Another example of the madness of Islamic savagery afflicting Germany


When most normal people have a family row people may stomp and shout and maybe walk out and disappear off down the pub until things calm down a bit. What normal people from normal Western families do not do is have a row and then go and paint a Swastika on a local statue using your own blood. Let’s face it, can you remember the last time that you may have had a family argument where your first response was to go and paint Swastikas with your own blood? No, I can’t remember that either.

It sounds completely mental to take such an action but this what has happened after a recent bout of Islamic ‘refugee’ savagery in Germany. According to an interesting website on Islam in Germany called Allah’s Willing Executioners, a Libyan ‘refugee’ living in the town of Gorlitz in Saxony, had a row with his other family members and in the process of the argument cut his hand.

The Libyan didn’t do what normal people would do which would be to seek treatment for the injury or something similar, this prime example of Frau Merkel’s Islamic ‘guests’ decided to do something completely different. He decided to draw a swastika, now a banned symbol in Germany, on a famous and historical statue.

The publisher of Allah’s Willing Executioners, who could not show the vandalised statue because of German laws regarding the display of the Swastika, said:

I had to censor it as it’s illegal to post photos of Swastikas and Nazi related content. (Picture of the statue before the attack above).

Apparently the guy is Libyan and had an argument with his family which ended up in a fight
he cut himself in some broken window and had to let of some steam as he was very angry and upset with the situation

Allah’s Willing Executioners then put up the link to the German language source for their story.

Many of us have had occasion to be angry and upset with people and have had need to let off steam. But we normally vent that steam by doing some far less mental than using our own blood to paint swastikas on statues.

This is just yet another example of the sort of problematic Muslims that Frau Merkel has allowed to live in Germany and whom Merkel’s government continues to pander to and protect. This is happening even though this policy, and Merkel’s Muslims themselves, are becoming increasingly onerous for both native Germans and that nation’s settled and loyal migrants.

Surely you have be a special kind of stupid to do what this Libyan has done? Or maybe you just need to be a denizen of some savage and intellectually retarded Islamic hell hole, to not know that not only do you not vandalise statues with your own blood but that you should also not publicise symbols that are banned in the nations that has given you sanctuary.

Unfortunately this is but one example of the sort of drek that Merkel’s policy has dumped on the German people