There appear are no depths that Britain’s Labour Party will not sink to when it comes to appeasing Islam.

Some of the intimidating Bearded Savages of Rochdale accompanied by the absolutely 'See You Next Tuesday' MP Simon Danczuk
Some of the intimidating Bearded Savages of Rochdale accompanied by the absolutely 'See You Next Tuesday' MP Simon Danczuk

Some of the intimidating Bearded Savages of Rochdale accompanied by the  MP Simon Danczuk

We in Britain are sadly getting all too used to the sight of Labour Party politicians and functionaries abasing themselves before both Muslims and the death cult of Islam. We’ve seen Labour politicians and Labour run areas in the UK allow whole areas to become dangerous Islamic ghettos, and also collude with Muslims so that they benefit from both the ‘whipped mosque vote’ and from dishonest postal voting. Labour even turned a blind eye to the mass rape of British children and young women by gangs of Muslims so as to not upset the apple cart of multiculturalism and the Islamic votes it brings in for the Labour Party.

Every act of Islamic appeasement by Labour seems to be a new low for this once great party, but each and every time they prove that Labour can sink lower than a snakes belly. The latest Labour politician to show that he is willing and able to limbo dance underneath the creatures of the genus Serpentes, is Simon Danczuk the MP for the heavily Islamically ‘enriched’ (19.1% Muslim) Parliamentary constituency of Rochdale.

Previously Simon Danczuk has been known to much of the public, as the now estranged husband of serial selfie cleavage flasher Karen Danczuk and as a champion of those who allege that they were victims of a so-called ‘VIP paedophile ring’. Although standing up for those who allege that they were or are victims of sexual abuse is on the whole a good thing, he seems to have taken aim at Westminster, rather than focus on the greater and much more evidentially provable problems of the Islamic Rape Gangs which have afflicted Rochdale.

If the failed businesses, Party hackery, public sector teat sucking that Danczuk has been involved in, the publicity hungry wife or, the well publicised breakdown that he alleges he suffered from doesn’t put you off the guy then this, his latest action surely will.

At a time when Islam is becoming more and more unpopular, for good reason, among the general population, Simon Danczuk chose Christmas Eve of all times to show that when it comes to Islam he knows whose side he is on – and it’s not ours. He chose to take part in a highly intimidatory march through Rochdale by a group of Muslims who were celebrating their ‘prophet’s’ birthday. Rather than keep quiet and settle down with his family for Christmas or have a few drinks with constituency workers, Danczuk chose to abase himself towards the Muslims of Rochdale. Not content with this abasement of himself on the streets of Rochdale, Danczuk chose to let the world know what an appeasing Islamopandering low-life he really is.

He sent out this Tweet from the birthday march for the Islamic ‘prophet’ Muhammad.

I don’t know about you but I was disgusted with Danczuk’s abject grovelling and crawling to Muslims over this. Not just because he attended, but that he boasted about it, like it was something to be proud of. Well let me tell you Mr Danczuk, there are many Britons, not just white Britons but Britons of every shade of skin colour and of peaceful religious paths, who feel nothing but disgust at your actions on December 24th. How dare you take to the streets and celebrate the birth of a man who did nothing at all that could be called positive for humanity. Muhammed was a man who raped a nine year old girl and called it ‘marriage’, who violently drove out the Christians, Jews and polytheists from the Arabian Peninsular, and who started a ‘religion’ whose adherents and theology is a byword for intolerance, violence and oppression. Danczuk is also a damnable hypocrite who made loud noises about a difficult to prove or verify story of VIP noncery, whilst doing absolutely bugger all about the very real and current problems of gangs of Muslims raping their way round Rochdale and other places.

If you’ve ever seen a more blatantly appeasing MP than Simon Danczuk then please let me know, because Danczuk’s behaviour really does seem to be the lowest of the low. This MP’s attendance at a birthday party for ‘Mo the Paedo’ shows to me that just when you think that Labour cannot sink much lower in their love for all things Islamic, along comes someone like Danczuk who can prove me wrong.

Labour are a party terminally afflicted by the sickness of appeasement, and the existence and behaviour of Simon Danczuk, is a primary symptom of this appeasement disease. Danczuk is nothing more than a disgusting, revolting little man, from a disgusting and treasonous political party.


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    • Fahrenheit211 | December 27, 2015 at 12:13 pm |

      Wes Streeting is a disgusting Islamopanderer as I’ve mentioned before. Here he is pandering like mad.

      Wes Streeting worthless Islamopanderer

  1. Mullah Lodabullah | December 27, 2015 at 12:13 pm |

    Beware of false prophets … and their followers.

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