Murderous Ugandan Muslims


Those who have religious beliefs are often upset when those close to them leave their birth faith and either choose another or choose to be atheists. Some may argue with them or go ‘tut tut’ or even cut off contact with them, but when you are dealing with those who leave Islam, then murder is never an idea that is left off of the table. Leave Islam and die is the basic attitude of all too many Muslims and we’ve seen in the UK how many ex Muslims go through hell at the hands of those still within the Muslim community.

The nation of Uganda has thrown up a particularly nasty example (h/t ROP) of how Muslims treat those who leave Islam. According to the Christian Post website, a woman who had left Islam for Christianity was the subject of poison attempt on Christmas Day made by a Muslim neighbour.

The Christian Post said

A Muslim woman in Uganda has admitted to and asked for forgiveness for intentionally poisoning a Christian mother of five on Christmas morning with food gifts.

Morning Star News reported late last week that Nafamba Bongo Madina, the Christian mother, and her five young children received gifts of sugar, salt, soap, matchboxes, groundnuts and cooking oil on Christmas morning from Taaka Hajira, a Muslim woman, and other neighbors in Gayaza village, Kabuna Sub-County, Budaka District.

Madina used the oil while cooking some food, but decided to taste it first before serving it to family members.

“When she started screaming and was continuously vomiting, I called in a taxi and rushed her to Kabuna dispensary, where it was found that she had been poisoned,” an in-law explained.

Madina was discharged after spending a night in the health center, with analysis of the cooking oil confirming that it contained poison.

It turned out that a local Muslim woman was angered at the sound of worship from Madina’s house in what is a Christian majority country although the article later states that Madina is a convert to Christianity from Islam. It’s likely that this factor played a big part I this attack.

The Christian Post continued:

Madina lost her husband two years ago, who died shortly after they left Islam for Christianity. The children, all of whom are under 15, have reportedly been facing taunts by Muslim neighbors, who call them infidels.

Although Christians are a majority in Uganda, they have been targeted in a number of attacks in the eastern parts of the country.

The article then details other examples of converts to Christianity being abused by Muslims. There certainly does seem to be a pattern of attacks by minority Muslims against members of the Chrisrtian majority and especially especially against those who have chosen to leave the death cult of Islam and join the majority community.

This was a seriously nasty attack that could have resulted in the death of a mother and her children. It takes a particularly sick minded individual, or someone steeped in the hateful ideology of Islam, to prepare poison and hand it to a woman knowing that it will kill both the woman and her children. ‘Religion of peace’? Don’t make me laugh.

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