The lights are dimming all over Europe

Although the politicians of Europe, who are safely embedded behind high walls and armed security may not be able to see it, many ordinary people can see the importation of those from retarded uncivilised cultures such as Islam, has not been a good thing. From the Atlantic coast to Greece, Islam has made its presence felt, and it is a presence that is as welcome as a house-guest who defecates into your fridge.

The importation of Islam has not enriched in any positive way the life, culture and politics of Europe, quite the opposite in fact. Once safe nations such as Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are finding that they are becoming more and more unsafe, and they are becoming unsafe due to the unwanted injection of Islam, and the pandering to it by Europe’s political classes. Hard fought for rights such as equality between genders, free speech, freedom of assembly, political freedoms and much more, are being chucked out of the window by shallow virtue-signalling politicians and administrators eager to appease the followers of a 7th century warlord and paedophile.

In Norway parents shudder at the prospect of ‘refugee centres’ being built near their children’s schools, Germany has become ‘rape central’ because of imported Muslims and in Britain a police force of which we could once justifiably be proud of, now hunts down those who speak uncomfortable truths about Islam and which censors protest banners that Islamic ‘community leaders’ do not like. None of these things happened on anything like the current scale in modern post World War II Western Europe before Islam infested the place.

A continent that in the late 1940’s said ‘Never Again’ after the scale and cruelty of the Holocaust was revealed, is now facing the prospect of having to live and deal with the murderous Jew-hatred that comes with Islam. In Germany, France, Britain, Belgium and Sweden, Jews are again having to hide their identity for fear of attack from rabid anti-Semites that come not from the majority community, but from the followers of the ideology of Islam that has violent Jew-hatred hard wired into it. The statement ‘Never Again’ has become almost laughably empty in the face of Islam and its retarded and violent attitude to those who believe differently from them. European politicians and others in both authority and influence, have trashed the memory of martyrs by pandering to Islam and its many baseless hatreds. One day I hope and pray that such panderers will feel justifiable shame for what they’ve done and said.

The words of Pastor Niemoller appear to be coming eerily true in modern Europe. Those who didn’t speak up about, or dismissed as ‘far right fantasy’, the tales of Muslim Rape Gangs, or thought it was a problem confined to tiny areas of small Northern English towns, are now worrying for the safety of their own daughters. As they realise the horrific truth that Muslim Rape Gangs are not an aberration, but have been operating almost everywhere where there are Muslim men. Those who didn’t speak up when their local authorities pandered to Islam now find themselves trapped in hostile ghettos replete with the violence that always accompanies the ‘religion of peace’. Those who didn’t speak up when Tommy Robinson was pilloried and imprisoned for telling the truth about Islam, or who joined in the ‘idiot chorus’ against him, are finding that their own right to speak up is being curtailed. There are many of us who should have spoken up earlier and now we are suffering the consequences.

The lights of freedom and justice seem to be going out all over Europe and far too many of our cities have sections within them that are in the grip of an Islamic Dark Age, with the black miasma of this accursed ideology slowly rolling out of the Islamic citadels and imposing itself like a tumour on the rest of us. Cologne was but one example of the problems that Islamic savagery has brought to our homes and sadly it will not be the last.

But things are not wholly and completely dark. Despite the efforts of politicians, police and administrators who have told gross lies to the rest of us about the nature of Islam, many people are awakening to the dangers that have been both imported and nurtured. Despite the efforts of the authorities ordinary Europeans are organising to express their dislike of the highly dislikeable ideology of Islam. European citizens, of all skin colours and of peaceful faiths or none are marching and speaking out about something that the citizen sees as a threat, even if the politicians do not.

Across the Continent a citizenry that once tried to reject violence having seen where it could lead, is now ‘tooling up’ with whatever they can get their hands on. We are seeing a rise in firearms acquisition in Austria, and a run on the sale of pepper spray in Germany. Even in Britain where much trust was once placed in the police, people are starting to think about what they would do if they were attacked or threatened by Islamic savages and the police were reluctant to do anything about it. To put it another way, in the absence of the ability to legally acquire firearms, there are more Britons suddenly taking a not entirely sporting interest in archery and pastimes that involve the use of heavy bats or sticks. This is a situation that could have been entirely avoided by the simple act of successive European governments putting their citizens, rather than their enemies, first.

There are a growing number of people right across Europe who have had enough of Islam, and quite rightly so. They’ve had enough of the hostile self-created ghettos, enough of the imposition of unwanted mosques, enough of the rape and paedophilia that is part and parcel of Islam, enough of the Jew-hatred and the disdain for Christianity that Islam brings. The people of Europe have had their fill of Islamic intolerance and more European citizens are not only finding that they are prepared to say so, but find that they must speak, before they are silenced. Islam has worn out Europe’s welcome mat and that is primarily the fault of Muslims themselves. Lying, cheating, corrupting, raping and killing may not be European values, but they are Islamic values, and quite rightly many citizens of European nations are angry about that.

The lights of Europe may be dimming and flickering, but they can burn brightly again but to do so needs a fuel that only we the people can supply, a fuel called ‘honesty about Islam’ and a willingness to see Islam for the threat that it is.

Only you, the citizen can ensure that future generations of European citizens do not live in an Islamic darkness. Only you can protest and speak out against the current threat. If you do not then your children and your children’s children will be enslaved.