Tell Mama again plumb the depths of honesty


If anybody wanted an indication of how sick and lacking in confidence our public services and public servants are, then they would need no further reading than to observe how a dishonest, cynical, exploitative and tasteless organisation has managed to burrow so far into them. The Tell Mama anti ‘hate crime’ campaigners are that organisation. Tell Mama have in the past, been so thoroughly busted for dishonesty, has lost cases in three different legal or quasi-legal theatres, and has behaved so exploitatively and tastelessly that it should never be allowed anywhere near operational policing areas. However our weak and sick police and public services have allowed just that to happen and, as previous articles on here have shown*, Tell Mama have been given far too much influence over our policing and it’s an influence that can only end in injustice.

Today’s swipe at the mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama concerns their habit of making mountains out of molehills

This well deserved textual kicking for the Tell Mama entity concerns Tell Mama turning some glorious non-event of an alleged attack into the worst thing since I don’t know what. In this example Tell Mama talk up a bit of minor argy bargy into something which this incident was plainly not.

Tell Mama went big on their website with the story of a member of an ‘anti Muslim hate crime advisory board’ (when do we get our advisory board to deal with attacks on us by Muslims?), who was given a minor bit of verbal in the street and whose story and attitude was challenged online. As is normal policy for this blog, the original text from the Tell Mama website of 15th January 2016, is in italics, whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

Tell Mama said:

Akeela Ahmed has worked for many years in the community sector and currently also sits on the Cross Government Advisory Group to tackle Anti-Muslim hatred.

In the light of the huge number of attacks committed by Muslims against non-Muslims in the UK maybe it’s time to junk this ‘whine-space’ for Muslims, and use the Governmental time and resources to deal with the real threat, the threat to the rest of us from Islam.

The Advisory group meets with ministers and advises and informs them of key areas and issues where anti-Muslim bigotry affects Muslim communities and is part of the Government’s strategy to reach out to and ensure that all communities feel safe within our country.

This is standard boilerplate Tell Mama bullshit. They try to say that their fight is the same as the fight by other groups for safety. Tell Mama never seem to consider just why Islam and Muslims are increasingly hated and disliked, it’s always a matter of ‘Islamophobia’.

On the 6th of January 2016, Mrs Ahmed simply tweeted out that she has been on a school run to pick up her 11-year-old daughter and stopped to wait at a junction with a car in front of her. This vehicle’s driver, it seems, was abusive towards Mrs Ahmed and subsequent tweets stated that she did not aggravate the driver and that she has previously suffered such intimidating incidents without any provocation.

As with all and any Tell Mama originated report, it’s pertinent to ask the following questions: Firstly is Mrs Ahmed version of the story true and secondly are Tell Mama telling the truth about this alleged incident? We only have the alleged victim’s version of this alleged incident and because she is working in an environment where anti-Muslim ‘hate crimes’ are being discussed, and where ‘attacks’ are used as weapons to advance the idea of Islamic victimhood. Therefore a large pile of salt should be taken about the initial report. There is something odd about this story, really odd. There doesn’t seem to be much corroboration of the allegation. Mrs Ahmed alleges that she has suffered similar incidents in the past, in which case we need to ask why she hasn’t installed a dashcam in her vehicle, which is the obvious thing to do if you are the subject of continual aggro of a type that Mrs Ahmed alleges.

Mrs Ahmed simply reported to us, (as a national third-party reporting project), the fact that she perceived this incident to be anti-Muslim in nature since she is visibly Muslim. She also stated that she did not do anything to provoke the individual concerned.  In fact, this is one of the reason’s why third-party reporting centres were set up after the Macpherson report of 1999. They were set up so that members of the public could report in hate incidents or hate crimes based on their perception of the incident. These reports would then be sent to the police who would either crime the report for action or place it as some form of intelligence so that if anything occurred in the future, there was a trace of the initial complaint.

In this ‘paragraph of pabulum’ from Tell Mama we get to the core of what is wrong with the whole idea of ‘hate crimes’. The fault in this legislation is primarily because it relies on the ‘perception’ of the alleged victim. It’s quite possible to make up any old bollocks about an altercation in traffic or in the street, describe it as ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted’ and get the police to take you seriously about it. Mrs Ahmed cannot prove that the alleged incident was based on the fact that she was ‘visibly Muslim’ she can only go by her perception, and perceptions are often about as evidentially justifiable as the hearsay that Tell Mama also use a lot in their stories. Yet again we see Tell Mama getting involved in a tenuous molehill of a story and building it up into a mountain.

Having received the tweets from Ms Ahmed, we ensured that we contacted her to find out more about what had happened and to re-assure her that we would be in touch with the police on the matter so that they could be in touch with her.

If this alleged offence was of such concern to Mrs Ahmed then why didn’t she go to the police directly rather than go to Tell Mama? It does raise the question whether this incident, if it happened at all in the manner it was described, was reported to Tell Mama in order to give TM a story of ‘Islamophobia’ from a high profile Muslim.

For those who are not aware, this is one of the roles of a third-party national hate crime reporting project like Tell MAMA. Ensuring public confidence in the system to ensure justice for the victim is key. This means contacting victims to corroborate a version of events with any evidence available.

