I told you this would happen (Swedish edition)

The Swedish government and its administrative and media classes have been exceedingly one-tracked when it comes to the failed doctrine of multiculturalism. They have continued to import a large number of Muslims, often from cultures that are completely incompatible with the civilised West, and have punished and silenced those who have objected to this policy. Sweden is one of those national object lessons of what happens when a society incorporates one flaky ideology, in this case multiculturalism, and applies it with an iron fist.

The result of this importation of a suicidal amount of often violent Islamic savages has been a breakdown of law, order and security in a number of Swedish towns and cities. Swedish women feel unsafe and there have been numerous insults given by the Islamic savages to the Swedish people and Swedish culture and these crimes and insults are becoming more and more intolerable.

Sweden’s government and media has done all that it can to silence and sideline the reasonable and measured voices that spoke up against the importation of those who are liable to be problematic and this is starting to have very worrying results. The government there has also done its utmost to hide the extent of migrant and especially Islamic crime. This is causing a growing level of anger among Swedes and some of them are starting to object but peaceful objections to the destruction of their society are falling on deaf ears. Because Swedish politicians have not given as much respect or weight to the opinions of those of its citizens who moderately and peacefully objected to the importation of Islam, they have caused a violent reaction to the imported Muslims.

Last weekend we started to see the beginning of a violent reaction against Islam in Sweden, when members of the public rioted at a Stockholm railway station, and attacked the Muslims who had been encamped there and committing acts of violence, including sexual violence, against Swedes. This was a classic case of the legitimate authorities failing to protect ordinary Swedes and a vigilante citizenry turning out to sort out the problems that the police have failed to deal with, which in this case was a whole load of criminal Muslims making the lives of Swedish rail travellers intolerable.

Of course, as could be expected, much of the Press, including Sky News, took the side of the criminal Muslim migrants and not the side of the hard-pressed Swedes, and described the angry citizenry as ‘far right’. This sort of reporting is why the German word ‘Lugenpresse’ or ‘lying press’ is becoming popular in Europe. Yes, there may be far right elements involved in this act of vigilantism but it is equally as likely to be the case that there were a large number of ordinary people involved. People who are just 100% pissed off with Islam, criminal Muslims, Islamic Rape Gangs etc and their government’s weak and appeasing attitude to wards Islam and Islamic problems.

Yet again it’s a case of ‘I told you this would happen’. The Swedish governing and media classes failed to protect ordinary Swedes from their Muslim pets and have failed to allow their citizens to peacefully and effectively object to the importation of the sort of savagery that Sweden may not have seen for centuries. When governments fail to listen to people’s rightful and well founded objections to Islam then it becomes more and more likely that a frustrated citizenry will start to take the law into their own hands.

The violence at the station and the other violence that is occurring elsewhere in Sweden could have been avoided by the application of a policy of taking people’s objections to the importation of backward Islamic savagery seriously. What is happening in Sweden and to an extent in other European nations is occurring exactly as President Kennedy said when he stated that those who make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable. I find it difficult to disagree and the growing violence which we are seeing, is purely down to governments failing to listen to their citizen’s objections to Islam and to protect them from Islam.


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