I told you this would happen (Saxony edition)

A stereotypical angry mob from one of the Frankenstein movies

Virtually from the time that this blog started up, I’ve been warning about what would be likely to happen if politicians continued to ignore and dismiss the genuine concerns about Islam. I’ve also predicted what would happen if the followers of Islam continued to be pandered to by politicians and if legal, peaceful and constitutional routes for people to stop the expansion of Islam, or the imposition of unsuitable migrants, (mostly Muslim migrants it must be said) were shut off.

Unfortunately many of my predictions about what would happen if this path was taken by those in authority have come true. So far this blog has reported on, amongst others cases, an arson attempt on an unwanted (but forced through by planning authorities) mosque in South Woodford in Essex, vigilante groups protecting German women from rape-addicted migrants in Dusseldorf, ad hoc civilian street patrols in Crewe, Cheshire and angry mobs searching for dangerous migrants in Corsica. All of these incidents of disturbance, or people taking the law into their own hands, could have easily been avoided had the powers that be listened to people’s concerns about what was worrying them, especially about Islam.

Ordinary decent people across Europe have often done the right thing and brought their concerns about criminal migrants or Islamic incursion in their communities to local councils, parliamentary representatives and police forces. What they’ve got back from those in authority has often angered them. These normal citizens of a variety of countries have either had their complaints dismissed at best or, at worst, they have been called hateful names such as ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’. The normal ,mechanisms for people to object to mosques or ‘migrant centres’ or similar ‘community killers’ have been closed to almost everyone.

The result of this forced silencing of ordinary people’s complaints about the destruction of their communities, and the removal of legal and peaceful routes to object to unwanted impositions of mosques or migrant centres or to having unsuitable incomers dumped on them, is a rash of vigilante type actions. As I’ve said so often before, such vigilante actions are a symptom of failure. They are a sign of failure in policing, in politics, in law and in administration. I sometimes wonder if these vigilante actions would have occurred had ordinary Europeans been allowed to say ‘we know these Muslims, they bring trouble and we don’t want them’ and their complaints had been listened to and more importantly, acted upon?

Which brings us to today’s ‘I told you this would happen’ story. According to the Breitbart website, residents of a small town in Saxony, Germany; angry that a former hotel was going to be filled, on government order, with the sort of Islamic migrants who have raped and pillaged their way round Germany, took violent action.

The former hotel caught fire and was soon being watched by local residents gleeful that the building was being destroyed and that the governments plans to dump rapey Muslims on their community was, at least for the moment, thwarted. Some residents were gleeful at the destruction of the future migrant centre and others attempted to prevent the local fire brigade from dousing the fire.

Breitbart said:

A planned migrant centre in Germany burned down this weekend as onlookers cheered and tried to prevent the fire service from intervening.

The former hotel in the town of Bautzen in Saxony caught fire on Saturday night, with officials reporting that locals gathered outside and celebrated as it burned.

Some people reacted to the arson with derogatory comments and undisguised joy,” local police said in a statement, adding that some appeared to be under the influence of alcohol”

This is just the latest in a long line of arson attacks against the migrant centres that have been imposed by the German government, often on rural areas or small towns that cannot cope with either the number of migrants, or the crime and trouble that they bring. Many Germans feel that they have been driven to take these sort of actions because they feel that the Government is not taking note or acting upon their concerns. Also a considerable number of Germans have seen or heard about the horrific rash of sex attacks that have been carried out by Muslim immigrants to Germany, and that has made them even more wary about allowing these migrants to reside near where they live themselves. The average citizen, who let us be frank, are only trying to protect their communities from destruction, have tried to use legal means and political means to stop these migrant centres but to no avail.

I have always said that the ideal solution to Europe’s Islam-derived problems would be a political one. The best outcome, at least to my mind, would be for the people to elect Islamo-sceptic politicians who will deal firmly, including by using military means, with Islam and its often criminal and anti-social followers. I also hoped that the existing politicians would wake up to the danger posed by Islam and act in the best interests of both the majority population and those minorities, such as Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists, who are often victimised by Islamic thugs and terrorists. Sadly we do not yet have in European nations a critical mass of Islamo-sceptic politicians (although this is changing), and the existing politicians have not deviated one little bit from pandering to Islam and our police forces have not ceased to appease Muslims and Islamic communities.

This lack of action by politicians against Islam and their lack of support for non-Muslims suffering under Islam, coupled with a failure of various police forces to protect non-Muslims from Islamic criminals and thugs, is having the effect of encouraging vigilante action. This is not good for the long term health of our societies. It’s a regression to have the populace not trusting the security forces but it needs to be remembered how the security apparatus has lost the respect and trust of the populus and it is purely because of the abject pandering to Muslims by these agencies. People who feel abandoned and denigrated, as are so many citizens of European nations, will be much less likely to consider a political route to change and are much more likely to take violent direct action.

This is without doubt another of those cases where I can safely say ‘I told you this would happen’. This arson and these disturbances could have been prevented had the Government concerned listened to people’s concerns and not imported hundreds of thousands of unsuitable violent Muslim males of military age, and not also attempted to dump them on towns and villages whose inhabitants know that their presence will destroy their communities just as surely as if someone had placed several thousand tons of Tri-nitro toulene in the centre of them.

It would have been far better had none of these violent events happened, but they are happening because of the stupidity and arrogance of politicians. Politicians who have failed to see and act upon the dangers that their people tried to warn them about, and which they tried to fight by legal and peaceful means, are now reaping the consequences. It is not too late for the politicians and administrators to change tack and realise that the people who warned them of impending Islam related problems were right. Unfortunately it is just as likely that the political classes, in their arrogance and hubris, will continue on their disastrous path and will therefore unwittingly encourage more violent acts of resistance such as this and other similar incidents.


Original story of the arson attack in Saxony from Breitbart.


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