I told you this would happen (Netherlands edition II)

The demonstration against the imposition of a 'refugee centre' in the Dutch village of Heesch.

Any person who considers themselves open-minded enough to make a judgement of a situation based on evidence, knows that inserting the savagery of Islam into an area, doesn’t civilise the Islamics, but only destroys the area for the non-Muslims. Many citizens of the Netherlands are noticing how Islam and its followers never seem to enhance an area and only ever seem to drag it down into the gutter. Anyone who has seen an area in their nation become Islamified will know the truth of what happens when Islam is injected into an area. What also seems to be annoying the Dutch is the inability of many of that nation’s politicians to see the damage that they have done and continue to do by not cracking down on Islam. Unfortunately Islam is one of those ideologies that cannot be negotiated with or accommodated or appeased, and can only be properly dealt with by strong state action against it.

Now, at last, there seems to be a growing number of Dutch citizens who see the damage that Islam is doing to other towns and cities, and are deciding to do something about it. There have been protests, some violent, when out of touch, multiculturalism infested politicians impose ‘refugee’ centres on their towns. Netherlands citizens are increasingly disturbed by the sex crime, property crime, welfare poncing and extreme anti-social behaviour that the arrival of Islam inevitably brings.

According to Dutch News an online news outlet, there has been a second riot against the imposition of a ‘refugee centre’ on a village whose population appear to know all about the sort of ‘refugees’ that are likely to be placed there. The locals must know that the arrival of large numbers of Muslim men, from cultures that are plainly not civilised, will damage the villagers quality of life, after all many of the residents of the village must see what has happened in Rotterdam and other cities where Islam has established itself.

This is a riot and indeed a protest that could have been avoided had the politicians listened to those citizens who said ‘trouble is coming if you continue to import Islamics and other ‘third worlders’. This is a protest and riot that would not have had to happen if politicians had not said ‘shut up and enjoy the enforced diversity’ whenever people brought valid objections to the import of Islam into their nations.

Dutch News said:

“Riot police were drafted in to break up a demonstration by anti-refugee campaigners in the Brabant village of Heesch on Monday night after eggs and fireworks were hurled at the town hall. Three people were arrested and council officials had to be evacuated from the building, where they were discussing measures to improve youth social services.

Last week, police removed two dead pigs from a site suggested as a potential refugee centre for 500 people close to the village. One pig was placed on top of a building, the other hung by a metal chain from a tree. Heesch, which is close to Oss, has a population of 12,000.

Local VVD party leader Jack van der Dussen told BNR radio most of the trouble makers came from elsewhere. ‘It started as a peaceful protest but then the radical group showed up and spoiled it,’ he said. Harm Ruijs, who organised the protest, distanced himself from the violence but said he had not changed his standpoint. ‘Many people were here to show they are opposed to such a big centre. 500 refugees for 10 years in one location is too many,’ he said. Home affairs minister Ronald Plasterk said in a statement: ‘Protesting is part of a democracy but violence damages the essence of our democratic country.’

Read more at DutchNews.nl: Anti-refugee riots erupt in second Dutch village http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2016/01/83567-2/

This is another of those situations where sadly it’s a case of ‘I told you this would happen’. Like in many other places in Europe, Dutch citizens who brought up the problems that were being brought in to the country by Islam were sent away with a fleas in their ears and called harsh names like ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’, when all they were trying to do was defend their areas from destruction by Islam.

I had to give a wry and cynical smile at the comment by the politician Ronald Plasterk who said that although protest was part of a democratic society violence was not. All well and good but if generations of politicians had not continually dismissed the people’s concerns about the importation of Islam, and had not done all they could to prevent citizens legally, peacefully and effectively objecting to things like mosques, Islamic ‘cultural’ centres and other Islamic excrescences, then there would be no need for riots. If you take a way a people’s legitimate political and legal tools to defend themselves and their communities then all that happens is the pot continues to boil, and as we see in this incident, the pot boils over.

The single-minded and obsessive multiculturalists of the Netherlands, like those of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium and elsewhere, have continued to impose Islamic savagery on areas where it is plainly not wanted or needed. It is these fanatic multiculturalists and their idiotic policies that are ultimately responsible for violent fight backs like this.

Until we have a time when the ordinary non-Muslim citizen can say to their local authority or their government ‘there will be no Islam here’ and know that they will be listened to and their concerns acted upon, then the danger of people taking the law into their own hands will increase. All too often across Europe we’ve seen citizens who have peacefully objected to plans to impose Islamic crap on their areas ignored and dismissed by the multiculturalists. The ordinary person has then had to watch in horror as their communities that may have survived economic change, war and natural disaster, are rapidly eviscerated by Islam and its followers. That sort of thing makes normal people angry, quite rightly so in my view.

I dislike vigilantism and have said so on here many times in the past. Vigilantism has a nasty tendency to roll over both the innocent as well as the guilty, and is a sign of societal, legal and political failure. However, unless the ordinary man and woman in the street is listened to on the subjects of Islam and immigration, then vigilantism is what we will get. I predict that there will be more riots such as we’ve seen in two Dutch villages now. The non-Muslim citizen of Europe is being crapped on from a great height by pro-Islam politicians, and for the sake of future peace this Islamopandering and the stupid fondness for open door immigration policies needs to stop.

No sensible person want to see violence or riots like this, but such incidents are inevitable unless the politicians start listening to the people who are grossly afflicted by the presence of Islam in their countries, and not the pro-immigration and pro-Islam activists. I like many others want a peaceful political solution to Europe’s Islam problems, but that peaceful solution will become more and more unlikely if those in positions of political and administrative power continue with their dangerous and obviously failing policies.

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  1. Hi,
    I noticed that you say it’s the Netherlands edition.
    What about the latest Swedish edition, where one of the animals (a ’15 year-old’…he’s in the age group of the 3000 ‘children’ Cameron now wants to import) brutally murdered a 22 year-old worker at the centre?
    Keep up the good work…it’s very much appreciated!

    Kind regards,

    • Fahrenheit211 | January 26, 2016 at 10:53 am |

      HI George, that is indeed a terrible case. I am intending to cover this story but it may have to wait until later as I am on ankle-biter watch today LOL.

  2. George, you are quite correct about this. The only thing that will make politicians listen is violence. There is a lot of this in our future, we have been peaceful for too long!

  3. Ever more people are waking up to what is going on in Europe, we can only hope it is not to late, this is the sort of nonsense we are up against, but in over 2000 comments you will be hard pushed to find anyone agreeing with him, and this is in the Telegraph.


    William Hague completely out of touch and very very wrong.

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