France’s Islamic savages still hate Jews in fact they hate everyone

French police guard the Sarcelles synagogue near Paris


Denying the existence of the long and extremely violent history of Islamic Jew-hatred never ends well. Three years on from the Islamic murders at a French Kosher supermarket the position for the Jews of France has not improved, in fact it has got worse. During that time the French government has done virtually nothing concrete to tackle Islamic extremism. Many French suburbs surrounding places like Paris and cities like Marseilles are still according to some accounts seething ghettos full of hate filled and violent Muslims.

Violence aimed at Jews by Muslims never ever stops with Jews and since the Hypercacher killings in January 2018, which took place at the same time as the Charlie Hebdo slaughter, the levels of Islamic violence, violence aimed at all French citizens whether they be Jewish or not has increased massively. From then until now France has suffered an onslaught of stabbings, shootings, truck attacks and suicide bombings all brought to that once great country by the Islamic savagery that successive French politicians foolishly imported. Where once the forefathers of today’s Frenchmen and women fought hard to keep the Saracen from their soil, now they toil and pay taxes to keep the Saracen on welfare and live in fear of the Saracen’s violence.

When it comes to France’s Jews, the French government has made token attempts to protect them by stationing armed police and military personnel outside synagogues and Jewish communal property. Whilst the extra security is welcome it is merely the analogue of a sticking plaster hastily slapped over a spurting arterial wound. This is evident in how the Islamic violence aimed at Jews is now extending to members of other faiths including the beheading of French Catholic priest whilst he was celebrating Mass. Since 2015 dozens and dozens of French citizens and visitors to France of all religions and none have been slaughtered by the Islamic savages that France continues to feed and house yet all the French governments have done since then is engage in a bit of security posturing. French cultural artefacts such as the Eiffel Tower, which were once free for visitors to walk freely round and admire, are now to be surrounded by toughened glass walls in order to protect them from attack by members of the laughingly misnamed ‘Religion of Peace’.

What is happening in France is similar to what has happened in other places throughout the world and throughout history where the ideology of Islam has gained a foothold. First the Muslims have attacked, intimidated, driven out or murdered members of the ‘Saturday people’, the Jews. Then almost inevitably the Muslims turn on the ‘Sunday people’ or Christians followed by everyone else of various religions or none. The end result is an Islam dominated society where those members of non Muslim faiths who have not been forcibly converted to Islam at the point of a sword live a half life as oppressed non-persons as can be seen from the example of Egypt’s Coptic Christians.

For too long the political classes in France have pushed Islamic Jew hatred under the carpet for many and varied reasons but one of them could possibly be because to openly talk about it and tackle Islamic Jew hatred risked inflaming the violent and destructive passions of France’s Muslims. However, by not tackling this type of Islamic hatred, France has let it fester like a suppurating boil and morph into other Islamic hatreds. The result has been an increase in the number of attacks not just on Jews but on French citizens of a variety of beliefs and backgrounds.

The French government and French people need to tackle, with harshness if necessary, the fifth column that they’ve allowed to grow in their midst. This problem will not go away, first the Muslims will drive out the Jews and then France will fall into the dark night of Islam, a darkness that has afflicted and retarded too much of the world since the 7th century CE. It is at times like this that I thank the Eternal One for the existence of the State of Israel as a sanctuary for French Jews. I also pray for every French person to grow the balls necessary to deal with their Islamic problem via the most effective way possible whether that be by political, policing or military means. Only when Islam in France is no longer a threat, can there be the security for all Frenchmen whether they be Jewish or not.

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