From Elsewhere: Thames Valley Police are guilty.

It is difficult to read a recent  article by James Delingpole about the Oxfordshire abuse report following the horrific Islamic Rape Gang scandal that has afflicted Oxfordshire and not come to the conclusion that Thames Valley Police are guilty.

In my view, they are guilty of failing to do their jobs and enforce the law on rape, assault and unlawful sexual intercourse.

They are guilty of silencing and attempting to sideline those few decent police officers who flagged up what these Muslim savages were doing to hundreds of non-Muslim girls and young women in the Thames Valley Police area.

They are guilty of placing ‘community cohesion’, which in reality means pandering to Muslims, above the innocent and the vulnerable who were the victims of these self-same Muslims.

They are guilty of attacking their own police officers who had the temerity to be honest by saying that there was a problem with ‘Asian’ males targeting non-Muslim women for rape, torture and abuse.

The are guilty of treating those who were victims of these Islamic savages as ‘nusiances’ and engaging in victim-blaming of the most horrific sort.

They are guilty of surrendering to the cult of political correctness which is undermining our legal system and our culture.

They are guilty of being more concerned about the potential for Islamic savages to suffer from hurt feelings than the safety of, in one case a blood-soaked girl, begging for help.

They are guilty of being a disgrace to their uniform and the profession of police officer.

There are guilty of being involved in some most appalling derelictions of duty.

They are also, to the view of any reasonable observer, obviously and damningly guilty of showing an appalling bias towards the ideology of Islam and its followers, up to and including ignoring and covering up the crimes of these Muslims.

I read the article penned by Mr Delingpole and my anger rose and I defy anybody who is human to not be as angry as I am about the actions, inactions and yes, malfeasance, of Thames Valley Police.

After listing some of the appalling and disgusting things that these Islamic savages put these young girls and children through, he asked a valid question, and came to a worrying conclusion.

This was going on for 15 years, remember. So where, you might wonder, were the police?

Well the report makes lots of excuses for them. Apparently, they were a bit confused over what technically constituted under age sex – statutory rape as it would be called in the US; they felt ill-equipped as to how to respond when, say they found a middle aged Pakistani taxi driver in a car with condoms and a drunk girl looking no older than 14 (yeah: maybe it was just her boyfriend, right?); and they hadn’t been taught properly about CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation), which is the formal term now given for this kind of crime.

But the really damning thing for me is the report’s revelations that actually some police officers DID try to speak out, desperately and repeatedly, only to have their concerns squashed or ignored.”

Read the rest of this excellent article here:
I’d say that Thames Valley Police were worse than just confused about recognising Islamic Rape Gangs and their activities they have been well and truly bent when confronted with incontrovertible evidence, some provided by their own officers. Thames Valley Police were not just incompetent over this issue they were malevolent. They let these Islamic savages rape, traffic, torture and sexually assault at will, it was almost as if these savages were being treated by the Thames Valley Police as untouchable. This is blatant corruption, and is ethically no different from that of a mafia mob boss avoiding justice by paying off the police.
This is not petty police corruption, such as an officer accepting free meals or drinks from someone in exchange for turning a blind eye to a bald tyre or something similar, it is corruption on a grand scale, but it is not financial corruption, it is a political corruption.

In my view this political corruption stems from the wholesale politicisation of the police by the Labour government of 1997-2010. This Labour government encouraged the promotion of officers who were not judged by how good a thief-taker they were, but by how much they could abase themselves before the ideology of multiculturalism and political correctness. This meant that to advance in their career, a police officer had to sign up for and been seen to adhere to any and every politically correct nostrum cooked up by the Labour Party government, and it also meant that the police service started to attract those who were quite happy to ‘follow orders’ without thinking or who were appointed not because of their knowledge of police work but because they ticked the right box and were female, or Muslim or gay or black or whatever. Under Labour, within the police forces, diversity became a false god at whose idol senior (and those wanting to be senior) police offers worship at. This relegated public safety or upholding the law or preserving the peace into matters of secondary and lesser concerns. There are for me few other explanations for the fact that so many police forces, not just that of Oxfordshire, did little or nothing about Islamic Rape Gangs until the public started to take notice of this issue and in some cases take to the streets.

It is chilling to think what might have happened if there had not been online discussion about this issue or if groups like the EDL had not marched in protest against Islamic rapists, often in the face of extreme violence from Leftists, or if victims had not stood up to threats from Muslims and obstruction on the part of non-police agencies. Would the police have been content to let Muslim savages rape, rape and rape again and do absolutely bugger all about it? On current form I’d say yes, they would have let these crimes continue in order to give them, the police officers, a quiet life and by their silence advance their careers.

The phrase ‘the banality of evil’ doesn’t just belong in the history books as a description of the actions of certain Nazi war criminals, it is now a form of words that could be quite legitimately be used to describe the way so many of our police officers have taken a ‘let ’em rape’ attitude to Islamic rapists. That is something that we should feel both ashamed of and righteously angry about, and more importantly resolve to do something about.


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  1. john warren | March 6, 2015 at 1:52 am |

    The attitude of the police with regard to the rampant Islamization of England is very difficult to understand. One might have reasonably thought that the defence of young girls who come from their own communities, would have been right at the top of their lists of crimes that had to be prevented.

    One can only deduce that if Englishmen went on raping sprees against young Muslim girls, then the police would likewise look the other way – but I wouldn’t bet on it!

    What makes matters even worse is the fact that police forces throughout the UK are currently recruiting ever growing numbers of Ethnic men and women; in-line of course with the numbers who now work front-line in Immigration and border control agencies through-out the UK.

    It’s a government sponsored drive designed to appease some immigrant communities but one that in no way reflects true population ethnic percentages.

    The guests have not quite got the whip-hand over white people yet but it’s coming. So be afraid. Civil war let lose is horribly destructive.

  2. Thames Valley Police clearly have more important ways to spend time and money.
    From a neighbourhood watch newsletter:

    “International Women’s Day Event
    WOMEN from around the community in Slough are being invited to attend an event to celebrate International Women’s Day on Saturday 7th March, Chalvey Community Centre, The Green,Chalvey,SL1 2SP 11am – 5pm.
    Hosted by Thames Valley Police in partnership with local businesses and partners, the FREE event is an opportunity for women to come together to share and celebrate their achievements under one roof.
    Information stalls will be available on the day, with motivational guest speakers sharing their experiences first-hand. You can follow us on twitter on the day @TVP_Slough#makeithappenslough”

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 6, 2015 at 11:34 am |

      JS, thanks for that info. I’ve worked it up into a blog post. The hypocrisy and chutzpah of TVP to put this event on at this time is astounding.

  3. English...not many of us left. | March 6, 2015 at 10:10 am |

    Words fail me… but “Jesus wept” seems appropriate.
    No blasphemy intended.

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