Burrowing further and further into the body politic, the mendacious grievance-mongers of Tell Mama.

The head of a Tapeworm, a suitable image to describe the mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama

There are a growing number of people in Europe and especially in the United Kingdom who are becoming, by way of news trickling out about the widespread ‘rape jihad’ attacks across the continent, more and more aware of the true nature of Islam. This is a good thing as the more people who can see through the lie of the phrase ‘religion of peace’ the better. However that doesn’t mean that we should forget about those whose aim it is to silence criticism of Islam, or make dishonest claims about how oppressed it is. They despite the slow opening of eyes as to the dangers posed by Islam, are still continuing their work.

Fiyaz Mughal and his Tell Mama organisation are like ‘the very hungry tapeworms’ of British political and administrative life (although with less honesty of purpose than a tapeworm). They will stop at nothing to promote their Islamic victimhood narrative. No alleged victim of ‘Islamophobia’ is too lacking in credibility, or even mad, for Tell Mama not to use in the course of their whining. Also Tell Mama are skilled at getting endorsement and support from those who really should know better and have more political savvy, such as Peter Tatchell and from those formerly involved in the Jewish Community Security Trust. Tell Mama are proven to be dishonest, had government funding removed for inflating alleged ‘hate crime’ figures, and they regularly reproach others for having a speck of Islamophobia in their eyes whilst ignoring the appalling levels of crime, violence and disruption that Islam has brought to the lives of Britain’s non-Muslims. Fiyaz Mughal and Tell Mama have been slapped down in the Criminal Courts, the Civil Courts and by the old Press Complaints Commission when they have tried to use ‘lawfare’ against critics. The fact they’ve lost three cases in three separate legal or disciplinary arenas should tell you all you need to know about the probity of the Tell Mama organisation.

You’d think that having a deserved reputation for what some say is ’embellishment’ and others who say is ‘dishonesty’ would make sensible people keep Tell Mama at arms length for fear of being tainted by them and their reputation, but that is not the case. Tell Mama appear to have spent the last few months (when they are not mercilessly exploiting mentally ill transsexuals that is) burrowing their way into various police forces. This is not something that should be happening. Tell Mama is an organisation of questionable probity and allegedly dubious friends and practises allegations of which I’ve heard from quite a few sources. Because of the questions that are often asked about Tell Mama, its staff and associates and its finances, Tell Mama are the very last people who should be invited or allowed to work with police forces. The police would quite rightly feel uneasy about working with groups from other communities that had Tell Mama’s reputation, and it is extremely concerning that police forces continue to work with this bunch of morally questionable mountebanks.

Tell Mama’s latest trick is to persuade a number of police forces to let Tell Mama be the sole manager and collator of crime statistics where Muslims are alleged to be the victim. Tell Mama are doing this by way of a data sharing agreement with police forces. This is not good. This is like putting a Fox in charge of a Henhouse. Here’s how the Tell Mama website treated this latest development.

Come the New Year, we are pleased to announce the fact that we have signed data sharing agreements with 4 major police forces and these include the Metropolitan Police Service, Greater Manchester Police, Merseyside and Cheshire police forces.

We are in the process of signing up a further 10 forces which will mean that 14 police forces across England and Wales will be sharing data that they receive directly, with Tell MAMA. This will make Tell MAMA the only body in the UK in the community sector, with the ability to analyse, map and measure the real extent of what is taking place around anti-Muslim hate in the UK.

We are extremely proud of our developments and our aim is to ensure that all 43 police forces in England and Wales sign up these data sharing agreements with us.

We will continue to ensure that victim’s rights are protected and that victim’s voices are heard. Anti-Muslim prejudice and intolerance needs to be tackled and particularly in an environment where international and national incidents are spiking it.

Finally, we would like to add that such a detailed analysis will ensure that policy makers and shapers are able to react and make decisions appropriately on anti-Muslim hatred and prejudice. They can also develop policy on accurate data from Tell MAMA which protects victims rights and ensures advocacy on this troubling issue.

This is either utter madness on the part of the police forces involved, or the result of a surfeit of political correctness by them. More worryingly it is yet another incident that will give ammunition to those who belie the police have ‘changed sides’, and now favour Muslims over and above everyone else.

The police are facing, and are going to face even more criticism in the future, about their performance in geographical areas where various Islamic scandals have surfaced, or will surface e.g. Rotherham, Keighley etc. The police in many parts of Britain are going to face a lot of questions about their relationships with councillors, politicians and their dealings with ‘community leaders’ (and we all know what community we are talking about here), and lying down with the liars of Tell Mama as they appear to be doing, is going to do the police’s long term credibility no favours whatsoever.

The idea of the mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama having a hand in formulating police policy should send a chill down the spines of anybody who believes in policing by consent, democracy, free speech and freedom of religion. Who in the wider community will trust a police force that freely enters into links with those like Tell Mama who have proved that they cannot be trusted? By linking with Tell Mama those police forces who have done so, have lost the trust of quite a few more members of public, and one day those forces will bemoan the loss of trust that they themselves have created.


Tell Mama’s latest bit of parasitism on our police forces


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