From Elsewhere: Still think the Labour Party are on the side of the British people? Then think again.

The descent in to madness which is afflicting the UK Labour Party continues apace. There has been in the Labour Party for many years an element of the extremist, identity politics obsessed, middle class far Left. Many of these extremists hold views, such as open borders, mass immigration, hatred of Britain as a nation, pandering to Islam etc, that are a threat to the safety, prosperity and future of Britain’s working classes, and a threat to the nation as a whole.

At various times these extremists were at best marginalised or at worst (as with the Islamopandering) had some of their ideas taken up by the mainstream party. However, there were always enough ordinary decent Labour People to dilute the political psychopaths and destroyers. Not any more. Now it seems under Corbyn, the lunatics really have taken over the asylum.

Evidence of the sickness pervading the Labour Party can be found in the article, sections of which that I’ve quoted below, that I found on the Harry’s Place website. The article cleverly lists some of the most outrageous far-Leftists, Islamists and Jihadists among other loons, operating in the UK today who are going on a ‘grand tour’ of Britain. The article then lists the Labour Party MP’s who are lending their support for these dangerous, Britain-hating clowns.

Among those embarking on this tour, organised by ‘Stand Up to Racism’ a far-Left group led by the SWP thug Weyman Bennett, are: the Jihadist shit-stirrer Shakeel Begg, and Aaron Kiely a left-winger who helped to defeat a ban on face coverings at Birmingham Met University. Also involved is Lee Jasper black racist obsessive and teller of tall tales about his ‘policing role’ on 7/7. Unfortunately this is just a small selection of the political flotsam and jetsam that is on this tour. A full, and gobsmacking list, of who is taking part in this troubling extremist beano can be found on the Harry’s Place site.

What should really concern people, and should especially concern of those who are Labour voters but who still care about the safety, security and future of this country is the list of Labour MP’s who are lending their support to this organisation.

Harry’s Place states that these Labour MP’s are giving public support to these extremists:

Diane Abbott,

Rushanara Ali,

Vicky Foxcroft,

Rupa Huq,

Imran Hussain,

Rachael Maskell,

Cat Smith,

Catherine West.

The fact that these MP’s, some like Abbott, quite high-profile, are prepared to knowingly support and stand on the same platform as Jihad supporters, thugs, racists, conspiracy theorists etc should tell us all a lot about how far Labour has fallen. It used to be the case that the Labour Party was the group of choice for the thinking, patriotic working man, no more can we say that is the case. Labour has become the party of Islam, of Britain-hating, of Jew-hating, of left wing vested interests, of the race-obsessive and of the political bully. When you look at the Stand Up To Racism group and those involved in it, it looks like a roll call of the worst of the political Left. The extremism of those involved in Stand Up To Racism is not that different in its intensity, from the extremism of the old National Front. Why then are Labour MP’s lending support to a group that is the Leftist equivalent of the NF? More importantly why do they feel that they can get away with this? If a Conservative Party member or a member of UKIP associated with the rightist equivalents of those who Abbott et al are associating with then there would be a media and political storm. A Tory MP who was revealed to have given significant support to an organisation perceived as ‘far right’ would probably face deselection. Why is it then that Labour MP’s are allowed to get away with such equally reprehensible behaviour?

My message to Labour voters would be, Labour are no longer your friends. Labour don’t care about you, your family, your town or city or your country. They are not the party of the working person any more. Labour are now the party of the extreme Left who hates you, the Islamist who wants to kill you and the thug who wants to beat you. Labour no longer deserve the votes of the British working classes because Labour have turned against the very people whom they were set up to serve and protect. Labour as we can see from this story and from other stories such as that of Rotherham and other similar stories, that Labour are quite prepared to throw ordinary working class Britons under a bus as they march down the path of ever more dangerous extremism.

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