I told you this would happen (Hereford edition) and another candidate for February’s ‘British Neville Chamberlain Award’.

Commercial Street Hereford where the alleged 'racial' attack on a man took place

This blog is indebted to one of my Herefordshire contacts for this story which covers the case of a random Muslim being attacked by someone who is probably, quite reasonably in my view, cheesed off with Islam and the problems it brings. However it also shows for all the world to see the Islam-appeasing local political Establishment in all its gory ‘glory’

According to the website of the Hereford Times newspaper a Muslim man who had recently moved to Hereford from the West Midlands was walking with his girlfriend along Commercial Street, one of Hereford’s main roads, when he was subjected to an ‘unprovoked’ attack. I’ll look at this report below, along with the local politicos stupid handwringing approach to this case and to Islam in general. It should also show how the actions of the Establishment are part of the problem and how they are making violent reaction to Islam more, not less, likely by their actions. As is usual policy for this blog, the original newspaper text is in italics whereas my comments are in plain text.

The Hereford Times said:

THE victim of an unprovoked racist attack in Hereford is now frightened to go out alone in the city after being targeted for “no other reason apart from his ethnic background”.

A statement that will later be revealed to be the flimsy chimera that it truly is, as Islam is so plainly NOT a ‘race’.

Zahid Ali was walking with his girlfriend along Commercial Street when he was punched several times in the face and stomach by Jonathan James Evans.

As I’ve often said on here, the more that people learn about Islam and the more people who are subjected to the enormous amount of crime, disorder, corruption and terror committed by and supported by Muslims, the more Islam and Muslims become disliked or even hated. It also leads to a greater likelihood of non-Muslims will have a go back and hit out in anger and maybe hit out those individuals who may well be relatively innocent, as may well be the case her.

Last week’s court case was the third time this month that city magistrates have been told about ethnic minorities being racially abused in Hereford.

It should be said that many of these cases were unpleasant but relatively minor, but nothing like the sort of crimes that non-Muslims have been subjected to by Muslims elsewhere in the UK. The crimes that the magistrates have been told about relate to people running away without paying their minicab fare and giving some abuse whilst doing it. Another case involved someone who could be fairly regarded as someone who may have ‘issues’. When you compare these ‘racist’ crimes in Hereford with the thousands of rapes committed by Muslim Rape Gangs or the slaying of a serviceman in London, a bit of verbal or a few punches is pretty minor.

Mr Ali, the court heard, moved to Hereford from Birmingham two months prior to the attack after finding work in the city.

Clare Linehan, prosecuting, said Mr Ali was with his partner at 11pm on July 17 when four men walked past.

Evans walked up to them and said ‘there is no mosque here, go and pray to the bull,” added Ms Linehan.

Ali tried to walk away and told the defendant to leave him alone who continued stating ‘it’s not your country’.

Evans’ friends told him to leave it and held him back but he continued stating ‘I’m British and got a British passport’.”

Magistrates heard Evans, of Quicksetts, Redhill, Hereford, then punched Mr Ali.

Sounds to me like Mr Evans is a person who is quite rightly angry at what the ideology of Islam is doing to Britain ,and sadly took it out on the nearest available Muslim. This is the sort of thing that I’ve constantly warned would happen if the State continued to import Muslims, pander to Islam and turn a blind eye to crimes committed by Muslims or in the name of Islam. People get angry at both the problems caused by Islam and the lack of action by the State in dealing with these problems and this is the sort of attack that results. Individual vigilante style actions and a boiling anger about Islam will often roll over the innocent as well as the guilty as may have been what happened in this case.

Mrs Linehan added: “The victim’s girlfriend asked passersby for help at which point Evans made prayer actions and said he was ‘sticking up for British people’.”

Well the government doesn’t seem to be sticking up for British people so it’s not surprising that some feel that they can take the law into their own hands.

Nearby door staff attended the scene and Evans ran off before being arrested shortly afterwards.

It seems that the police put a lot of effort into finding Mr Evans because this was an alleged ‘racist’ attack. Many may wonder whether the police would put the same effort into finding a burglar or someone accused of some other crime with such alacrity?

Magistrates, who later found Evans guilty after trial in his absence of two charges of racially aggravated common assault, was told Mr Ali initially thought Hereford was “a friendly place”.

Hereford is a friendly place, as many visitors and residents have found out, but there are a growing number of people who I’m told are moving there in order to get away from other more Islam-heavy areas of Britain, and these people are hardly likely to want to welcome into Herefordshire the Islamic ideology that had previously ruined the areas they hailed from. There are also others, native to Hereford who have seen the absolute disaster that pandering to Islam has made of places like Birmingham, Bradford and London and are quite rightly nervous when they see Islam or those who follow this creed in Hereford.

