The first Paris massacre one year on.

It’s a year since the Islamic attacks on the staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, a kosher supermarket and elsewhere in the Paris region. Too many innocent lives were lost that day and the days that followed. The attacks shocked all civilised people and sparked off public outrage at the bestiality of the Islamic savages who carried out the attack. We also saw an almost unprecedented display of cynical and exploitative public grief, from many of the world’s politicians who paraded themselves wrapped in false bonhome and surrounded by heavily armed security officers.

So what has the year since the Ile de France attacks brought the world? Well the answer in short form is that Islam is continuing to kill, and also shown to the whole planet that there are significant parts of Islam that are incompatible with what many of us in the parts of the world that are more free would recognise as ‘civilisation. The year has been symbolicly topped and tailed by Muslim terror attacks in Paris, the second set of attacks killing many more than the Ile de France attacks did. Tourists have been gunned down on beaches, by Muslims, ordinary Americans slaughtered at a Christmas party, by Muslims and many other people in a multitude of countries have been terrorised or killed by Muslims.

Alongside the mass killings that characterise the ideology of Islam the world has also had to live with other negative aspects of this appalling and intrusive death-cult that is laughingly called a ‘religion of peace’ by the same cynical politicians who mouthed platitides about ‘je suis charlie’ this time last year. European nations have seen an explosion of crime and anti-social committed by a bunch of mostly Islamic free-loaders who have posed as ‘refugees’. Britain, Germany and Sweden have seen an explosion of sex crime carried out by Islamic offenders who are very much following their ‘prophet’s’ example in how to treat women. Across this suffering world, misery upon misery has been heaped upon Christians, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs, and yes Muslims as well, by Muslims who have heard the call of Islam and been inspired to ‘kill, kill, kill’.

In the year since the Ile de France attacks the actions of the politicians who marched together has been characterised by a combination of incompetance, stupidity and sometimes malevolence. Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and the every reliably useless Obama, have done very little that is practical or effective in dealing with the threat from the ideology of Islam. Hollande appears to have belatedly realised that France has allowed a highly effective fifth column to grow in many of that country’s no go zones. Obama is so firmly inserted up the fundaments of the far Left that he cannot bring himself to even say that an Islamic attack is indeed an Islamic attack, and has turned the USA in the eyes of the rest of the world, into an unreliable friend. Cameron has disgustingly made himself unfit to occupy the office of Prime Minister by choosing the path of appeasement of Islam. Cameron’s appeasment has included allowing the police and court systems to openly favour Islam when it comes to law enforcement and sentencing, actions which are encouraging righteous anger among the population. Cynical laughter rises up whenever Cameron utters the dishonest phrase ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. Coming firmly into the category of stupidy and malevolence is Frau Angela Merkel the Chancellor of Germany who has not only done very little to tackle Islamic violence and crime within Germany, but has also opened Germany’s doors to yet more violent Muslims, many of whom have trashed the countries they travel through on their way to Germany’s famed welfare nirvana, Merkel’s actions have not only damaged Germany and put German citizens at risk of rape, murder and terror from her Islamic imports, but has also had dire effects on other European nations. Greece for example is seeing some of its traditional tourist islands being wrecked by these Muslim migrants with scenes of violence and intimidation from these Islamic thugs going a long way to put off tourists from travelling there for their holidays.

Twelve months on from the Ile de France attacks we can honestly say that the situation viz a viz worldwide Islamic violence has not declined but has got worse. Looking back at this period of history it may well be seen as the year that the blinkers came off of non-Muslims and they started to learn the true nature of Islam. Only time will tell whether or not 2016 will be the year that the gloves as well as the blinkers come off and the world finally recognises that Islam is an enemy ideology, and treats it as such.