Friday Night Movie number 61 – The Red Beret

Friday night movie clip art new image

I was thinking of putting a Christmas movie up for this weeks Friday Night Movie but I thought that many people with access to a television would be suffering from a Christmas movie overdose. Therefore I’m putting up an excellent second world war drama called The Red Beret and starring Alan Ladd, as a former American airman who poses as a Canadian in order to fight with Britain against the Nazis.

The airman, Steve MacKendrick but known mostly to other airmen as ‘Canada’, is part of a group training for a very important mission, an attack on a German radar station. The object of the raid is to capture sensitive electronic equipment from the German radar station and bring it back to the UK. This film tells the story of the raid and of ‘Canada’s tragic past in which an order he gave went wrong and ended up with the death of a colleague.

This is an excellent film and is full of great British film stars of the period such as Harry Andrews and Stanley Baker. It’s one of those films that I rarely get tired of re watching and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I have done.