I hadn’t experienced a problem with anybody,” he said. “The incident has affected how I feel about Hereford and has really knocked my confidence. I’m frightened to go out alone and don’t at night.

The incident was really unpleasant with injuries to my lip and pain in my jaw.

I can sympathise with Mr Ali because of his injuries but he needs to ask himself would he have been attacked if Muslims had not made themselves and their ideology so unpopular with ordinary Britons? I would guess that he would not.

My partner is unsure whether she wants to move here now because of the incident so it has had a profound effect.”

That might be the best option for Mr Ali. It’s never a good idea if you are member of a minority to move to somewhere where people dislike,whether for valid or invalid reasons, the ideological path that you follow. Mr Ali may be happier in an Islamic ghetto. There are areas of the country where Islam is disliked and that is not the fault of the people who dislike Islam, but of Islam and Muslims themselves, maybe Hereford is another one of those? When we speak of dislike of Islam we are not talking about something that is based on a false premise or a conspiracy theory such as anti-Semitism or how some Protestants have a theological distaste for Catholicism, but something grounded in reality. It is reality that Muslims are murdering Christians in great numbers in the Middle East or oppressing Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan or raping British children in their thousands in Britain’s Islamic enclaves. It is not speaking falsehood to say that Britain faces an Islamic threat or that Britain’s Muslim communities have within them a considerable number, maybe a majority, of individuals who hate us, hate our culture, and hate our nation.

In interview Evans, a 28-year-old painter and decorator, said he had drunk six or seven pints along with shots. He remembered having an argument with a male but didn’t remember making the comments.

Interesting. Maybe there is considerably less to the ‘racial and religious’ element to this case than meets the eye.

Chris Morgan, defending, said that the trial had slipped Evans’ mind and there was nothing he could say to defend his client.

Magistrates ordered for the case to be adjourned for two weeks for an ‘all options’ report’ and told Evans that a prison sentence was ‘probably appropriate’.

I wonder what the sentence would be if the situation was reversed and the attacker was Muslim and the victim was a professing Christian or an identifiable Jew? My guess, based on long study of how Muslims are treated with kid gloves by the legal system is the Muslim offender would probably walk away with a non-custodial for a similar offence or a minor ABH or assault.

He was released on conditional bail with the restrictions not to contact the victims, not to be drunk in public and to cooperate with the probation service.

Last week, the Hereford Times reported on a carer being racially abused by a man who later told city police he wanted to join the Ku Klux Klan.

One person possibly with ‘issues’ does not a pogrom against Muslims make.

That story had followed an earlier report regarding a soldier who made a racist remark while refusing to pay for a taxi journey to Lower Bullingham, Hereford.

Again a relatively non-story built up to seem more than it is by the Hereford Times. A run out and a bit of verbal that’s all it was.

  • THE Hereford Times has spoken to a number of parties working to combat prejudice to get their views on the recent racist attacks and to explain the help and support available to victims of hate crime. Here are their comments.

Chris Chappell, Councillor for Hinton & Hunderton “I’m very sad to hear there are still racists around.

So what? Are not people entitled to opinions that you disagree with now? Anyway here we have yet another fool who is conflating race with politico-religious ideology. I ask Cllr Chappell the same question as I asked earlier, which is ‘what race is Islam’?

It is appalling but it doesn’t surprise me as at all as I hear some awful things every day during conversations in pubs and clubs saying things about foreigners.

He’s a right authoritarian charmer this Chris Chappell isn’t he? Not content with wishing that people who he disagrees with would ‘disappear’ now he seems to show extreme distaste for anybody who questions anything about the issues of diversity, multiculturalism and Britain’s open door immigration policy.

It’s interesting the reason for them being racist and attacking people from different faiths and religions.

I think that Cllr Chappell will find that people object to Islam not because of the adherent’s skin colour, but because of the content of Islam’s followers character and theology.

They need to know that the Christian community are all in favour of Muslims having their own mosque and will do everything to ensure they can practice their own faith.

How stupid is Cllr Chappell for making such a statement? Has he not seen or heard about massacres of Christians in the modern Middle East by Muslims, or seen the European churches that have been desecrated by Muslims or the graves of Britain’s servicemen in Lybia trashed by Muslims showing their hatred for everything that is not Islamic. Cllr Chappell lives in a dream world if he thinks that by supporting Islam then everyone will live together in harmony. That’s not how it works. The reality is that wherever Islam spreads, religious freedom dies. Religious freedom is dying because of Islam in the Middle East, in South Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Christians are being massacred in their hundred and sometimes thousands by Muslims in West Africa. Christians used to be the majority population of Egypt until that nation was conquered by Islamic armies rising up from the Arabian pennisular. Cllr Chappell is ignorant in the extreme, and he shows it. He is ignorant of Islamic theology, ignorant of history and ignorant of the danger posed by an ideology that is characterised by intolerance.

