Do-gooding multiculturalism fans upset that parents are not buying their pro Islam propaganda

Parents in Staffordshire and elsewhere are saying a loud and collective 'NO' to their children being taken school trips to mosques.


It seems that the widespread refusal of parents in Staffordshire to allow their children to be taken on school mosque trips to be indoctrinated with lies such as ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ is not only growing, but is starting to worry some of the promoters of multiculturalism and appeasers of Islam. According to an article in the Stoke Sentinel newspaper dated 13th November 2017 and obtained via the Religion of Peace website, the local branch of SACRE the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education is getting worried about the number of parents who are taking their children out of RE when it comes to school trips to mosques.

Predictably SACRE is blaming this mosque visit strike, something that is apparently growing not just in Staffordshire but across the country on of course, ‘Islamophobia’. Unfortunately SACRE do not seem to be concerned with exactly why parents who may be quite happy with their kids visiting a Synagogue or a Sikh Temple or a Roman Catholic church, don’t their kids to visit mosques. SACRE fail to see that many parents have legitimate and valid reasons why they dislike and distrust Islam and do not want to see pro Islam propaganda forced on their children during these mosque visits.

Here’s the Stoke Sentinel article in question. It’s worth looking at the comments while they are still there as many of them appear to be hostile towards the ideology of Islam. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from the Sentinel is in italics whereas my comments are in plain text.

The Stoke Sentinel said:

Schools are being issued with guidance about RE trips after it emerged some parents are refusing to allow children to visit mosques.

The ‘guidance’ as we will see consists of more soft-soaping of parents by SACRE about Islam. I don’t think that SACRE would issue this advice if the matter was just a few parents. The fact that they’ve taken this action gives the impression that this protest against enforced mosque visits is gaining ground. After all if this was a minor problem then they would not be speaking up in this way would they?

Families have the right to withdraw pupils from visits to places of worship. Some cite costs, while others are concerned about safety or a ‘political agenda’.

All valid reasons to my mind. I don’t want my child to go to mosque visits because of safety (Islam is a abhorrent Jew hating religion), I object to having the political agenda of Islam forced on my child and cost as I don’t want to be paying for my child to be exposed to pro Islam propaganda. I dare say there are other parents who have similar reasons to me for refusing mosque visits.

Now Staffordshire’s Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) has produced a document to help schools tackle the sensitive topic. It includes a template letter to parents, outlining the value of helping pupils understand different cultures and faiths.

In other words SACRE’s guidance seems to comprise of yet more pro Islam and pro Multiculturalist propaganda. Many parents including myself are more than happy that their children learn about different faiths, but much of the teaching about Islam in our schools is hopelessly bent towards a pro Islam point of view and is markedly less than honest about Islamic practises and Islamic theology.

SACRE said requests to withdraw children from these activities was ‘a serious matter’.

Oooh SACRE seem to be getting really worried here. It may be a serious matter to them that parents refuse permission for mosque trips but parents also have a duty to their children to protect them from dishonesty and propaganda of the sort that is often dished out on these mosque trips. However, it should also not be forgotten that is a parental right to bring their children up in the religion that they choose and not have propaganda designed to whitewash or promote a religion that the parent may despise, whether that refusal be for sound or unsound reasons

The document states: “While objections are raised about visits to a number of places of worship, they are most frequently about visits to mosques, which raises the bigger issue of Islamaphobia and how this can be addressed.”

Now why could it be that parents don’t want their kids subjected to pro Islam propaganda? It’s certainly not ‘Islamophobia’ as a phobia is an irrational fear of something and there are very solid and rational reasons why a person would dislike the ideology of Islam.

It adds: “Visits to sacred spaces bring the agreed syllabus to life and underpin the role of RE in helping to prepare and equip pupils for life and citizenship in today’s diverse and plural Britain.”

This finger wagging statement by SACRE shows that they care more for the political ideology of multiculturalism than the rights of parents o choose what religious messages their children are exposed to. SACRE don’t seem to understand that the reason the rate of refusal for mosque trips goes up when compared to visits to other sacred buildings is because people are getting increasingly cheesed off with Muslim terrorist attacks, Muslim sedition, Muslim rape gangs and all the other nasties that are the product of the ideology of Islam.

The advice includes tips on how to prepare schoolchildren for an RE trip so they ‘will be comfortable with any differences they see’. Suggestions range from having a representative of that particular faith visit the school in advance through to offering a virtual tour of a place of worship and having discussions in class.

Bullshit! Pure unadulterated bullshit from SACRE. It’s just more slippery worded guff from them designed to lull parents into a false sense of security and consent to mosque visits. In my view the parents not just in Staffordshire but elsewhere who are presented with the sort of stuff that SACRE is putting out should respond by telling SACRE to shove their ‘guidance’ where the sun doesn’t shine and continue to pull their children away from pro Islam propaganda mosque visits. I would be completely unsurprised to find that SACRE may be pulling a similar trick elsewhere with this dubious guidance as they have done in Staffordshire. All the advice about visits by faith representatives and virtual mosque tours will do is increase the number of parents who go the whole hog and exercise their legal right to withdraw their children from RE lessons altogether. If parents think that their wishes not to have pro Islam propaganda forced on their kids are being countermanded by the SACRE tricks like those mentioned above, then the parents will have no alternative but to remove their offspring from RE lessons.

SACRE have found out that parents are quite rightly not buying the ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ dishonesty that they and other similar groups who work in the religious education field are selling. This is a sign that the mosque visit refuseniks are starting to have an effect and that reality about Islam on the part of many parents is starting to kick back against the often monstrously dishonest examples of pro Islam propaganda that have for too long been forced into our children’s minds.