UPDATED: What a difference a high profile Islamic victim makes

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins of Greater Manchester Police. Would you buy a used car (or even a few well worn excuses about Islam) from this man? I would not.

UPDATE TO THIS STORY.  Please go to Appendix III at the bottom of this post for update.

Sometimes there arrives a story that starkly illustrates the differential approach to crime when the victim is Muslim and where the victim or victims are non-Muslim. Such a story is to be found in Rochdale where the local police there have acted in extreme alacrity in pursuing a murder case where the victim is a local Imam. However, it’s interesting to contrast how the police have dealt with this case, and the way that the police in Rochdale had to be reluctantly dragged kicking and screaming, to prosecute even a small number the massive amount of Muslim rapists that have afflicted the town for many years.

Less than 48 or so hours after the murder of former Imam Jalal Uddin, who was found battered to death in a children’s playground, the police had sprung into action and made an arrest, although the police have now said that the person arrested has been released as there is no connection between the death of Uddin and the person arrested. In contrast it took the police over 9 years before they even acted against some of the Islamic Rape Gangs who had victimised hundreds of girls in Rochdale in the years 2003 to 2012. It is a great shame that the police in Rochdale could not have put as much effort in apprehending the large number of Islamic rapists and paedophiles that afflict Rochdale as they have in tracking down the murder of Jalal Uddin. Two tier policing? It certainly looks like it.

Just imagine how many women and children would have been protected from rape had the police in Rochdale not been so concerned about pandering to Muslims and had done their jobs, jobs that we all pay them for, properly? If Rochdale police had not brushed this matter under the carpet and dismissed the complaints of victims because they came from ‘council estates’ then hundreds of lives would not have been shattered by sexual assault, rape or sexual enslavement.

Yet still the police in Rochdale seem desperate to bury not only this issue but their own piss-poor behaviour. What’s worse is that the local police chief is now acting as a conduit for complaints by local Muslims. In an article in the Guardian (where else) a senior local police officer Ian Hopkins, complained about a report about the murder of Uddin in the Times newspaper which described Rochdale as a ‘sex grooming town’.

The Guardian said;

The chief constable of Greater Manchester police has criticised the Times for describing Rochdale as a “sex grooming town” in a report on the murder of a former imam.

In an open letter to the newspaper’s editor, which he posted on Twitter, Ian Hopkins said the wording of the headline had appalled him and that it could cause community tension.

He demanded an immediate apology for the headline “Imam beaten to death in sex grooming town” on the online report into the death of Jalal Uddin, 64. Uddin was found dead in a playground on Thursday. He had suffered a serious head injury.

The chief constable said in the letter that he had received feedback from communities in Rochdale expressing their outrage at the use of the phrase.”

I don’t think we need to think very hard to find out which ‘communities’ are complaining that their rapist ways are being highlighted again, but we do need to be disgusted by Chief Constable Hopkins’s abject pandering to Muslims in this way. A decent and moral police chief would have told the Muslims of Rochdale to put up and shut up. Maybe, just maybe, if Rochdale’s Muslims had not had such a propensity for rape and paedophilia ,and CC Hopkins force had done a little bit more to stop local Muslims from being so rapey and nonce-y, then the town would not be known as a centre for Islamic sex crime.

With a Chief Constable like Hopkins, who has blatantly shown that his priorities lie in appeasing local Muslims, is it any wonder that the scandal of Islamic Rape Gangs existed for so long in his area. It took years of protest and years of heartache for the victims and families of those targeted by Islamic Rape Gangs to get action, yet it took just a few whines from local Muslims for Chief Constable Hopkins to spring into action and complain about a mere newspaper article. It would be helpful at this time to look into the background of Chief Constable Hopkins and note that he took up the position of Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, which covers Rochdale, in 2008, which was at the time when the Islamic Rape Gangs were acting with virtual impunity there. It should also be noted that scandal of Islamic Rape Gangs did not start to be dealt with until 2012. Does Chief Constable Hopkins really expect us all to believe that in those four years between 08 and 12 he knew nothing or heard nothing about the Islam problems afflicting the town?

It’s difficult not to come to the conclusion that officers like Chief Constable Hopkins are not the solution to the problem of Islamic crime, but are instead are part of the problem. It’s also difficult not to be disgusted at the sheer chutzpah of the Muslims of Rochdale whining about their town being called a ‘sex grooming town’ when it’s those very same Muslims who are the ones who have been sexually abusing and enslaving children and young women at such a high level. The actions of those like Chief Constable Hopkins are a major reason why a growing number of British people are getting more and more distrustful of police forces that seem more keen on pandering to Muslims than protecting the rest of us from crime committed by Muslims.

If you want a primary indication of just how bent Britain’s police forces have become when it relates to the matter of Islam then look no further than the speed with which they acted in this tragic murder, and then compare it with the tardy and dismissive way that they treated the victims of Islamic sex crime.

Like it or not, Rochdale is a ‘sex grooming town’ and it is known as such purely because of the actions of Muslims, and the disgusting inactions, over many years, of Greater Manchester Police.

Appendix I

You may wish to write to Chief Constable Hopkins and tell him what you think about this sort of eager pandering to Muslims and you can do so by using the following email address. (Please see Appendx II below for my email comment to Chief Constable Hopkins)


This blog is very grateful to the excellent Crimebodge website which has very helpfully published a full list of the personal email addresses of almost every Chief Constable in the United Kingdom. The list can be found via this link:


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Appendix II

Dear Chief Constable Hopkins

I could do little but be moved to anger by your comments, instigated by the Muslim community of Rochdale, about the image of Rochdale.

You wasted very little time in going public and complaining about coverage in the Times of the recent tragic murder of Mr Uddin.  It’s such a shame that your force was not equally quick about dealing with both the historic and ongoing cases of Islamic Rape Gang activity.

There is a remarkable and notable contrast between the speed with which you and your force have acted in the case of this murder and your subsequent comments, and the sluggardly and tardy way that your force reacted to the Islamic Rape Gang problems.

I’m afraid that there are many who will view your eagerness to take up complaints by a Muslim community that must know more about the rape gangs than they are letting on, as yet more evidence of your forces’ willingness to appease Muslims.  

It would have been far better in this situation to have told your Muslims to put up and shut up, and reminded them that the reason that Rochdale is known as ‘grooming town’ is purely because of the actions of that same Muslim community.

If you wonder why a growing number of non-Muslim people distrust the police when it comes to their dealings with the Muslim community then look no further than your own actions and words in relation to The Times article.  Britain deserves better and more equitable policing than your force appears to be offering.


Best Regards

Editor Fahrenheit 211

Appendix III

It appears that the police have arrested two people at an address in Ramsey Street.  More details can be found here:


As you may have noticed from Appendix II I wrote to the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police about this case and the remarkable difference between the speed with which they have acted on this murder, and the tardiness with which his force dealt with the Islamic Rape Gangs that afflict his area.

To date, over 24 hours have passed since I wrote to the Chief of GMP and I have not yet had a reply from Chief Constable Hopkins, not even an electronic acknowledgement, or some patronising guff about ‘diversity’.  Of course I do understand that Chief Constable Hopkins is a very busy man, with many calls on his time and dealing with those who are disgusted by his behaviour must come very low on his to do list. Furthermore we all must realise, that it must involve a considerable effort on CC Hopkins’s part, to prise himself out of the various Rochdale Islamic fundaments that Mr Hopkins has chosen to lodge himself inside.

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