Britain’s Syrian ‘refugees’ – Over demanding with an overwhelming sense of entitlement and sadly over here.


I was completely gobsmacked to see a report on the Breitbart site on Friday about the attitudes to Britain expressed by some of the Syrian ‘refugees’ that Britain has taken in. The reported statements are a testament to the greed and overwhelming sense of self entitlement felt by some of these Syrian ‘refugees’.

Healthcare, housing, location and the general style of life in the UK, are the subjects of the Syrian’s whines and whinges. They are moaning about the fact that there is a referral and waiting list system operated by Britain’s National Health Service and these Syrians thought that they could just walk into a hospital or doctors surgery and have their demands met immediately. They are complaining about the size of accommodation not being big enough and that they don’t like the areas where they have been placed and whining that there are not enough Syrians near where they have been placed.

It is these sort of complaints that vindicate those that said that we should not be taking in any of these Syrians, or at the very least we should have only allowed in a small number of those from communities that are genuinely oppressed there such as Syrian Christians. These moans about stuff that previous generations of genuine refugees would not have complained about also show what an ungrateful and whining bunch of burdensome individuals that we have imported.

Those of us who are related or are familiar with genuine refugees know that a real refugee fleeing certain death is grateful and thankful for sanctuary. Real refugees know that if the alternative to a bedsit in Blackpool is death at the hands of your oppressors then the thing to do is to shut up, be thankful and work damn hard to get yourself out of the scroaty bedsit.

Real refugees do not complain in the manner that the Syrian ‘refugees’ are doing. In my life I have met many people who fled the great tyrants of the 20th century such as Hitler and Stalin and the vast majority of those have been grateful to come to Britain and live in freedom. They have not complained about their temporary housing, even though in some cases it was barracks that were in no way luxurious or comfortable when compared to what is being dished out to the Syrians.

The pre war and post war Polish refugees and Jewish, Soviet and Ugandan Sikh and Hindu refugees who came here, overcame distrust, racism, temporary housing in poor conditions and the fact that they would have to rebuild their lives from the ground up. They accepted the British way of life, worked hard, created families and businesses and in the main contributed positively to the life of the UK. Going by the swiftness with which the Syrians are complaining I don’t think that they are going to make anything like the positive contribution that these other groups have made to the United Kingdom. They’ve only been here a year or so but they are already whining that they are not being prioritised for healthcare or housing or a move to a more advantageous location. ‘Refugees’ who turn up and expect the rest of us to stuff their mouths with gold are hardly likely to be the sort of get up and go types that Britain needs are they? They are instead likely to be tomorrows dole and housing benefit claimant and drain on Britain’s resources.

What is extremely worrying about this story is that it takes place when Britain has taken in just 8,500 Syrian ‘refugees’. It makes me very concerned that ponces and the outrageously self entitled will make up a significant proportion of the rest of the 20,000 Syrians that the UK government has said that Britain will take. By taking in these Syrians are we really importing people who are going to be grateful for sanctuary and who will in thankfulness contribute positively to the life of the UK? Going by the information in the Brietbart report it doesn’t look likely does it? It looks like we will be getting yet more ponces from the Islamic world.

If it is impossible for these Syrians to say ‘I’m grateful for Britain saving my life’ and all too easy for them to moan and whine, then things do not look that good for the future. This report, which is based on a United Nations study, bodes ill if it represents the views of a significant minority of Syrian ‘refugees’. It means that with the occasional good and useful Syrian, we will be importing a large number of greedy, self entitled wasters who will burden our society with the excess welfare claiming and crime that they have already brought to both the UK and other Western nations. If they can’t cope with a little discomfort in exchange for the sanctuary that saves their lives then they are not people that I believe are suitable to be allowed into the UK.

The ‘Refugees Welcome’ crowd have helped to import a disaster for ordinary Britons, especially in the working class areas where these Syrians have been dumped. It’s disaster that could have been avoided had Britain had stronger leaders with a functioning moral compass who had put working British people ahead of imported ponces. There are areas of Britain that are suffering from an influx of Syrian-linked welfare and housing poncing and crime and they are suffering because of the shroud-waving of the ‘Refugees Welcome’ lot and sanctimonious virtue-signalling of our politicians.

We should have helped the Syrians by sending aid to the areas bordering the war zone. This would have have got support very close to the people who actually needed it and would have been far more cost effective than bringing the Syrians here to ponce and commit crime. The fact that this option wasn’t taken is testament to how little either the ‘Refugees Welcome’ crowd or the politicians cared about the fate of the inhabitants of the British towns, cities and villages, who have had these Syrians foisted upon them.

The overall impression that I have got, from not just the Breitbart article but a more broader reading of the situation regarding these Syrians, is that we are not importing potential wealth creators but instead are bringing in permanent resource consumers. The Syrians will consume resources built up by generations of Britons and are likely to give nothing back in return, this does not look to me like a good deal for the average Briton it really doesn’t.

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  1. The Syrian war was a fluid situation , now with large swathes of the country being liberated from isis ,and Obamas headchoppers thankfully losing their funding, there now seems an end in sight.
    The British government should rethink their disastrous appeasement policy with immediate effect, while ,as you say preferably help fund a safe zone and equipment and training to rebuild.
    A sensible way of dealing with our situation would be to offer these ungrateful Syrians in the UK a crash course in construction with a one way ticket being awarded at the end of it.

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