politicians who, unlike the crap that rules over us in Britain, cares for his nations security, however on this occasion his government has made a big mistake. Letting out murderers as a goodwill gesture to groups based around an Islamic ideology that is incapable of showing goodwill to anybody else, is something that should never happen again.

Releasing terrorists to inspire more terrorists is not sensible and not morally right and needs to stop, not just in Israel but worldwide. Islamic terrorists can very rarely be cured of their disease which means that lifetime containment or their destruction should be the order of the day.


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  1. Furor Teutonicus | September 26, 2013 at 8:16 am |

    xX Islamic terrorists can very rarely be cured of their disease which means that lifetime containment or their destruction should be the order of the day.XX

    You do not gage a rabid dog. You shoot it!

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