We need a cosmopolitan Hereford and when we have the university we will learn to be a lot more tolerant.”

Why do the people of Hereford need to be ‘more cosmopolitan’? Why should people have their culture destroyed, their history forgotten and their city trashed just so that people like Cllr Chappell can arrogantly proclaim to the world ‘shut up and enjoy the diversity- or else’. Cllr Chappell and those like him are not helping to reduce tension or improve ‘community cohesion’ or whatever they want to call it, they are just assisting those ideologies such as Islam that want to crap on the rest of us in crapping on us from a greater height.

Sadly I think in Cllr Chappell I’ve got a fantastic new candidate for February’s ‘Neville Chamberlain Award for Appeasement of Islam’. What a disgusting, appeasing, arrogant character is Cllr Chris Chappell.

Adrian Symonds, West Mercia Police Equality and Diversity advisor for Worcestershire and Herefordshire

Now there is a prime example of public sector waste. Mr Symonds position that really should not exist.

These attacks are all subjective for the person.

If they believe they have been targeted racially, then they have from our point of view.

Which is the major flaw in the whole ‘hate crimes’ idea. Anybody who can claim to be any sort of minority at all can, if they get into any sort of dispute, make a false allegation that their was a racial, religious, sexuality, gender or disability motivation behind the altercation. It’s what I’ve started to call the ‘special snowflake’ loophole. By doing this not only does the accuser get the red carpet treatment from the police and the Crown Prosecution Service, but there is the chance that the accused could end up with a far more stiff sentence than if there wasn’t the alleged ‘protected characteristics’ of the accuser. ‘Hate crimes’ have an inherent tendency to be unjust per se and also are very much open to abuse.

Reporting rates are going up slightly as we’re getting more people to report these crimes rather than more incidents.

How many of these incidents are real and how many are questionable? Many of those ‘attacks’ on the website of the ‘Tell Mama’ organisation for example have been proved to be either questionable, based on unreliable witnesses or downright dishonest false claims. However this doesn’t take away from the issue of the danger of relying on people’s perceptions that an attack was committed for a certain reason. Perceptions can be and are sometimes wrong. If I percieve that I am at risk from burglary for example that doesn’t mean that I’m correct, it just proved that I’ve lived in areas where being paranoid about burglary is being sensible.

Low level crimes are sometimes dealt with by community support officers but if it is aggravated by hate they are always dealt with by a police officers.

Again we see the injustice of the whole ‘hate crimes’ idea. If you have been burgled or punched in the street or someone shouted ‘wanker’ at you then you get the bargain basement treatment from a PCSO. However if someone shouts ‘Muslim wanker’ then you get a warranted police officer. How unfair and so far removed from the idea that all should be equal before the law is that?

Any type of hate crime is taken really seriously by us.”

Yep, and everyone else who has suffered a non-hate crime can go screw themselves, seems to be the subtext of what Mr Symonds is saying here.

And now we come to a serious journalistic fail from the Hereford Times. Sourcing comments from others for a story is a serious business. You need to know whether or not the people or organisations you are sourcing comments from are knowledgable, honest, credible and not lacking in credibility. None of these positive epithets could fairly be used to describe the MEND organisation which the journalist has asked for comments from. The reporter on this story, Ben Goddard, has by using comments from MEND without challenge, committed one of the cardinal sins of journalism that of not checking out their source before using their words. If Mr Goddard had done his job properly then he may have found out from credible centre-Left and centre-right sources that MEND are a troublesome organisation whose ‘Head of Community Engagement’, Azad Ali, has been encouraging Muslims to pray for the success of the jihadists. MEND are an extremists in moderate clothing and only a small amount of research would have told Mr Goddard that.

Here are two links one from here and one from the centre-Left site Harry’s Place which show both MEND’s dodginess and their success in infiltrating the Labour Party.

Harry’s Place on MEND


From Fahrenheit211


Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) CEO Shazad Amin “All hate crime is reprehensible and the impact on victims endures beyond the incident itself.

Why not say ‘all crime’ rather than just ‘hate crime’, isn’t all crime reprehensible and has an impact on the victim? Or is it that like the mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama they are only interested in promoting the idea of ‘Islamic victimhood’?

The volume of hate crimes which consist of public order offences (verbal abuse) and attacks on individuals employed in the night time economy, such as taxi drivers, shows that we are failing to protect some of the most vulnerable groups.

