Good luck to everybody silent marching against Jihad with PEGIDA tomorrow

Tomorrow many of us, from many different races and backgrounds and peaceable religious belief will be silent marching in Birmingham, West Midlands, for the right to live free of Islamic incursion in our lives and our families lives. Why a silent march you may wonder? Well, the organisers may have their own reasons for stipulating a silent march, but I will be marching in silence to signify how many of Britain’s non-Muslims have been robbed by Government and a wider politically correct culture, of the right to speak freely about the challenging ideology of Islam without fear of violence from Muslims or arrest by the police.

Every individual attending will have their own personal reasons for marching. I gave some of mine in a previous article on here. Some may be marching because they have daughters or sisters who either have been exploited or are at risk from exploitation by Islamic Rape Gangs. Others may be marching because they have seen their areas utterly destroyed by a combination of aggressive Islam and a local political establishment who appear completely wedded to the idea of appeasing Islam. Some others may be worried about the growing amount of pro-Islam propaganda being peddled in their children’s schools and may, like me, be concerned about what sort of society these Islamic propagandists are helping to create.

Although everyone’s individual reasons for marching may only be pertinent to them and their families,there is one thing that we all have in common and that is that we know about Islam and we don’t like what we have learned about it. We know that Islam is highly misogynistic to an extent that doesn’t bear comparison with any other faith based grouping. We understand that Islam is an aggressive ideology that has no concept of tolerance of difference that any of us in civilised societies would recognise. The culture of being dishonest with non-Muslims in order to advance Islam is a constant hindrance to genuine respect and trust and that dishonesty is epitomised by the outright lie that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.

Whatever personal reason you are marching for tomorrow, whether you are a seasoned marcher for various causes such as I am, or whether this the first time you’ve ever taken to the streets because of a cause, I wish you all well. Our cause, which is freedom from the depredations of Islam, is a just one. It is a cause that if we are successful in our endeavours, ensures that our daughters will grow up free and unmolested, and that my son will not have to abide by the hateful Dhimmi rules.

We have a tendency in Britain to look back at our history and cynically think that there are no more heroes any more. We sometimes think that the likes of those who, for example, fought to make sure that Britain kept the Nazi wolf from the door, will never appear again. I’m not so pessimistic, I believe in this nation and this people. Everyone who turns out tomorrow whether they come from local areas or from further afield, should consider themselves, if not a hero, then at the very least as a person who has done the right thing and stepped forward to do their bit against an enemy that has no pity, no justice, no mercy and no honesty.

Maybe in fifty or so years time future generations will look at the PEGIDA movement as a first major step in dealing with the problems that Islam is causing in free countries. Our children and grandchildren may look at those in this generation who warned about Islam with the same level of reverence as we view those who spoke up against the Nazis at a time when pacifism was the order of the day. Yesterday’s fight was against the great and terrible dictators of Europe, today’s fight is against something that is equally as evil, the ideology of Islam.

If you are undecided about attending then think on this. This is one of those turning point ‘St Crispins Day’ moments in our Island story. Those who turn out will one day look back and say ‘I took part’, I showed up, marched peacefully in silence and stood up for my nation and my children.

Good luck to all those who are marching with PEGIDA tomorrow. You’ll probably be shouted at and threatened by members of the Left who have for a long time lost all right to consider themselves as occupying the moral high ground. You might even be a normally law abiding person who, because they are attending this event, may find themselves hassled by police officers who have, because of their abject Islamopandering, long since lost the right to respect from the citizen. There is one thing that I will say is almost a dead certainty and that is that you and your motives will be lied about by Leftist activists, and by those who work in a media environment that places saying nice things about Islam, over and above the concept of telling of truth.

As many of us need to be in Birmingham as possible tomorrow to make our point peacefully, silently and with dignity. Those who are attending are among those who are resisting going gently into the hellish Islamic night and I can’t see any more worthy cause today than that.

Choose life. Choose freedom. Choose a decent future for your children. Choose to march with PEGIDA.