Mo Ansar heavily spanked by Katie Hopkins.

This video has been doing rounds for a few days now and it’s a corker of an intellectual spanking by Katie Hopkins of the legend in his own lunchtime that is Mo Ansar. I would not normally treat the Russian propaganda station, Russia Today, as a credible or even unbiased source, but in this case the honesty of Ms Hopkins and the whining idiocy of Mr Ansar shines through.

Ms Hopkins lambasted politicians for governing by emotion and causing a monstrous migrant and Jihad problem in Europe because they allowed themselves to be swayed by propaganda pictures of drowned children.

Ansar, as is par for course, turned the whining up to 11 and stated that the Islamic rape wave that Europe is currently experiencing is nothing more than a myth and not as bad as the crimes committed by non-migrants, a dishonest statement if ever I saw one. Ansar was shown up for what he is, which is a dishonest intellectual lightweight who can only shout ‘racist’, ‘xenophobe’ or ‘Islamophobe’ when either he or his views are challenged.

Watch this one and enjoy. Ansar gets what he deserves here.