There has always been verbal and sometimes unfortunately violence dished out to those who work in the night-time economy, sadly it’s something that many people have to deal with, and is not just a ‘muslims are victims’ problem. However it seems that MEND, along with other similar organisations, is primarily concerned with criminalising criticism of Islam rather than ‘hate crimes’ per se. If they were concerned about hatred being expressed to those who are ‘vulnerable’ then they should be speaking up against the growing level of homophobic crimes committed by Muslims. They are not concerned about people being insulted for who they are, they are interested in promoting Islam and making excuses for the crimes and anti-social behaviour of many Muslims.

Mr Goddard should have done some basic checking on MEND before treating them, as he did, as honest brokers.

Reporting hate crime to the police is a vital step to prosecuting offenders but we need far more to be done on preventative measures.

We cannot support victims by prosecuting hate crimes alone, we also need to tackle the environment in which anti Muslim hatred festers.”

No word from MEND of course about exactly why Muslims and Islam are disliked. Reasons such as the ongoing ‘rape jihad’ in many of Britain’s cities, the involvement of Britain’s Muslims in the Heroin trade, and the corruption of local authorities as we’ve seen in places like the London Borough of Redbridge and in Rotherham. Also the Jew-hatred that spews from the mouths of more Islamic clerics than I care to mention along with the welfare sponging and the disdain shown by too many Muslims towards British laws and British customs hasn’t exactly endeared Muslims to the general population.

Jabeer Butt, OBE Deputy Chief Executive, Race Equality Foundation “Zahid Ali’s experience of racist abuse is shocking, but perhaps not surprising.

Official figures suggest that there has been a rise in hate crimes in general and racially motivated offences in particular.

The report quotes from the ‘Race Equality Foundation’ quite extensively with very little information for the Hereford Times reader about exactly what this organisation actually is. A little bit of digging on my part revealed the Race Equality Foundation to be what is commonly termed a ‘fake charity’ ie one that doesn’t raise the majority of its funds from the ordinary citizen who identifies with their cause, but from direct grants from central government and Quangos. They managed to screw money out of various government departments and acknowledge the Dept of Health, Public Healthj England, the Care Quality Commission and the NHS among others. Basically it is you the taxpayer who are funding Jabeer Butt and those like them, to spend their days whining about ‘racism’.

Prosecuting those who commit such crimes is one solution, but everyone must commit to challenging such behaviour, if we are to see real progress.”

Why doesn’t Jabeer Butt think, just for a change, of asking the Muslims in Britain to stop raping, killing, selling Heroin and engaging in jihad? It’s the actions of Muslims and the hate filled ideology of Islam itself that is the driving force behind incidents such as those we’ve seen outlined in this article. The average Briton has been highly tolerant, too tolerant in my view, even when faced with as threatening and dangerous ideology such as Islam is daily proving itself to be.

Jabeer Butt is just another publicly funded race-baiter of a sort that burdens far too much of the public sector in the UK these days. If you are wondering where your tax money is going then look at people like Jabeer Butt and wonder no longer.

West Mercia Police spokesman, Samuel Cook said: “We know that on a national level hate crime is underreported and we are committed to giving victims the confidence to come

forward; we will investigate and we will offer support.”

It wouldn’t be an alleged ‘hate crime story would it without an appeasing police officer or police spokesperson eager and willing to burnish their diversity credentials in public. It is those like Samuel Cook who make it plain to the ordinary indigenous or non-Muslim citizen that their concerns don’t matter who make it more, not less likely that people will wish to have a go at Muslims.

This story which although it involves an assault is really nothing more than a tale of the sort of tuppenny ha’penny crime that happens in towns and cities up and down the land on a Saturday night. It’s only because the alleged victim is a Muslim that the various public sector parasites such as the Race Equality Foundation and Islamic panderers and appeasers like Cllr Chappell have got involved. This tale is a ‘molehill’ that those who support the spread of the ideology of Islam or the failed doctrine of multiculturalism, have done their best to manufacture into a mountain. It’s a bit of a ‘nothing’ story that those with agendas are attempting to turn into something.

I’d like to end this piece by saying (again) that ‘I told you this would happen’. If you allow an alien and dangerous ideology like Islam to grow like a cancer in your nation and then have the state fail to do anything about it, and indeed worse, pander to it, then all that will happen is you will encourage hotheads to feel they should take the law into their own hands. Islamopanderers and appeasers like Chappell do not reduce tension, they just make it worse. It’s pandering to Islam and attempting to silence those who speak up, actions which sound very much like those Cllr Chappell is indulging in and favouring, that is making it more not less likely that people will either hit out at random Muslims in anger, or as revenge for what Muslims may have done to an individual or their family or friends.


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Councillor Chappell has a long and ignominious history of being a ‘useful idiot’ for Islam as can be seen from this article from Fahrenheit211 from a couple of years back.