For those who’ve been following the story of the mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama (see note below) this should be a cause of great worry. There is a lot to be concerned about when activists start to become part of the policing and legal process. This concern is heightened when an organisation which is so provably dishonest, unethical and troubling as Tell Mama is, interferes in the policing and prosecution process.

So what could possibly go wrong when a victim of perceived anti-Muslim prejudice reported into a national project, set up to support victims of anti-Muslim prejudice?

From here on in Tell Mama attempts to use this alleged incident and its fall-out to bash critics of Tell Mama and critics of Shariah.

Well, along came Anne-Marie Waters, Chairwoman of ‘Sharia Watch’ and one of the self-appointed leaders of Pegida UK. Having imposed herself into the conversation, she suggested that those reporting hate incidents into third-party reporting projects, should not be ‘using up police time.’

I see nothing to object to in Ms Waters comment. The use of third party ‘hate crime’ reporting organisations opens the door to political corruption in the police and prosecution agencies, and allows those like Tell Mama who have an agenda, to have far more influence. It is indeed a waste of police time and resources for them to involve themselves with groups like Tell Mama.

This after she decided to include references to grooming and sexual abuse, making the bigoted link between innocent law-abiding Muslims and others who had been involved in grooming activities

More standard deflection activity from Tell Mama. It is a provable fact that much of the gang-style rape groups in the UK have had a remarkably obvious Muslim majority when it comes to offenders.

. The rage of Anne-Marie Waters though, did not last very long according to her tweets, yet they generated a barrage of hateful tweets to the victim thereafter.

Maybe these comments were not ‘hateful’, maybe they just, as I am doing, questioning Mrs Ahmed’s story and her motives?

Every day, tens of hate incident reports go into third-party hate crime organisations and agencies.

Tell Mama, can you answer me just how many of these ‘reports’ are honest and truthful? At this point we only have the word of dishonest victimhood mongers like Tell Mama for that statement.

Some of these reports lead to arrests and some provide strong intelligence to stop future crimes that could lead to more serious assaults. Such projects therefore provide confidence and support for victims.

Numbers please Tell Mama. Or to put it more bluntly- shit or get off the pot. What sort of crimes are people being arrested for? I don’t think I’ve seen many provable TM reports on serious crime such as arson or physical assault. Most of their reports are about ‘bacon flinging’ or ‘koran ripping’ or hijab pulling and people saying nasty but true things about Islam both in real life and online.

Not according to Anne-Marie Waters, who decided that she knew better and in the process, spiralled the conversation into a blame game with the victim being targeted by someone who may know very little about the experiences of black and minority ethnic women and the racism, prejudice and bigotry that some have faced.

The gist of this paragraph is Tell Mama telling Ms Waters that she has no right to comment on issues that Tell Mama feel that she shouldn’t comment about. Well sod that. Ms Waters, just as I and anybody else do, have the perfect right to comment on whatever we like. If Tell Mama, Mrs Ahmed or anybody else don’t like that then tough-titty, suck it up, opinions you don’t like are part and parcel of living in a free society. Provided that a person is not directly and provably inciting violence then there should be minimal, if any restrictions on speech. Tell Mama appear to believe that people cannot comment on issues that pertain to communities that an individual was not born into. Taking that to its logical conclusion this would mean that a Briton could not criticise an American or a Frenchman or a follower of the Islamic religion of death.

We have listed the threads of conversations below and these are just a snapshot of the abusive messages that Ms Ahmed received over a 48 hour period with a sustained and co-ordinated campaign to abuse and intimidate her.

Here’s the link to the Tell Mama website with the tweets from Ms Waters and others that so offended the sensibilities of Britain’s least favourite grievance mongers.

I looked through the selections of the conversation that Tell Mama used and the original conversation on Twitter from Mrs Ahmed and I really cannot see anything wrong. Ms Waters was right to bring up the subject of the Islamic Rape Gangs that plague all too many of Britain’s towns and cities. Ms Waters was also right to draw attention to the discrepancy in how ‘Islamophobia’ is treated by the police and how the thousands of victims of Islamic rape gangs have been treated.

During the conversation with Ms Waters, Mrs Ahmed dishonestly claimed that this was a violent attack when in reality all that has happened is she got shouted at and the driver of the other vehicle flipped her the middle finger. Not exactly violence is it? There were it must be said people who criticised the ‘cry-bully’ attitude of the alleged victim’ and others such as myself who questioned the honesty of Tell Mama. There were also others who quite rightly pointed out the problems that Islam has and how and why they feel it is incompatible with civilised free societies. There were no comments from this edited thread put up by Tell Mama that would give any person the reasonable belief that they could be construed as a genuine threat of violence. What Tell Mama and Mrs Ahmed seemed most concerned with is that Mrs Ahmed’s story was challenged.

This is a nothing story of someone getting the middle finger flipped at them in traffic and it is only the fact of Mrs Ahmed’s extremely tenuous assertion that she ‘perceives’ that she was targeted because she identifies with the ‘religion of death’, that Tell Mama are getting involved at all. This is a tiny pimple of a story that Tell Mama are trying to turn into a festering boil.

This story from Tell Mama stinks of bullshit from start to finish. From the original alleged incident right through to Tell Mama’s treatment of this story stinks to high heaven and of hyperbole. It is shaming for me as a Briton to know that this bunch of shysters have been allowed anywhere near Britain’s policing system.


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