Another ‘Rohingya’ accused of crimes in this case bringing Islamic paedo culture to the USA


The mainstream media and the 57 varieties of Islamic grievance mongers and ‘human rights’ activists continue to shroud-wave and tell us to support and in some cases welcome ‘Rohingya’ refugees from Burma. These entities never cease to tell us about the terrible attacks that the Rohingya, in reality Bengali squatters in Burma, are suffering from the native Burmese Buddhists. The real story is, as is often the case, very different from the mainstream media and activist narratives. The ‘Rohingya’ have produced not only criminals who have preyed on the Buddhists, but have also produced far more jihadi groups and fighters than that produced by other Islamic minority groups that reside in Burma.

Of course, it would be both wrong and inhumane for me to say that any attacks, and there are some, that the ‘Rohingya’ are suffering from are justifiable, they are not. However at the same time as recognising that the ‘Rohingya’ should not be murdered, we should also be aware that they have not exactly been a clean hands group when it comes to how they have behaved in Burma and how they have treated Burmese Buddhists.

Now we are starting to see examples of ‘Rohingya’ who have been given sanctuary in Western countries allegedly bringing with them similar sorts of culturally approved paedophilia as has afflicted other Western nations that have allowed Islamic enclaves to establish themselves.

According to a local newspaper from Nashua, New Hampshire, a ‘Rohingya’ Muslim Mohammod Rafique, 27 allegedly sexually assaulted four girls aged between 7 and 12 years old. The Nashua Telegraph, in an article quoted by the conservative news site World Net Daily, said that Rafique had been brought to the USA as a ‘Rohingya’ refugee two years ago. In that time not only did the ‘Rohingya’ Muslim fail to learn a usable amount of English, but has apparently been targeting the children of the Nashua area.

The quoted article ( h/t ROP )said that Rafique is accused of carrying out the alleged offences at some form of ‘public gathering’ but the nature of this gathering was not disclosed by the local police force. WND said: A Muslim refugee from Burma, also called Myanmar, is facing multiple sexual assault charges after he allegedly tried to kiss and fondled four girls between the ages of 7 and 12 in a New Hampshire town that just over a year ago became one of President Obama’s “Welcoming Cities.”

Mohammod Rafique, 27, a member of the Rohingya Muslim minority that is fleeing Burma, has been living in Nashua, New Hampshire, for almost two years but speaks no English.

Police cracked the case open after a 10-year-old Nashua girl told her family, then police, and then child-welfare advocates that a man “drank too much, (became) ‘touchy-touchy,’ rubbed her upper thigh and touched her buttocks,” according to the Telegraph, Nashua’s local newspaper.

Rafique also grabbed, fondled and tried to forcibly kiss the girls, according to reports.

Rafique has been unable to communicate with his attorneys or corrections staff, his lawyer told the Telegraph, and she tried to get his bail lowered earlier this week but was unsuccessful.

This particular savage really looks like the sort of valuable and useful immigrant that can really enrich American society – or rather not. This guy is not only making very little effort to play a contributory part in American society by failing to learn English, or acquire skills useful to the US economy, but also seems to have brought with him one of the very worst aspects of Islamic society with him, the cultural acceptance and indeed approval of paedophilia that exists in all too many Islamic cultures.

This particular Muslim ‘refugee’ had plenty of time to learn English and also most importantly to learn what is and is not culturally acceptable in civilised Western societies. Sadly, for the ordinary non Muslim people of Nashua, New Hampshire USA, this latest Islamic ‘refugee’, like so many others, has apparently failed to learn either to communicate with those who gave him sanctuary and has failed to understand that although touching up kids may be acceptable in the Islamic shithouse culture he came from, it is not acceptable in the United States of America. If this defendant is proven to be guilty of the crimes that he is accused of then there are others who should also take responsibility for these crimes and they are the ‘refugee’ agencies and activists who have landed this savage on a New Hampshire community that didn’t deserve such ‘enrichment’.

I’ve met plenty of genuine refugees in my lifetime and these genuine refugees take care to integrate and not commit the sort of crimes that will get they and their community hated by their rescuers. If you owe your life and safety to the citizens of a particular nation then you make sure that you don’t jeopardise that safety and security by being a criminal.

The fact that so many of these Islamic ‘refugees’ are consistently behaving in similar ways to that which this latest Mohammedan savage is accused of behaving shows us that many of these ‘refugees’ are not genuine refugees at all. Instead all too many of them are dangerous criminals who it is almost impossible to assimilate into our societies and who think nothing of preying on our children. We don’t need people like this and they need to be removed by our governments from our lands in order to ensure the safety of those who are all to often victimised by these ‘refugees’.


Original story from WND – Sadly the Nashua Telegraph source article is hidden behind a paywall

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